FMST Chapter 1

Family resource management includes all of the following concepts Except:
What is the difference between identifying resources and decision-making for families as opposed to business?
The decision-making model that gives the family the most flexible framework for a variety of situations is:
Influences such as history, culture, and environment that come from the outside to change the behavior of the family are known as:
An example of a historical influence on family could be:
Joan grew up in a family with few resources and now tends to be very conservative. Her husband’s family enjoyed a lifestyle where they were able to afford to live in luxury. The experiences of the two partners illustrate what type of contextual influence on their behavior today?
The Baker family has always lived in Tucson, Arizona. Recently, Mr. Baker’s brother invited the whole family to spend the holidays at their mountain cabin in Colorado. The Bakers decided not to take the offer because they didnt like the idea of the cold weather and the fact that they would have to purchase all new clothes. This decision reflects what type of contextual influence?
In discussion of worldview, all of the following assumptions were made by Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck in comparing the value systems between cultural groups EXCEPT:
The United States shows a dominant human relations orientation pattern known as:
The history of family science is closely linked to business management.

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