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Why Choose StudyHippo?

StudyHippo is a small company that was founded by graduate students to share knowledge and provide assistance to undergraduates at an affordable price. Our company gradually grew and almost 50 people are working on this project today. We know well the difficulties students typically face and try our best to help them out.

Sometimes, every college and university student needs help with their written assignments. It may happen because of several reasons. First of all, it may get hard for a student to combine an active college life with studies, and people often have to choose the right ways of how to handle both of them.

On the one hand, many youngsters don’t want to seem nerdy, so they go partying, and engage in numerous other activities. On the other hand, hardly anyone wants to be dropped out of university or a college. There are many other reasons when students require help, to be honest.

No matter what your reasons are, StudyHippo is here for you. We offer a vast database of samples and flash cards, regularly updated and growing every week. You can find here a sample on almost every topic and convenient answers to your questions. So, why would anyone choose StudyHippo?

  • An extensive database of 200 000+ samples and flash cards
  • Unlimited access to everything on our website
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • 300+ new papers added every week
  • Priority access to the latest samples
  • Various subjects and topics
  • Unlimited plagiarism checks with our checker and getting full reports

In addition to access to our knowledge base, once you subscribe and become our member, we also offer the unlimited usage of our plagiarism checker. It is accurate and easy to use. You can either copy and paste your text in the box or upload a file in PDF, docx or txt format. The checker underlines all matches in your text, shows the uniqueness percentage with a comment on it and generates the list of websites where matches are found with the percentage of matches between your text and each website. Checking your paper before submission will make you much more confident and help you correct in advance everything that might look as plagiarism for your teacher when they check your paper.

Why Do We Keep Updating Our Online Database?

There are several reasons why we care for the updating of the base. We believe that anyone can improve writing skills with the help of numerous examples. Keep in mind that only the best writers contribute examples to our database and they have been doing so even today. So, you can always make use of our database and learn from the best.

Also, if you are eager to share your high-quality paper, you can always send us one. It will be thoroughly reviewed by our experts and then published if everything turns out to be great. Another thing that you should always keep in mind is that we disapprove of any plagiarism. If you access our database, please, use it only for inspiration or research purposes. Why so? Well, the point is that once a paper is published, it is subject to copyright law, and any violation of it may result in unpleasant consequences.

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