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Duplicate Content Checker

Scan your paper against 13 billion web pages to make sure your paper is 100% original

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Any plagiarism found is highlighted red this is so that you can easily identify which parts of the text need to be changed

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Once you have input your text through the duplicate text checker, you can then see which sentences need changing. Simply look at the highlighted words and phrases, and change the wording.

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Rory Alisya photo
Rory Alisya
Campbell university
2 months with StudyHippo
I literally love this checker. It's like a health check before submitting my paper. Now I'm always sure there is no plagiarism in what I wrote.
Kori Marvin photo
Kori Marvin
University of St. Thomas
1 year with StudyHippo
Even if I find any plagiarism in my paper, I can always use thousands of resources available here to paraphrase the plagiarized parts and fix everything very easily.
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Vin Shaun
University of Connecticut
5 months with StudyHippo
I've tried different plagiarism checkers and liked this one the most. It's accurate and convenient. I trust these guys.
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Esta Ariel
Wayne State University
2,5 years with StudyHippo
I've been using the tool for years. Every student interested in a good grade should use a plagiarism checker. StudyHippo is just really convenient for me.

Free Duplicate Content Checker

So why should you check for duplicate content yourself? Why not just hand your essays in and let the teacher check them for you? Quite obviously, by examining your work beforehand, you can improve your marks and avoid having to spend time re-writing material. Furthermore, by using a check tool, you can ensure your papers are perfect immediately and then concentrate on other work you have due.

The following is a summary of why you should use a free duplicate content checker, BEFORE handing your assignments in:

  • Give yourself control over the proof-reading process
  • Give yourself time to remove any plagiarized work
  • Improve your editing skills
  • Save time from not having to edit papers after handing them in
  • Understand what to look for in plagiarized and repeat content

The benefits are real. It is always preferable to proof-read your own work. Using a duplicate content finder allows you to do this. You have control over the process. Moreover, you can learn and understand what common phrases and words are often plagiarized. For the long-term, using a tool will improve your own writing skills and give you increased confidence in your work and abilities. You can create quality content and check papers easily.

Why is it important to prevent the uniqueness of content?

Plagiarism is frowned upon in many walks of life. As a student, your coursework and assignments must be original. The whole point of your education is to build your own skills and knowledge – how can you do that if you simply copy other work and claim it as your own? This is why a duplicate content checker is vital – so that you can refrain from plagiarizing and improve your education and writing skills.Using a duplicate checker to detect not unique content is important for the following reasons:

  • To ensure your own work is 100% unique
  • To ensure that you do no repeat yourself in an essay
  • So that your content is original and interesting
  • So that others cannot claim credit for your work
  • To avoid copyright and legal issues relating to plagiarism

As you can see, using a duplicate check tool such as the one we offer can provide authority. It shows that your written material is authentic and helps determine original text. By using this text duplicate finder, you can rest assured that your coursework and written material will receive excellent marks for originality. Moreover, you can assure that others are not using your text and claiming it as their own.

How does the duplicate detector work?

Our duplicate content checker seo uses complex algorithms to detect plagiarism. It scans millions of sources on the web to then compare with the text you have uploaded. Each source scanned is compared word-by-word with your text.If the detector finds and suspects text and phrases, it will highlight them in the results as plagiarized. Aside from detecting copied words and phrases, the tool also determines a plagiarism percentage. This shows what page percentage of your work is unique and original. If the score is 85%, for example, this means that 15% of the text is copied. The percentage is calculated based on the amount of flagged duplicate text found in the sources that the program scans.Documents and web pages scanned are taken from numerous sources. The tool uses your document title, and the text provided to find similar content on the web. For example, if you uploaded a file about the Greenland glaciers melting, the tool would scan the web for similar articles and essays about this subject. It would then use these results to scan for copied text and show your original content.

How to check content with our free online duplicate checker?

Using this fantastic duplicate checker online couldn’t be easier. We have designed this tool to be as simple as possible. We understand that as students you have busy lives. We know that you want to proof-read your work with minimal effort – this is exactly what you can expect when using our free duplicate content checker. To use the duplicate content finder to ensure your text is original, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Open the StudyHippo duplicate content checker tool
  2. Enter the document title in the top text box labeled, “Place your title here”
  3. Enter the body of your paper into the second box labeled, “Paste your text here”
  4. Press the “Check my essay” button
  5. Wait for the results to be generated

That’s literally it! Using this checker online couldn’t be easier. The whole process takes less than a few minutes. Furthermore, the actual checking process is completed in seconds – you will have your results back instantly.Ensure that you complete each step listed above. It is important to note that you must enter a minimum of 100 words into the checker otherwise an error message appears.Moreover, if you don’t want to copy and paste the text, you can use the upload file feature. The file upload feature allows you to upload a complete document such as a Microsoft Word file or a PDF file – the tool simply scans the uploaded file or chosen input and compares it against other sources online – exactly the same as if you just copied and pasted text.

Displaying result

Once the check for duplicates online is complete, the results are shown. Any plagiarism found is highlighted red – this is so that you can easily identify which parts of the text need to be changed.Furthermore, beneath the text, the overall uniqueness score is displayed. For example, it may say, “The uniqueness of the text: 99.1%”. In addition to this, a warning message is displayed beneath – this provides advice on the suitability of the document for academic usage. For example, it could say, “We strongly recommend not to use this text for academic purposes”.Finally, there is a “show all matches” link – this gives the option to provide a plagiarism checker report so that you can see which sources are shown as plagiarised in your document.

Tool limitations

Whilst this program is one of the top seo duplicate content checker program available, it does have limitations. We have listed these different limitations below:

  • It does not automatically correct any plagiarism found
  • The text entered has to be a minimum of 100 words long
  • There is no guarantee that every source ever written has been scanned
  • It does not check for spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Only checks for external duplicates, not internal duplicates

The limitations are minimal. This program performs its function perfectly. The only downside is that you still must correct and remove plagiarism found afterward. We see this as a positive, however.As mentioned above, checking your own work improves your writing skills and helps you from making these mistakes again. Furthermore, this is NOT a spelling and grammar tool. The program only performs deep searches for plagiarism – it does not check for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. You must use other tools to check for content accuracy.

Frequently asked questions

What is a duplicate content check?
To check duplicate content means to scan other documents from the web to see if any text has been directly copied and used word for word.
What is duplicate content?
Duplicate content is to take credit for work and page content that you did not create. If you plagiarize, you have copied work that someone else originally created.
How to check duplicate content online?
In the same manner as if you wanted to see if you had plagiarized. Use a duplicate word checker. This will scan millions of other texts to find duplicate content and see if others have used your text.
How do I fix duplicate content?
Once you have input your text through the duplicate text checker, you can then see which sentences need changing. Simply look at the highlighted words and phrases, and change the wording – this should eliminate any plagiarism.
How do you check the quality of content?
Quality is checked based on certain parameters and standards. Grammar, sentence structure, spelling – standardized rules and commonalities that have been practiced in literature for years. The scanner searches the web to find copied text.
Can you plagiarize yourself?
Yes, it is possible to copy your own work. If a student is writing many different texts, they could end up using the same sentences several times. Automatically using a duplicate checker helps avoid situations like this for your page content.
How much duplicate content is acceptable?
Not more than 15% duplicate is acceptable
How can i move content from one site to another without it being duplicate content?
No way) Better to create new content and check it for unique)
How do you search for duplicate content?
It is so easy - just try our Duplicate content checker . Paste your content in tool and get a percentage of duplicate.
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