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At least one time in our lives each of us had to start writing essays. When you think about writing your paper for college, remember one important thing - an essay should be very personal, but at the same time attractive to the readers.

College essays are much more than just writing your story. You also have to reflect on your experience, to get your audience interested, you need to look at numerous essay samples to form your point of view.

Since writing essays requires lots of motivation, students are faced with the fact that they do not know where to start, for this reason we've collected a wide variety of topics for any of your requirements.

The first step is to choose the topic of your future essay, which will definitely affect the future assessment, since the topic should be relevant and interesting, and sometimes heartbreaking.

Very often, teachers themselves set the topic of the essay, which leads to the fact that the student either has too many ideas or doesn't have even one, that is why we have collected such a large database of essays on a wide variety of topics, from nursing to leadership.

The more you collect relevant information, the more complete and informative your essay will be. You can choose any of the examples as your guide. Read and improve!

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