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Friendships are something that we all yearn for, but some of us will never experience. Or will they? Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines it as, “the state of being friends: the quality or state of being friendly: obsolete.” (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary) Most people believe that you have certain rights or privileges if you have a friendship. “To me friendship is much more than having rights or privileges it is finding someone that will be there for you when you need them.” Friendships are developed over time with trust and loyalty and is earned not given. Friendships should be taken seriously, and you should respect one another. Some of us will carry our friendships with us our whole lives, but sometimes we will get a break in between due to misunderstanding or the lack of communication. There are several types of friendships that we develop throughout our lives. We develop friendships through acquaintance/associates which can be people that we meet at work or outings. These friendships can turn into best friends or just platonic relationships. Either way friendships are very important to the human mind.

Friendship can be compared to companionship. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines companionship as, “the fellowship existing among companions.” (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary) Friendships and companionships are like one another, friendships can occur from our companions especially if they have the same interest as one another. Friendship is being there for each other, even in the most inconvenient and embarrassing situations.

Companionship is being with each other but being Independent of negative outcomes. Friendship is making sure the safety of your partner is most important. Companionship is having confidence that your partner can handle themselves safely. Friendship is making sure you stop your friends from committing errors. Companionship is warning them but letting them decide on their own. Friendship is taking care of reminding your friend of their meetings, appointments or commitments. Companionship is letting them be free and just asking them how it went. Friendship is sacrificing time to deal with their emotional ups and downs even if not asked for.

Companionship is helping them only if they ask. Friendship is having a lot of expectations.

Companionship is leaving aside a lot of expectations. We all want someone in our lives that we can trust and communicate with because we do not want to be lonely. Personally, we want to tell someone about our problems or just need someone to show us that they care and will listen when we talk. No one likes to go shopping by themselves or attend a movie alone. We want to create memories with our friends or our companions and be able to share our memories with them as well. Having someone to talk to or to do things with will deviate us from being lonely.

Friendships are like ocean waves high and strong and inseparable. While, others are weak and break like the waves of the ocean. Some people are fake and will just use you to get what they want. Others will be faithful and true to the friendship, so we must proceed with caution and try to look at all aspects when choosing our friends. We have choices, to either choose good friends or bad friends. When choosing what kind of friend, we are looking for or what path we want to travel down it is our choice. However, we need to be selective in choosing our friends. We want friends that are going to be good influences on us or even motivate us when needed. We also want our friends to be loyal, trusting, and be there for us.

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Popular Questions About Friendship

What does friendship do exactly?
The Meaning of FriendshipFriendship Means Empathy. When friendships are mutually satisfying, both friends talk and both friends listen. Friendship Means Trust. Friends are loyal and trustworthy, creating a safe space in which to open up about feelings and suffering.Signs of a Toxic Friendship. Friendships Are Not Perfect.
What are 5 words that describe friendship?
Here is a list of words that describe a good friendship: affable , affectionate, amiable, amicable, attentive, available, believable, brave, caring, cheerful, considerate, cordial, discerning, easygoing, empathetic, faithful, forgiving, funny, generous, gentle, giving, good listener, heartfelt, honest, humorous, kind, loving, loyal, nice, optimistic
What makes good friendship?
What makes a good friend is someone who is there when things are tough for you. What makes a good friend is someone who will stand up for you when others are putting you down. What makes a good friend is someone who is proud to hang with you and doesn't walk away when someone more interesting happens to show up.
What is the real meaning of friendship?
The Definition of Friendship. that the definition of friendship is a state of being friends; friendly relation, or attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness; amity; good will.