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Describe the influences of two predictable and twp unpredictable major life events on the development of the individual. With reference to the case study of Jason describe the influences of two predictable and two unpredictable major life events that have influenced his development.In this assignment I am going to discuss the influences of two predictable and two predictable and two unpredictable major life events on the development of an individual specifically relating to Jason.

Life events are often turning points in peoples’ lives. Some are predictable, such as starting school: others are unpredictable, such as being made redundant.I am going to start off by discussing two unpredictable events in Jason’s life:DivorceJason’s parents divorced when he was eight years old, he still had a lot of growing up to do at this point in his life. Jason’s emotional health will have been affected the most. Jason will have gone through a mixture of emotions during this time of his life. He may have felt confused by the divorce, feel unloved, he may also have blamed himself for his mum and dad’s divorce.

Jason’s mum decided to re-marry and Jason therefore became a part of a ‘Step- family’ this may have resulted in further confusion for Jason.Jason’s had several difficult periods in school this could be indirectly related to the divorce. He may have just decided to give up on his school work due to the on-goings in his house. It may have destroyed Jason’s confidence when it came to school activities such as reading; this is one area’s where Jason’s ability was behind in.Divorce can result in people having low self esteem and they may also find it hard to trust others this may have played a big part in Jason’s social development.

His mum and dad’s divorce may have made it hard for Jason to make new friends and develop new relationships. Jason’s confidence may have also been low and therefore he may have found it hard to approach new people.There is no suggestion in Jason’s case study so suggest that his physical development had been affected. But in some cases people may have developed an eating disorder to help them deal with their problems at home, this will either stunt their growth (Anorexia) or else they will gain excess weight (Obesity) both these come with their own health risk.Lifelong Injury/ IllnessThe consequences of a lifelong injury/illness can change a person’s identity and present them with new roles to play. Jason suffered from chronic asthma this will have affected him socially as he may have developed loss of confidence and low self esteem making it harder for Jason to meet new people and form friendships.

Jason would also find it hard to trust people as he was picked on in school due to his asthma.Jason may feel low on confidence due to his chronic asthma this in affect can also bring down his self-esteem. He may also find it hard to believe in himself and to motivate himself. This will all have an effect on his emotional well-being. Also because he may find it hard to socialise with people and make new friendships he may also feel low about this situation.

Jason’s physical development may also have been affected by his asthma as it limited his sport playing ability and the length of time he could play sports for. This may have delayed the growth of Jason’s muscles.There is no direct link between Jason’s asthma and his intellectual development. However due to Jason having low self esteem and feeling low in confidence his school work may have suffered due to this reason.I am now going to discuss two predictable events in Jason’s life and the effects they may have had:Starting schoolStarting school can be distressing for some people.

They will go through a mixture of emotions such as anxious, lonely and abandoned. Jason social development may have suffered a bit in school as he was an only child he will have found it hard to make his own friends and adjust to other people’s ways of doing things. Jason also said in his case study that he hated school as he was ‘picked’ on by the other children due to his asthma.There is nothing in Jason’s case study to suggest how his physical development was effected.

Generally in young children they will feel tired after a day of school. They may also feel anxiety and stress for the first few months of school until they get settled down and into a routine.Jason had a few problems when he started school; his reading ability was well behind the other children. This could simply be because Jason had low confidence as he was an only child and he may have found it hard to read aloud to other people.Jason may have struggled a bit in school emotionally as he may have felt unsafe in the new setting. Also due to the fact he may not have had that many friends due to his lack of confidence this may have made it hard for Jason to attend school every day.

Leaving school – Starting employment or attending higher educationIn Jason’s case study his is about to sit his final exams in high school. After that he has a choice of either attending higher education such as university or going into full time employment. I am now going to discuss the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development Jason would face depending on the choices he takes.If Jason decides to attend university his intellectual development will increase as he will be learning new skills. His confidence may also build as he will be studying a subject he enjoys and is good at.

If he decides to go into full time employment he will have to learn new routines therefore advancing his intellectual development and making him more confident as a person.Jason social development would improve vastly as he would be meeting so many new people in university and they would help to improve his self- confidence and he may also finally feel accepted. If he went into full time employment he would also be meeting new people and may also build on his self esteem.If Jason attending university he may feel nervous at the start about meeting new people but as he settles in he will feel more comfortable and confident with himself.

The situation would be similar in a work place.

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