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J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye illustrates the story of an adolescent going through a period of perception-changing times in his life. The story is told from the point of view of the main character and protagonist, Holden Caulfield, a junior in high school. Throughout the novel, Holden is going through a phase in which he realizes the “phony” nature of the people in the world. Overall, the story encompasses themes such as loss and confusion ultimately resolved with advice for finding oneself. Clearly, many young adults undergoing a paradigm shift or a maturing from adolescence can relate the book’s protagonist on a personal or even spiritual level. Because of his relatable journey, I view Holden Caulfield as a hero, not in the archetypal sense, but as a champion for those struggling to find a sense of direction in their lives. Holden’s entire character has not been fully established yet as he is still immature and has no definite plans for his future. He had been kicked out of three schools for not applying himself, and he calls people who act “fake” in real life “phonies.” However, what makes Holden Caulfield such an important character is that he is going through what many have experienced or are experiencing: the transition from childhood to manhood.

On the contrary, Holden seems to resist this transition as he was never serious about his schools. In fact, he came to the point where he thought of ending his life in chapter 14. He writes, “What I really felt like doing was committing suicide. I felt like jumping out the window.” Of course, many teenagers have had the same feeling, although I am an exception to this. In chapter 17, he explains to Sally everything he resented about school. “It’s full of phonies, and all you do is study so that you can learn enough to be smart enough to buy a goddam Cadillac some day,” he continues. Eventually, he came up with the idea of running away with Sally up north. With this, Holden shows he has never given thought to his actual future and what he plans to be. At this part of the plot, I did not really identify myself with the character of Holden Caulfield anymore.

I on the other hand do plan on attending college for medicine. Holden in chapter 17 embodied the rebellious nature of some teenagers who, much like the protagonist, choose to run away from his/her problems.The symbolism J. D. Salinger inserts into the story can provide more to the theme. There is a recurring thought that Holden has concerning the ducks inhabiting the lagoon in Central Park in New York City and where they go when the lake freezes up. Holden brings up this train of thought in various locations. The first was in his meeting with Mr. Spencer and again on two different cab rides. The symbolism behind this is that the ducks represent himself and his refusal to adapt to a changing environment. It puzzled him how the ducks would have to move and where. This is where I can relate to Holden. Growing up and moving on is difficult, but it is necessary for life. Holden Caulfield is a hero through what he has endured and who he can emulate. I myself do not relate to him as I have already been through what he has gone through, at a lesser degree, of course, but he can be seen, by some, as an example for a refusal to adapt. He is not a hero that is perfect or super strong, but he is a hero that inspires and relates himself to the common adolescent.

Biography of Thomas Kinkade
659 words 2 pages

Thomas Kinkade is an American painter who was born in 1958, at Sacramento, California. Kinkade spent most of his life in Placerville. His artwork made of oil painting communicated deeply with the viewers by providing a warm nostalgia in a stressful and often complex world. He gave out a message to slow down by appreciating […]

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Biography about Johannes Brahms
857 words 2 pages

Johannes Brahms was born on 7/5/1833, in Hamburg, Germany. His parents were Johann Jakob and Nissen Christina Brahms. He was a Germany’s composer, conductor and pianist. Johannes’ father was an innkeeper and a musician whereby he taught him how to play piano and violin. At the age of six years, Johannes Brahms created his own […]

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Biography Concert Review
Biography about Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
836 words 2 pages

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born on 7th May, 1840 Vyatka region in Russia. He was the second of the six children, had five brothers and one sister. Ilya Chaikovsky, his father, was a mining business executive in Votkinsk. Aleksandra Assier, his mother, was of French and Russian ancestry. At age of five, Tchaikovsky was able […]

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Comparison of Gilgamesh and Odysseus
1267 words 3 pages

In the realm of poetry, different cultural perspectives exhibit different ways of evaluating their heroes based on their character and the impact they had on the society. For instance, heroes portraying the god-like character, go off and achieve great things in life, while dealing with divinity and mortal beings alike. Regarding this, Homer’s The Odyssey […]

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Epic of Gilgamesh Epic Poetry Hero Myth Odyssey
Autobiography Essay About Myself
832 words 2 pages

I am . I was born on the month of the year . I am born of African descent parents mainly from Nigeria in West Africa my father’s name is and my mother is called . My father is an accountant by profession and my mother is a social worker. I was born and raised […]

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The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member
639 words 2 pages

Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member is a non-fiction book by Sanyika Shakur published in the 1993 and that was published by Grove Atlantic Books. Sanyika wrote this book in form of a memoir while serving his sentence in prison. The book is written as a form of guideline that violence and criminology […]

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Autobiography Biography Monster
Biography of Frank Liszt
863 words 2 pages

One of the most celebrated figures in the music industry in 19th century Europe, at the time of the Romantic Movement was Franz Liszt. A highly talented artist, Franz Litsz artistic skills encompassed him being a music composer, pianist and conductor of music. Frank Liszt was also known to take a significant part in philanthropic […]

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Autobiography: The Story of My Life
572 words 2 pages

My name is Brave Claudius, born and raised in Orlando, Florida to Mary Leakey and Richard Leakey on the 3rd day of February 1994. I was raised singly by my mother, who has had a great influence in making most of the career decisions I have had in life. My mother owns a group home […]

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Heroism: Comparison between Beowulf and Superman
908 words 2 pages

In a particular society set up, there exist people with supernatural human capability. In most cases, people with such powers dedicate their efforts towards helping the community in achieving the desired livelihood. Following the dedicated efforts that the individuals in question display, other society members accord the people with extra capabilities the title of a […]

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A biography of Felix Mendelssohn’s
917 words 2 pages

Introduction A biography is an account of someone’s life written by somebody else. It consists of a number of specific sources which contain facts about the person being talked about. In a biography, it is not a must that the person being talked about to be alive. The most important thing is that exaggeration should […]

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The Life of Catalina de Erauso
683 words 2 pages

Catalina de Erauso was born on February 10, 1592, in northern Spain at in San Sebastián city. She was a Basque woman and a sister of soldiers from Basque Country in the city of San Sebastian. She was a daughter of María Pérez de Galarraga and Miguel de Erauso. She attended the San Sebastián el […]

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My Information Technology Autobiography
812 words 2 pages

Information technology has become the most vital part in our world today, as we all know it refers to the use of computers for the purpose of storing, retrieving, transmitting, and manipulation of data. Since (IT) involves the use of computers apart from business (IT) can be used for any other purpose, for instance in […]

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Career Autobiography Of Health Economist
338 words 1 page

Hello, everyone! My name is John Doe. My current occupation is Health Economist, and it is my area of interest. In the field of health economics, the effectiveness, behavior, efficiency and value of producing and consuming all healthcare products is studied. As I talk to you, my career revolves around studying the functioning of the […]

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My Heroes
543 words 2 pages

The term “hero” frequently triggers the secretion of dopamine hormone as a result of admiration, excitement, and affiliation. When you ask middle-aged children about their heroes, you will hear names like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America. We also have real-life heroes, ranging from firefighters to historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln. The basic […]

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Autobiography Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi
882 words 2 pages

Tania Aebi narrates the story of her expedition in her book Maiden Voyage. The book is a chronicle of teenage anguish, self-discovery and exploration. Aebi’s story is remarkable for the reason that she was by lots of standards, inadequately equipped for her voyage as well as unaccompanied, but triumphed through skills she both discovered and […]

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Catalina de Erauso’s autobiography
554 words 2 pages

Erauso’s autobiography shows us that she had acquired the position of a heterosexual man. She strongly refuses being a heterosexual woman as it is associated with subordination and hence replaces it with a heterosexual male role, complete with proprietary and exploitive attitudes towards females. This starts during the time when Erauso flees away from the […]

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Biography Catalina de Erauso Masculinity
Beowulf Vs. Today’s Heroes
1278 words 3 pages

Today’s heroes who live by virtue through demonstrating generosity, love and bravery deserve an epic poem. Beowulf lived in a world where fame was the only lasting thing and pride to the point of arrogance was acceptable. Cultures have transformed over the years, but the values have remained ever since. Beowulf’s approach towards life’s contemporary […]

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Beowulf Bravery Hero
My Autobiography Essay
597 words 2 pages

When I reminisce about the most important events in my past, the underlying aspects of my life currently, and my expectations for the future, the essential theme is mainly to be thankful for the work done by authors from across the different continents in the world. My name is Jarah, and I study at the […]

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Differences between Heroes and Celebrities
771 words 2 pages

The general public is befuddled with regards to knowing the contrast between a hero and a celebrity. In today’s public perception, including my view, heroes and celebrities are very frequently viewed as one and the same. However, heroes and celebrities are diverse sorts of individuals with various definitions. Beyond any doubt few celebrities perform courageous […]

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Leadership Skills Essay
680 words 2 pages

Introduction Leadership involves guiding other people, teams or a given organization for the sole purpose of attaining a given goal. Nobody can teach leadership, but it’s enhanced through training and development, coaching or different mentorship programs. It provides direction for building an inspiring vision and identifying what an organization requires so as to achieve success. […]

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Uncovering Leadership Styles
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Abstract This paper studies and describes the impact of leadership styles on the output of the employees as well as the general performance of an organization. In this paper, a research using the Microsoft Company has been carried out to demonstrate how the leadership styles of Bill Gates have had an impact on the productivity […]

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My Personal Literacy Path
547 words 2 pages

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and attended my elementary school in Maryland state school. My family still lives in Maryland, and my siblings all go to school there. We grew up a large family, and my dad was a senior lecturer at Illinois state university. My mother was a flight attendant and used to […]

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Biography Vocabulary