Swot of Hero Essay Example
Swot of Hero Essay Example

Swot of Hero Essay Example

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  • Published: October 25, 2017
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Hero, unlike other Indian companies that focused solely on domestic production, recognized the significance of operating internationally. By understanding concepts such as just in time (JIT), establishing dealer networks through strategic alliances, and implementing effective employee policies, Hero successfully expanded in the global market. Through the establishment of strategic alliances, Hero was able to foster international growth in each of these areas.

Hero was an early adopter of just-in-time inventory, which helped reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. By implementing JIT, Hero was able to decrease the amount of inventory kept in stock and establish a production environment where products were ready for shipment at the end of each day. This streamlined approach allowed employees to easily identify their current and future inventory needs. Additionally, Hero's strong emphasis on dealer networks played a vital role in their success. As a family co


mpany, Hero fostered strong relationships with its dealers, creating a unique and close working partnership.

Sales agents from Hero maintain constant communication with each dealership worldwide. The employees at Hero are integral to the company's core concept and have contributed to its successful establishment. Union involvement is not a characteristic of the employees at Hero. The company actively encourages employee growth and considers them an extended part of the family, fostering unity and collaboration in expanding the Hero Company. Additionally, Hero provides allowances for rent, travel, and medical check-ups.

Having a loyal work force is a significant advantage for employees, which is also evident in the formation of strategic alliances globally. Hero has established three types of strategic alliances: technology-related partnerships, IT-related alliances, and product engineering. Notably, Hero has formed alliances with prominent motor companies such a

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Honda Motor Co. and Kawasaki Co.

By partnering with these companies, Hero gains access to valuable information about engine manufacturing. Hero is dedicated to developing fuel-efficient engines and providing excellent customer service while delivering high-quality products. Within the realm of IT, they have formed an alliance with Munjal-eSystems, a Microsoft gold certified partner renowned for their expertise in Microsoft business solutions. This collaboration guarantees top-notch circuitry. Moreover, Hero Global Design is India's leading provider of engineering services certified by PTC.

Through its alliance with PTC, Hero Global Design has the ability to cultivate a skilled team of engineering professionals. This alliance offers the opportunity for direct collaboration with both PTC and its customers, allowing these professionals to gain expertise and become recognized as Experts within PTC's Worldwide Customer Base. Additionally, this alliance empowers Hero Global Design to deliver exceptional Legacy Data Conversion Services. In each of these alliances, Hero has demonstrated its ability to develop products that meet customer demand. The Hero Company has achieved success in strategic alliances due to its proficiency in creating a Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory system, fostering employee loyalty, and leveraging its well-established presence in the industry.

Hero has developed the complete solution for thriving in the international market. By adhering to this approach, they will maintain their ongoing success.

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