Biography of Arnold Schoenberg
906 words 2 pages

In the entire history of music, Arnold Schoenberg stands out as a very influential and one of the most controversial figures. Up to the period that preceded the Second World War since the later days of the nineteenth century, Arnold embarked in the production of music that was greatly diversified in terms of styles. This […]

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Biopsychosocial Analysis and Autobiography of Family
545 words 2 pages

Oscar’s family left Rio 20 years ago. He had just been born when his parents sought a better life for the family in the United States of America. They believed in teaching their child his/her culture and ensured that their Christian son got to study in diverse institutions where all cultures existed. Oscar’s mother joined […]

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Biography Etiquette Karma
Nelson Mandela’s Biography
607 words 2 pages

Birth Nelson Mandela was born in a village known as Mvezo. He was born on 18 July 1918 where his father was a key adviser to the Thembu royal family. Early Years Mandela received and developed his political views and attitudes at a tender age during his early school days. Influences by the elder’s stories […]

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Biography Black History Month Nelson Mandela
Henry Hershey and Fanny Snavely
675 words 2 pages

Milton was born on 13th September 1857 by Henry Hershey and Fanny Snavely Hershey in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, United States. Having been raised in a humble environment and as usual during those times, he was expected to help his parents on their farm. He received little education due to lack of motivation and dropped out […]

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Biography Personality
Autobiography Summary
841 words 2 pages

I can remember it happening, not that it hadn’t happended before but this time I wasn’t quite so sure of the outcome. In March of 1995 I had accepted a challenge that only 10% of all American’s ever complete. The challege of becoming a United States Marine. Every so often I open my big mouth […]

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My Autobiography
391 words 1 page

My name is Mandy L. Wolf I live in Hollywood California. I was born on June 19th 1987 in Flint Michigan.I am 13 years old. I have 3 siblings, my twin sister Manda and my big brother Edward my little sister Kylea. I have 2 dogs Bruno (a german shepard) and sam (a scotty dog). […]

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Biography Sibling
Tupac Shakur Biography
2134 words 5 pages

Tupac Shakur 1971-1996 Born: June 16, 1971 in New York, New York, United States Died: September 13, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Ethnicity: African American Occupation: Rap Musician, Musician, Actor “Don’t shed a tear for me … / I ain’t happy here / I hope they bury me and send me to my […]

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Biography Hip Hop Popular music Tupac shakur
A Biography of Seyyed Hossein Nasr
4698 words 10 pages

Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr, one of the world’s leading experts on Islamic science and spirituality, is University Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University. Professor Nasr is the authour of numerous books including Man and Nature: the Spiritual Crisis of Modern Man (Kazi Publications, 1998), Religion and the Order of Nature (Oxford, 1996) and […]

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Academia Biography Philosophy Religion
Michael Jackson: A Brief Biography
940 words 2 pages

Introduction: Michael Jackson, without doubt, is one of the greatest entertainers of all time. He is most remembered for the ecstatic energy of his musical performances. He was as proficient in his dance moves as he was smooth and superlative in his singing. His talents extended to writing lyrics for his own songs as well. […]

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Biography Child Dance Michael Jackson
691 words 2 pages

Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her father, Captain Stephen Barton, was a farmer, horse breeder, and respected member of the community. Her mother, Sarah, took care of the household and taught Barton the importance of cleanliness. At 17, Clara became a teacher in Massachusettss District 9, in Worcester […]

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Biography Government
Biography – College
1175 words 3 pages

Ada Lovelace’s Childhood Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer born on10 December 1815. She was initially named Augusta Ada Byron. She was the only legitimate child of her parents Lord Byron and Anna Isabella Byron. Her father … Al Capone essay Al Capone is the America’s widely known gangster and a unique utmost […]

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Biography Edgar Allan Poe Maya Angelou
My Autobiography
1780 words 4 pages

I come from a family of four; my dad, mum, brother and I. I am older than my brother by three years. In most part of my life, I have lived in two towns; a small one, and a relatively larger one. The numerous diverse events that took place in my life as I grew […]

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Biography Education Employment Teacher
Biography of Barbara Walters
537 words 2 pages

Television Journalist. Born September 25, 1931, in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of nightclub impresario Lou Walters (owner of New York’s swanky Latin Quarter) and his wife, Dena. In 1937, Lou Walters expanded his business, which caused his family to adopt an itinerant lifestyle, moving from Boston to New York to Miami Beach. Walters […]

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Biography Entertainment Mass Media Television
Critical Review of Steven Watson’s Factory Made
832 words 2 pages

Steven Watson’s book “Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties” proves to be another brilliant attempt of the scholar to create a cultural map of America’s 20th century pop culture. In this book, Watson presents the art culture of the 1960s – not just through a biography of an artist or a description of some prominent […]

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Art Biography Factory Painting
“The Collar” by George Herbert – Biography and Analysis Essay Sample
1671 words 4 pages

In George Herbert’s poem “The Collar. ” published in The Temple ( 1633 ) . the author/persona Rebels against the casuistry that the Christian life imposes. merely to be brought back eventually into childlike entry when he hears ( or thinks he hears ) the “Lord’s” soft reproof. My statement is that. astoundingly. the poem’s […]

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Biography Literature Poetry Rhyme
Racial Autobiography Curriculum Unit
3851 words 8 pages

In Northeastern University’s Race & Ethnicity course the idea of “colorblindness” was discussed at length as being something as powerfully ineffective as racism itself. At Malden High School students of differing racial groups sort of “coexist,” which is something I hope this action plan will begin to change through students’ awareness of racial identity development. […]

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Biography Prejudice Racism Stereotypes
Cultural autobiography
1641 words 4 pages

Not only do I take care of my siblings, but I cook and lean and do everything my mother does, because was raised to do those things easily without complain. Anyone who isn’t part of my family/friends would look at my life and think I have no freedom. But the way I was raised taught […]

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Biography Essay: Definition, How to Write and Examples
1125 words 3 pages

Often, when applying for a job, enrolling for training, passing an exam, on the case of the need to join a club or a community on social networks, the applicant needs to provide a short story about himself. It can be issued in the format of an autobiography or resume. There are no strict rules […]

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Biography Education Training
Autobiography compare and contrast
475 words 1 page

Winston Churchill, a British prime minister during WI, and Lee Iacocca, Former president of both Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Corporation, are two successful businessmen who have written autobiographies. Both texts, which are small parts about their school life, have different tones and structure but therefore share the type of audience. The readers of […]

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Biography Education Learning
Autobiography Persuasive
1051 words 3 pages

Sio Tevaga Nov. 27, 2007 Business 102 Autobiography First of all, my name is Sio Tevaga; I am the youngest out of three. I was raised in the island of Samoa which is located about 5000 miles south of Hawaii. As a little kid, I was always competitive in all that I did especially when […]

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Biography God
Biography William Faulkner
959 words 2 pages

Nobel Prize-winning American author. One of the most influential writers of the 20th century, his reputation is based on his novels, novellas and short stories. However, he was also a published poet and an occasional screenwriter. Most of Faulkner’s works are set in his native state of Mississippi, and he is considered one of the […]

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A Rose For Emily American Literature Biography Thomas Jefferson William Faulkner
Autobiography Free Persuasive
267 words 1 page

7/4/131HOMEPARTS OF SPEECHSENTENCE STRUCTUREPUNCTUATIONUSAGEEXERCISESAnswer KeyDistinguishing between Gerunds and Participles – Exercise 2For help with with participles and participial phrases, link to participles. For help with gerunds and gerund phrases, link to gerunds. For help with individual noun functions, click on the link given in each gerund answer. 1. The man sitting by the library door […]

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Biography Linguistics

Popular Questions About Biography

What is a biography example?
The definition of biography is a story written about someone's life. An example of biography is a book about the story of President Obama's life. ... An account of a person's life written, composed, or produced by another. A film biography of Adlai Stevenson; an oral biography.
How long should a biography essay be?
Biography Essay Outline Unless otherwise specified by your professor, you should follow the standard five-paragraph essay structure.