A Biography of Anne Hutchinson Essay Example
A Biography of Anne Hutchinson Essay Example

A Biography of Anne Hutchinson Essay Example

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  • Published: December 28, 2017
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Anne Hutchinson Born In Lancashire, England in 1591 Anne Hutchinson was a puritan spiritual advisor whose strong religious convictions caught the attention of many puritans In the New England area. She was a key role model In the developing time of New England's colonies and was also recognized for her contribution to the history of women's ministry. Hutchinson stood up for what she believed in, even when it wasn't the popular opinion. She was and still is a role model for women and religious leaders all over the world.

Born to a family with strong puritan believes and a ether that was an Anglican minister, Anne grew up with a lot of religious influences.

Her father had ideas and beliefs that often clashed with his superiors. Anne of course followed in his footsteps


. She was well educated with schooling that was usually exclusive for boys and men and always formed her own opinions. Anne married her husband William Hutchinson In 1612 and then began her life Journey. She and William began following the religious beliefs of John Cotton.

Cotton's spiritual message and beliefs were unlike any others.

He was known as one of the leading puritan ministers In all of New England. HIS theory focused on "absolute grace" which very much Interested Anne. In fact, she then began to hold weekly meetings at her house to discuss the ministers words and her own beliefs. She told people how she believed that god didn't Judge you on how many good things you did but on how much spirit and faith you had. This was a whole new idea and belief to the people of Boston.

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But some tension soon arrived when some ministers saw this act as confusing the faith and was known as the Free Grace Controversy.

Soon the magistrate John Winthrop took notice and said this quote about Anne in his Journal; One Mrs.. Hutchinson, a member of the church at Boston, a woman of a ready wit and a bold spirit, brought over with her two dangerous errors: 1. That the person of the Holy Ghost dwells In a Justified person. 2.

That no sanctification can help to evidence to us our Justification" This would soon lead to call trial and eventually the banishment of Anne Hutchinson from the colony. Her life then slowly declined. After having two failed pregnancies Anne moved her family to the Netherlands which ultimately lead to their death.

They were massacred by Swanson Warriors and had heir house burned to the ground.

The actual date of the massacre is unknown but the incident of the massacre was noted in John Winthrop personal Journal. The tragic yet intriguing story of Anne Hutchinson is why I choose to write my paper on her. Not only was she incredibly brave throughout her whole life, but she was and still is a role model of women to stand up for what they believe in no matter what. Anne Hutchinson was such an active spirit. She practiced religion when and where she wanted to, which was not something most people did In her time.

She even had enough courage to become a preacher herself and educate people on her beliefs and thoughts even though they weren't the most popular.

I personally admire Anne as to this day,

that says a lot about a person. She achieved so many great things. To be one of the first women to stand up and preach their own religious practices is amazing. Anne stood up for religious freedom and founded a stepping stone for not only women but men too also believe in whatever they wanted to. She made it okay to not have to blend in with other religions. She made it so you didn't have to fall in a étagère as a Puritan or Catholic.

As long as you believed in God and had faith you could go to heaven and have a relationship with God. This was almost unheard of at her time. Ministers preached about having to be good and following Gods rules. They were strict on doing good works for God and if one did not follow these rules they would go to hell. Anne of course did not believe that at all. She thought you made your own relationship with God and as long as you maintained a good faith and spirit you would be blessed.

This theory definitely helped religion progress and is even seen in today's time.

Anne wasn't afraid to be different and stand up for something she believed in. At the time it may have Just seemed like a minuscule thing, Just some women saying something about her religious beliefs. But who would have known that something so small would have blossomed into a monumental thing.

What if Anne Hutchinson didn't stand up for her beliefs? Who knows where religion would be today in the 21st century. Her achievements are seen even today if everyday life.

She contributed so much to religion overall. Today, we don't have to worry about hiding our beliefs.

We don't have to worry about being arrested or going o trial because what we think isn't the popular opinion.

Because of Anne Hutchinson the world is a better place. Even though it may seem like she lost the battle, by being imprisoned in her home and being unfairly treated by her piers she actually won. She stood up for what she believed and took the consequences for her actions. And thanks to her we now have religious freedom that she worked so hard to get. Thanks to Anne women now have a role model to look up to, someone who was so brave for her time.

Women can look up to Anne Hutchinson and think that they can be brave too.

That they can do anything they put their minds too even if it might be something that has never been done before. Anne also had a huge impact on her society at the time. She started a sort of revolution for women and religious people in one. She had followers that would listen to what she said and form their own opinions about God. Versus listening to a strict minister that would tell them what they had to believe in and practice.

Although she did pay the price for sticking up for herself it was all worth it. She set a ground breaking theme for people of her time to from their own pinions and beliefs.

In conclusion, Anne Hutchinson was a brave spiritual advisor. She was a brave women of her time and of anytime

for that matter. She formed her own opinions about religion and her beliefs in god.

Anne achieved so much for the people for her time in New England. Not only did she help women have a sense of their own control of their lives but she led people to believe that they were in charge of their destiny with God. She let the people known that they didn't have to fall under a category, as long as they had faith in themselves and god that they would be blessed.

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