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The Gospel According to St John Essay Example
1365 words 5 pages

Jesus is depicted in the Gospel of John as the eternal Word of God, who assumed human form and lived amongst us. As anticipated Savior and Son of God, John declares that those who believe in him will be granted everlasting life (20:31). It is noteworthy that both Genesis and the Gospel of John commence […]

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God The Father Jesus Christ Theology
The Cappadocian Fathers and the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity Essay Example
2632 words 10 pages

Introduction In speaking about God, the Catholics pronounce, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. These names are predicated comparatively and decently spoken, as belonging to each individual in peculiar as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. It is of import to observe that neither the Father, nor the Son, nor the […]

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Father God God The Father
The General Historical-Cultural Context of the Book of Jude Essay Example
1419 words 6 pages

The book of Jude was written during the early phases of Christianity. This was the clip when deserters and seducers joined the church without the church being cognizant of them. Adeyemo articulated that Jude did non stipulate the geographical location of his audience ( 2006, p. 1539 ) . Furthermore, “No intimation of who the […]

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Books God The Father Jesus Christ
meaning and significance of the paraclete sayings Essay Example
2094 words 8 pages

Introduction In this response, I will discuss the significance and importance of the Paraclete expressions in John 14-15. First, I will explore how Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit using this term. Jesus assures in John 14:16 that the Paraclete will replace Him. He also mentions that it is beneficial for Him to leave because […]

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God The Father Jesus Christ Life Religion
The Christians Doctrine Of Trinity Theology Religion Essay Example
4540 words 17 pages

While I was in Australia in 2009, I had the chance to both observe and take part in Sunday Services at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney. These gatherings provided a space for adherents of Christianity, which is considered the largest and most esteemed religion globally, to unite and engage in worship. The services encompassed various […]

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God The Father Theology
A theological reflection on unity and uniqueness Essay Example
6261 words 23 pages

Chapter TWO A THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION ON UNITY AND UNIQUENESS Biblical and Theological Basis Integrity and singularity are built-in and consistent to the composing of the existence. The universe around and the skies above reveal the Creator ‘s work, a tapestry of creative activity that abounds with harmoniousness and diverseness. The universe He fashioned overflows with […]

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God God The Father
The Death Of Christ Theology Religion Essay Example
4746 words 18 pages

Are you expected to give your clip, endowment and hoarded wealths to a God that you dont cognize anything about. Not cognizing God will do it difficult to allow travel something that you think belongs to you. In order to to the full function God, you need to cognize who He is. It ‘s of […]

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God God The Father Theology
St. Augustine of hippo Essay Example
5510 words 21 pages

The doctrine of the Divine Unity is a truth of natural religion; the doctrine of the Trinity is a truth of revealed religion. The various systems of natural theism present arguments for the Divine existence, unity, and attributes, but proceed no further. They do not assert and endeavor to demonstrate that the Supreme Being is […]

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Augustine God The Father
The Virgin Birth of Jesus Essay Example
523 words 2 pages

The Virgin birth of Christ is an actual Historical fact. God came (in the sinless form of Jesus) into the earth “HE” created. No other event in the past has had so much impact out side of Calvary where Christ paid the price for our transgressions. Seven hundred years earlier, this was prophesied by the […]

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Popular Questions About God The Father

What is God the Father responsible for?
God the Father is the creator of all things. This means that he was the creator of the world and everything in it. He is the father of the universe. God is also viewed as a loving father.
What does God the Father do?
God the Father is the One who gives the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-17). Giving us the gift of the Holy Spirit is analogous to a spiritual begettal. In a human family, the process of birth begins with the father. One of the reasons God instituted the human family is to help us understand what He is doing with His family.
Did God the Father exsist before God the son?
The Bible says "God is love." (1 John 4:8 , NIV). Before the creation of the universe, the three Persons of the Trinity were in a relationship, loving one another. Some confusion has arisen over the terms "Father" and "Son." In human terms, a father must exist before a son, but that is not the case with the Trinity.
Does the father call Jesus God?
8 But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom. So therefore Christians will use this verse and say here the Father calls Jesus the Son God. Now the first thing every person should know is that in the Bible the word God is used differently than in the English language.
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