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In replying this inquiry I need to discourse the significance and significance of the Paraclete expressions in John 14-15. The first thing, I need to make is to look at the contents of the word as it is utilizing by Jesus in mention to the Holy Spirit.

In John 14:16 the Paraclete is promised as the 1 who is to obtain the place of Jesus. Jesus affirmed it someplace else that it is to your advantage that I go off, for if I do n’t travel off, the soothing Counselor will non come to you ( John 16:7 ) . Harmonizing to Gill “Is the Paraclete, so, the replacement or the replacement for Christ as He is sometimes called? The reply is that He is both neither. He is the replacement of Christ historically, but non in the sense that Christ ceases to move in the church. He is the replacement for Christ ‘s physical presence, but merely in order that He may do critical and existent Christ ‘s religious presence.”

In John 14:18, we have seen the pledge that Jesus gave “I will come to you” this is a similar overtone with the old pledge of the Paraclete.


? To learn them all things

“The word translated Comforter is used in the New Testament five times. In four cases it is applied to the Holy Spirit John 14:16 ; 26 ; 15:26 ; 16:7. In the other case it is applied to the Lord Jesus 1 John 2:1: We have an advocator ( Paraclete — Comforter ) with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. ”

In John 14: 25, 26. Jesus says the Father will direct the Paraclete as his representative and he will learn you everything and will remind you of everything he himself have told you. And as the Son came in theFather ‘s name, consequently, the Father will direct the Holy Spirit in Jesus ‘ name, with great power and ability to reproduce in the trusters souls what Christ taught them, ( John 14:17 ) . In the Gospel these are some of the looks that are applied to the Paraclete that is important to His Godhead personality, ‘teaching, ‘ ‘reminding, ‘ ‘testifying, ‘ ‘coming, ‘ ‘convincing, ‘ ‘guiding, ‘ ‘speaking, ‘ ‘hearing, ‘ ‘prophesying, ‘ and ‘taking.

He shall learn the trusters all things, and he besides shall take them into all truth ( John 16:13 ) . Robert D. says “Here it might be really appropriately inquired ; whether any of all time, besides the apostles themselves, were taught all things, or led into all truth. ” Because it is the duty of every truster to be led into all truth that is necessary for their ain contentment merely as it was the duty of the apostles ‘ to be led into all truth necessary non merely for themselves but besides for the whole church.

His intent is to soothe the adherents, to be with them in Jesus absences and to give them his peace, and this is justly expressed by the word, Comforter.

His aim is to learn them, and remind them of fact and this expressed by the word proctor or instructor, ( John 14:26 ; 15:26, 27 )

? He shall laud me

Furthermore, the Spirit of God glorifies Christ in taking the trusters, to him through righteousness, peace, and forgiveness, for grace, and for day-to-day supplies of it, for penetration and power for commissariats and remainder, for being and pleasance and by leting them to be by religion on him. He has encouraged them to perpetrate their all to him and to glorification him, for he is their wisdom, virtue consecration and rescue and by giving him glorification for their redemption in him, and by doing changeless petition to him for his way and by tilting on him, and anticipating every good thing from him every bit for clip and sempiternity ( John 16:14 ) .

For he shall have of mine, and shall demo it unto you

Harmonizing to Gill “which is to be understood non of gifts Christ received from his Father, and which he gives to work forces by his Spirit ; nor of internal grace, as religion, love which the Spirit from Christ plants in the Black Marias of work forces ; but either of the philosophies of the Gospel, the deep things of God and Christ, which the Spirit hunts, and reveals in the relief of the word. The Gospel is a kind of a ‘Kabala ‘ , though of a different sort from the unwritten jurisprudence of the Jews. Christ received it from the Father, the Spirit received it from Christ, and the apostles received it from the Spirit and the churches of Jesus from them in wining generations.” Which can be interpreted as the approvals of grace that is found in the Gospel, such as justification, forgiveness, credence which are in Christ, which the Spirit of Christ shows to the trusters, and bears informant and laud Christ?

? To brood in trusters

That he may stay with you everlastingly, here he did n’t state he will be with you merely for a few old ages, like what I have done, but he will be with you since you live, besides with everyone that shall win you in the work of the ministry, and every true truster unto the terminal of the universe. “This is a cogent evidence of the saints ‘ concluding doggedness, when we consider these words, about the predating exhortation, to maintain the bids of Christ, and as an encouragement so to do.” ( John 14: 16, 17 ) .

Make our residence

John 14: 23, “This is a nonliteral look connoting that God and Christ would attest themselves in no impermanent manner, but that it would be the privilege of Christians to bask their presence continuously. They would take up their abode in the bosom as their dwelling-place, as a temple tantrum for their residence. 1 Corinthians 3:16: ‘Ye are the temple of God ; ‘ John 14:19: ‘Your organic structure is the temple of the Holy Ghost ; ‘ 2 Playboies 6:16: ‘Ye are the temple of the life God. ” This does non intend that there is any personal brotherhood between Christians and God that there is any curious indwelling of the kernel of God in us.” God is fundamentally present everyplace, this is to mean to the trusters to joy in the presence of God.

Advocate and Intercessor

? Paraclete is applied to Christ

In 1 John 2: 1, 2 read: “ But if you do sin, there is person to plead for you before the Father. He is Jesus Christ, the 1 who pleases God wholly. He takes off non merely our wickednesss but the wickednesss of the full universe, At this point the significance is comparatively obvious and precise that Jesus Christ the blameless is typifying as the trusters Advocate and Intercessor with God the Father. “His righteousness is set over against our wickedness. Here the Paraclete, Christ, is He who, because of His propitiatory offering for the wickednesss of work forces, intercedes for them with God and therefore averts from them penal effects of their evildoings. The sense in which Paraclete is here applied to Christ is found nowhere in the transitions we have cited from the Gospel. The Holy Spirits as Paraclete is Intercessor or Advocate, but non in the sense here showed. The Spirit as Paraclete convicts the universe of wickedness, of righteousness and judgement. Jesus Christ as Paraclete vindicates trusters before God.”

And I will inquire the Father and he will give you, 14:16a

We know doubtless in Romans 8:34 ; Hebrews 4:14 ; 15 ; 7:25 that he makes intercession in Eden for the trusters, and we besides know that as a consequence of his intercession in Eden for us, that we get all our approvals, and it is because of him that our supplications are offered and are effectual before God.

Another soothing Counselor likes me, the Spirit of Truth, to be with you forever, 14: 16b

Jesus had been to his adherents a counsellor, a leader a brother, and a manager while he was them, he had “borne with their biass and ignorance, and had administered solace to them in the times of despondence. But he was about to go forth them now to travel entirely into an unfriendly universe. The other Comforter was to be given as a compensation for his absence, or to execute the offices toward them which he would hold done if he had remained personally with them.” To the apostles it was chiefly to animate them with the cognition of truth of the Father. As good, he came to convert work forces of wickedness. It was appropriate for such a representative to be sent into the universe ( John 16:14 John 14:26 ; 15:26 John 16:8-11 ) . Jesus told his adherents that their earthly family with him was about to stop, but he will be with you forever. Therefore the Holy Spirit would come, with whom families would non disrupt.

Helper and Teacher

? To demo them the things of Jesus

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter. “The word ‘Comforter ‘ does non to the full interpret the Grecian word Paraklete no English word does. The word ‘Advocate ‘ may be used, and ‘Helper ‘ is every bit good if non better than Comforter. We should detect that by the word another Jesus show that he himself had been and would be a ‘Paraklete’.”

“However, when the Spirit of Truth comes, he will steer you into all the truth ; for he will non talk on his ain enterprise but will state merely what he hears. He will besides denote to you the events of the future” ( John 16:13 CJB ) . That says to us the Holy Spirit was ne’er to convey, perfectly, any new direction since he was non talking for himself. Here the Son of God alleges for himself all that the Holy Spirit taught even to the statement of things to come.

“He will convey me glory by uncovering to you whatever he receives from me” ( 16:14 )

Therefore, the Spirit would transport to the apostles mind all the words which Jesus had spoken, although, at the nowadays he said, “Oh, there is so much more I want to state you, but you ca n’t bear it now” ( 16:12 ) .

? To bear informant to Christ

“ When the Counselor comes, whom I will direct you from the Father the Spirit of Truth, who keeps traveling out from the Father he will attest on my behalf. ” ( 15: 26 )

“And you testify excessively, because you have been with me from the outset” ( 15:27 ) Believers should be cognizant that our finally aim in this universe is to be a informant for our King of male monarchs. To be an effectual informant, we need the aid of the “Paraklete” without him our informant will be uneffective. God ‘s program is for adult male to work in partnership him.

“Everything the Holy Spirit does is consistent with the testimony of the nature of Jesus. His occupation is to state us, and to demo us, who Jesus is. If religious phenomenon occurs that are non consistent with the nature of Jesus, it is n’t the Holy Spirit making it. He is the One who wills testify of Jesus in all that He does.”

He shall attest of me

From the beginning of Jesus ministry, there were a group of work forces selected and chosen by God for this map, to bear informant of the Son of God, of his “deity, boy ship, embodiment, and of him being the Messiah, ” of his agonies and decease, Resurrection, Ascension, ecstasy at the right manus of God, and of his ordination to be the Judge of the quick and dead.” All which they can attest to, and by the gifts he imparted on them, and his grace that was on them all, by the marks, admirations, and diverse phenomenon, and by their influence authorization and accomplishment with the sermon of the Good News everyplace. ( John 15:27 ) .

? To inmate of wickedness, of righteousness and judgement

“But it is really best for you that I go off, because I do n’t, the Counselor wo n’t come. If I do travel off, he will come because I will direct him to you” ( 16:7 ) .

Why the Spirit could non come until the Lord had departed, is found in the poetries which follow, they provides us with an first-class and equal footing, for in these poetries they demonstrated that the Paraclete occupation had to make with the strong belief of adult male ‘s bosom through the sermon of a completed Gospel, of Christ return to heaven, in his glorification seated at the right manus of his Father, these form a critical portion of the completed Gospel. “And when he comes, he will convert the universe of its wickedness, and of God ‘s righteousness, and of the coming judgment” ( 16:8 ) .

And he, when he is come, will convict the universe.

It is the working of the Holy Spirit to take the truths associating to Christ, and, so utilizing the “apostles as mouthpieces ( Acts 2:1-37 ) . To convert the universe as to these truths In regard of wickedness, and of righteousness, and of judgement, this convincing work was wholly comparative to Christ, the wickedness of discrediting him, the righteousness revealed in him, and the power of judgement conferred on him.”

Of wickedness, because they believe non on me ( 16:9 ) .

The Spirit convinces the universe that does non believe in Christ, for those that belief in him receives forgiveness, and to those who do non believe there is no forgiveness. Harmonizing to Knoch “The universe is to be convicted on three counts by the spirit, now that Christ is absent. His impeccant life, His righteousness, His announcement of the land all cease with His return to His Father. But all are used by the spirit to convict the universe. Even the disbeliever is convinced that all have sinned except the Christ of the Scriptures. No other adult male is acknowledged to hold been absolutely just.”

Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye lay eyes on me no more ( 16:10 ) .

Without uncertainty, Christianity teaches that righteousness is a demand to grok the presence of God. Without being righteous we can ne’er see him, nor can we of all time expect standing before him. Because Jesus returned to the Father, and is staying with the Father, hence, the Holy Spirit convinces the people of the universe that those who are trusters in Christ, and holding his righteousness, shall besides accomplish the presence of the Father. ( Philippians 3:3-14 ) .

Of judgement, because the prince of this universe hath been judged ( 16:11 ) . Finally, the Spirit convinces the people of the universe that Jesus is commissioned as its adjudicator. Because of the Resurrection of our Lord which offers to us the warrant of this fact ( Acts 17:31 ) . The Resurrection of Jesus gave us such a warrant as it is proofing of the judgement and denouncement of that ‘old snake ‘ , Satan, the main leader in evil turbulence against God, Jamieson writes “and he that hath power to judge the caput thereby shows he had, power to judge the organic structure. Satan held the power of decease over humanity, but Jesus judged him and brought him to naught by taking off this power ( Hebrews 2:14,15 ) . The cross of Christ as the beginning of life asserted his high quality over all other powers ( Colossians 2:14,15 ) , which implies an ability to judge them.”


The “Paraclete” is promised as the 1 who is to obtain the place of Jesus. Jesus affirmed it someplace else that it is to your advantage that I go off, for if I do n’t travel off, the soothing Counselor will non come to you ( John 16:7 )

And as the Son came in theFather ‘s name, consequently, the Father will direct the Holy Spirit in Jesus ‘ name, with great power and ability to reproduce in the truster ‘s psyches what Christ taught them.

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