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The Gospel harmonizing to St. John, written by John the apostle as it is evidenced in M. C. Tenney`s book, explicit the intent and the significance of his selective seven marks out of many miracles Jesus performed. John one of the closest to Jesus within the interior circle to whom depicting himself as the “disciple whom Jesus loved” ( John 21:20 ) . The inquiry is why did John choose some of the seven miracles as a marks for people to believe harmonizing to his statement in John 20:30-31? The subject of his authorship was to “believe” . I suggest that the period of his soundlessness before he wrote the book had given him adequate thoughts of what people think geographically, cognition of the environment, history, and he was familiar with Judaic imposts. These might give him passion to elaborate the ground why people need to believe in Christ as the Eternal intent of God for their redemption as the Holy Spirit gave him grace to compose the epistle. Probably people are confused and many unorthodoxies are originating against the sermon of the Gospel of Christ that led many people to scepticism. These can be the grounds why he needed to proof and place himself as eyewitness to the miracles selected in his epistle.

In his internal and external grounds, there are four major cogent evidence to back up the significance of marks and there importance to understanding the Gospel and to believe which is traveling to explain the subject of the essay.


  1. John was a Palestinian Jew. He had first-class cognition of Palestinian particularly of Jerusalem and its surrounding. He knows what it is happened geographically. His is cognizant of the caput cognition of the Judaizers and their work refering the new compact which Jesus laid down before His Resurrection.
  2. Eyewitness to the miracles that happened. His personality as one of the closest adherents of Jesus Christ is another factor to be able to measure what people feel about Jesus Christ and how are they concluding with the good intelligence, believing or unbelieving. His personal contact with great Numberss of people, including their names ( John 1:14 ) . His testimony that people might believe his informant refering Christ crucifixion ( John 19:35 ) .
  3. John the apostle. His apostleship is another cogent evidence of his composing with cogent evidence of marks to admit people about who Christ IS and his Ageless intent that is, He is the manner, the truth and the life, that whosoever shall believe in him shall have ageless life ( John 14:6 )
  4. His personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As he identifies himself with Jesus Christ, “the adherent whom Jesus loves” . This may give him passion to uncover the disclosure and the power in Jesus Christ and his divinity who is the lone Jesus of the universe.

These four proves the importance that supports the apologetic of religious truth as revealed in certain events in the life of Jesus harmonizing to John informants with cogent evidence of marks.

As the epistle of John stated, “the Gospel of Believe” that already signified the importance of his disclosure with cogent evidence of some strategic marks to endorse up his subject of declaring Christ as the Son of God and the Jesus of life. These choices of the marks coordinates clauses, that is Jesus did many others, and but these are written, “That ye may believe” . The seven marks recorded in the Gospel of John reveal some really important characterises of the power of Jesus, and they confirm His divinity. They besides have really definite aim to stir up a response of credence or rejection, belief or unbelief. But what exactly is this life that subject from our belief in Jesus name? John revealed the importance of cognizing God and His Son, Jesus Christ as He is the giver of the ageless life ( John 17:3 ) . Tenney describes the four elements that connected us to the construct of ageless life with accounts. They are:

  1. Consciousness ; entail no cognition without aware life. Through consciousness you put your head to work and wisdom expounded.
  2. Contact ; for one can non grok those things with which 1 has neither direct nor indirect contact. Physical relationship distinguishes grasp.
  3. Continuity or continuance ; cognition of God presupposes coexistence with him.
  4. Development ; signifies the cognition of God must be turning, non inactive thing. This portrait the fate of adult male which is ageless life the intent of the instruction of the Gospel of Christ.

These four statements are really core in the end of John idea and presentation of the Gospel.

Besides Puskas and Crump in his book describes the importance of the seven marks that John selected out many miracles Jesus performed. He said these marks serve as enacted fables, an observation that may assist to explicate John`s disregard of the Synoptic fables. He farther explained that each mark is pass oning a specific significance to the eyewitnesses or the original listeners of the unwritten tradition which is the historical degree, and the literary degree, building a symbolic significance available merely to readers of the Gospel

These seven marks furthermore highlight the function of John`s literary devices considered in his writings.I will be listed the seven marks which John recorded in his epistle in orderly signifier. All of these marks revealed some important feature of Jesus` power and individual. His transcended control over the issues of life with which adult male unable to grok. These are:

The changing of H2O into vino ( John 2:1-11 ) . This demonstrated power and maestro over quality by transporting out consequence of vine produces over a period of months immediately. When the adherent saw Jesus miracle they believed. The miracle showed his power over nature and revealed the manner He would travel about His ministry assisting other, talking with authorization, and being in personal touch with people. The significance of the miracle shows in the consequence that it produced. This is the first miracle Jesus did at Cana of Galilee and manifested his glorification. This marks promoted there believe and it was beforehand measure beyond the ground to believe. The persons had seen the admirations with their physical eyes and they were able to portray the individual of Jesus and pull a decision that a superior being was among them who has proof his claims by His title of compassion and domination.

The healing of the Nobleman`s boy ( John 4:46-54 ) . This is unbelievable power demonstrated by mending the Nobleman`s boy who was at great distance. Jesus proves himself the maestro of infinite and distance. This was a mark to all people that Jesus is non merely a mere adult male but Godhead. This miracle enables the religion of the baronial adult male and his household to turn. The sort of religion that prompted the Lord to show such action was the cognition of information gather from people gave him hope to believe that Jesus is capable of managing such crisis. The ability and faith the Lord put to work and the assurance of his words to Jesus it shows the daring of his trust that Jesus is the lone replies to such instance ; “Sir, come down ere my kid die” . This is a noteworthy petition without any reliable enquiry sing his personality, and whatsoever that is running in his head must be a positive outlook. When Jesus gave him a simple answer ; “Go thy manner ; thy boy liveth” , his response shows as he believe in his head received his outlook. And the intent of John Gospel is for people to believe in Christ deity. The Bibles proofs that the nobleman addition in religion that led him committed himself and his family wholeheartedly to Jesus. This is really of import to the Gospel of believe as Tenney`s describe the contrast of believe and obey in ( John3:36 ) in specifying the former term. Belief is obeisance to the vocalization of God ; noncompliance is unbelief. Merely precisely what the Lord did. Believe is therefore defined as committedness to authorization instead than a inactive sentiment.

The healing of impotent Man ( John 5:1-9 ) . Jesus immediately cures a adult male afflicted with disease of 38 old ages. This demonstrated power over clip. The status of the impotent adult male was already overwhelmed with depression of illness and from physical standing point. His psychological logical thinking was already affected and resigned to his destiny and had accepted the inevitable. Apostle John regards this illness as outstanding event which Jesus did to open the religious eyes and interior adult male of the people to believe Jesus Christ had arrived the Jesus of life, the freedom giver no affair sorts of catastrophe or catastrophe, his present is the instant solution to the affair. This is important to John Gospel. Thirty-eight old ages of illness was challenge by Jesus inquiring him inquiry, “Do you want to acquire good? ” I believe the inquiry might look foolish to the impotent adult male. But who is he or she would wish to stay ill? But the outlook of the impotent adult male was person needed to assist him into the pool when the H2O bubbled in other to accomplish the marvelous powers. From Jesus close scrutiny, His appraisal shows that the impotent adult male was bound by his fortunes and could non lift higher than unpointed ailment. But Christ shows compassion on those who are incapacitated and been reduced both in organic structure, hope, religion, and in spirit. The authorization of Jesus and the bid over the illness conveying an instant turning around over his weakness in organic structure, hope, religion and spirit. Jesus said, “Rise take up thy bed, and walk. And instantly the adult male was made whole and walked. This is unusual miracles that brought a new faces into the Gospel of believe.

The eating of the Five 1000 ( John 6:1-4 ) . Jesus proves himself to be the maestro of measure by multiplying the five loaves and two little fishes of one male child ‘s tiffin to feed five 1000s work forces besides adult females and kids. This is unbelievable circumstance beyond human outlook, even though the adherents who have being with him who had informants several miracles can non still confidently succumbed to the state of affairs even though the maestro is within them with the manner they concluding and their imaginativeness. But Jesus Christ who is the maestro of measure cogent evidence beyond the reactions of the adherents. The high quality of Jesus overrules the sorts of educational cognition which apply in the context of their computation by Philip as statistical pessimist and Andrew who was clever optimist. These could still non assist the state of affairs. The marvelous generations by the manus of Jesus in interrupting the staff of life and angle into comestible fragments is call the work of a mark and the prophetic of Jesus` sufficiency in the thick of lack, and of His ability to do sacred meagerness satisfy the demand of the starvation. The astonishing things the audience reaction is to do Jesus their male monarch, the christ which is the chief subject and the significance of John Gospel.

The walking on the H2O ( John 6:16-21 ) . The nazarene shows power over nature. This is unbelievable event that created fright to Jesus Christ adherents. The event has a important significance to the adherents why they have the thoughts of the conditions, this made them to sail before Jesus came, and they could non afford to take hazard. I could non conceive of how they expected Jesus to fall in them if they eventually cross over. I believe The nazarene allowed this to go on to them so that they can understand his divinity and power over nature. Besides Jesus expected them to move in their religion as they saw him nearing them alternatively they were afraid. Faith is a mentality that expects God to move when we act upon this outlook, we can get the better of our frights. John saw this miracle as a unbelievable event that proof Christ authorization over nature, that is why himself included it in his Gospel of believe.

The healing of the Man Born Blind ( John 9:1-12 ) . Jesus anointing a blind adult male since his birth with clay and he received his sight by obedient. This is power over catastrophe or bad luck. In some of the miracles Jesus did as recorded in John`s Gospel, illness were influenced by the operation of evil forces in the universe. Sin and evil caused disease was seen as portion of the entire fallenness of God`s creative activity. John declares in his Gospel of believe that people could be set free from the domination of wickedness over lives non merely in footings of any incorrect making that person might committed. If the healing miracles show Jesus let go ofing single people from the power of wickedness, the nature miracles show Jesus making the same for the whole of creative activity. This is to turn out that Jesus has power over the power of wickedness that lead to sickness that is He is the life giver, the giver of ageless life to them that believe in him.

The Raising of Lazarus ( John 11:1-46 ) . This miracle shows Jesus was the maestro of decease. His transcended control over dead is unimpeachably. It was the last tremendous miracle Jesus did and recorded in John Gospel. Jesus cogent evidence of his claim to be the Resurrection and the life. Since mark and miracles are symbolic significance to the Gospel of believe, John draw out this last event as the stopping point up command among the mark recorded in his written. The dissection of belief and disbelief which had already become obvious in the crowd became predetermined after the miracle. Jesus gave a new reading of the event that cause, if John the Baptist did vaticinate what Jesus is traveling to make and people witness that: “but all things whatsoever John radius of this adult male were true” ( John 10:14 ) . The opportunity for mark on John`s prophesies and Jesus workss was a powerful factor in making belief.

The mark were arranged chronologically every bit good as the effects of each mark in Tenney`s diagram. These marks were of import to understand Christ high quality over the factors of life with which homo is unable to manage. The event of marks revealed the cogent evidence of his divinity and key to understand the intent of ageless life as Christ is both ageless and human. However, the intents of these marks are for the individual to believe in God every bit good as Jesus is the boy of God that they may hold life in his name ( Zoe Grk ) as it is carefully defined by Jesus in ( John17:3 ) .

The significance of the marks was besides addressed in James Montgomery Boice book. He said the intent of the marks is to convey Christian to the absolute confidence of their redemption. Furthermore, his intent is to take these to faith which prove that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that by believing they may hold life in his name.

Another strategic intent why the marks are of import to understand John Gospel was explicit in John Drane book. He explained the miracles did by Jesus was non for his personal addition, instead for the glorification of God which He shared as God`s Son ( John 1:14 ) . The same capable happens in other miracles where Jesus requires praise to be given to God and non to himself ( John 11:4 ) . Furthermore, he light the presentation of God`s power by miracles to do known those who witnessed them would recognize that the land had arrived with the coming of Jesus. In his farther account, he said the miracles non merely proclaim the visual aspect of the land merely but explained some factual facts which are grouped into three subdivisions ; each of these expresses a different facet of Jesus event. They declare the significance of the land for persons, for the universe as a whole, and its hereafter effects and consummation.

Wenham & A ; Walton besides expressed the intent of believe and the important to understand John Gospel in the position of marks. John depict the primary grounds of selected miracles revealed who Jesus is and ground to believe in him. Therefore, revealed His glorification and his adherents believed in him. The glorification is the godly glorification of the lone boy of God ; the miracles are the plants of God which should take to faith ( John 2:11 ; 1:14 ; 10: 25 ) . The kernel of miracles is to see Jesus as God over all and non merely to admitted him every bit Just Man but the really unseeable God in the flesh who have the capacity to salvage the whole creative activity as John who is the eyes informant had showing him in his Gospel of believe.

John Macarthur made profound statements in his book sing the use of the fulfilling of the Bibles where an writer is seeking to turn out Jesus made up the fulfillment of the Bibles, He said, “a mere adult male seeking to misdirect people could non hold had the sort of crowned head control over events Jesus repeatedly displayed” . The seven marks which depict the sovereignty of Jesus over the creative activity set up the importance and the ground why John Gospel should be understood.


Many other marks accordingly did Jesus which is non written harmonizing to John Gospel, but these are written that ye may believe that Jesus is Christ, the Son of God ; and believe that ye may hold life in his name. In the marks appears the disclosure of God ; in belief, the reaction that they ought to arouse ; in life, the consequence that belief brings. This statement incorporates the application of the whole Gospel.

The text John used in ( John 20:30-32 ) explain more hints to an apprehension of the content of the Gospel. The intent of John Gospel and selected marks is to uncover who Jesus is, His sovereignty over all creative activity and christ of humanity.

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