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The Study of the Old Testament: Geography and History Essay Example
493 words 2 pages

Many scholars agree that to fully comprehend a text as historical and geographically diverse as the Bible, one must have some knowledge of history and geography. History is the key when reading the Bible. For example, one must understand that although Abraham and Saint Peter are both included in texts in the Bible, they lived […]

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Bible History Old Testament
Sin in the Old Testament Essay Example
899 words 4 pages

Sin is a topic that was given special attention in the Old Testament times. This is because the entry of sin into the world through Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden changed the course of religious history for ever. At one point God Himself reckons that He was grieved by the fact that […]

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Adam And Eve Old Testament Sin
An Overview Of The Book Of Ruth Theology Religion Essay Example
2605 words 10 pages

The Bible contains inspiring constructs and revealing truths. The Old Testament points to Jesus in the New Testament and also includes fundamental philosophies found in the New Testament. Therefore, words like kindness, fidelity, and clemency have their origins in the Hebrew Bible. Hesed, a Hebrew word with a wide range of significance, is captivating and […]

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Bible Books God Old Testament Theology
Historical Practice Of Silence And Solitude Theology Religion Essay Example
1404 words 6 pages

In the scriptural text silence and purdah are observed by multiple? many monumental workforces in the Bible. In the Old Testament, Moses and David ( arguably two of the greatest workforces in the Old Testament ) were both shepherds who had their character “ altered by old ages of being virtually isolation isolated in the […]

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Bible Old Testament Silence Theology
The prophets of the Old Testament Essay Example
1376 words 6 pages

“The Prophetss of Old Testament wrote their divine messages from God based on a clear apprehension of his function as creator.” Discuss From the beginning of mankind’s history, God has been pass oning with human existences of all time since He created Adam and Eve. God revealed Himself as the Creator of all things. Noting […]

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Bible God Old Testament
Interpretation Of The Seventy Weeks Theology Religion Essay Example
3671 words 14 pages

What does this prognostication have to make with the New Testament? Jesus Christ decidedly declared that the Old Testament Scriptures contained prognostications he would carry through. Biblical bookmen have cataloged more than three hundred astonishing prognostications that find precise fulfillment in the life and labor of the Son of God. One of these prognostications is […]

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Bible Interpretation Jesus Christ Old Testament Theology
Biblical Words Related To Counseling Theology Religion Essay Example
1583 words 6 pages

A Biblical Word Study provides counsellors with a deeper apprehension of the constructs, tools, and techniques of reding. This understanding promotes religious and psychological integrity, supplying a model for the client to accomplish his or her ends. A Word Study is an engaging and thoughtful procedure necessitating both critical and originative thought. Taking words normally […]

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Bible Counseling New Testament Old Testament Theology
Christianity And Judaism Essay Example
55 words 1 page

Christianity and Judaism, despite originating at different times, are closely connected and have gained widespread popularity. Throughout centuries, both religions have been passionately followed because of their shared beliefs, laws, deities, major works, and the path to salvation they provide. Even in the present day, these influential religions continue to be practiced worldwide.

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Christianity Judaism Old Testament
The Book of Malachi Essay Example
1127 words 5 pages

The following scripture that the student is studying is the prophetic book of Malachi in the Old Testament. It is the last book of the Old Testament and the last of the Minor Prophets. The intent of this student is to show that God loves through sin and through ones’ honest love and enduring obedience […]

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Books Employment Old Testament
Canonization of scriptures Essay Example
1125 words 5 pages

The ancient world was not the world of railways, airplanes and radio; it greatly differed from nowadays. Today’s trip in few hours could take months and, even, years. The earliest collections of the Bible were incomplete and a tiresome work of scribes could not cover the needs of citizens. Moreover, the sacred scriptures had to […]

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Pool of Shiloam Excavation Report Essay Example
1182 words 5 pages

This report is to give information on the excavations of the Pool of Siloam and how it relates to the Bible. The Pool of Siloam is an important site as it helps to prove the New Testament story of the healing of the blind man in Jesus’ time at this pool. It is a historical […]

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Bible Old Testament Science
Prayer of Jabez Essay Example
1420 words 6 pages

Prayer is one subject that every serious Christian holds very important in their spiritual lives. Through it, a child of God talks to his/her Father in heaven. It is a means of communication to God as prescribed in the Bible. Thus, given the importance of it in the minds of Christians in general, it’s not […]

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