According to Harmon et al., (2016) nursing and healthcare departments have been continuously changing. This is majorly because nursing is a profession that is in a continuous process of evolution. This brings the need for a comprehensive understanding, experience in the care management, quality control methodologies and the conceptualized responsibilities of nurses. Nursing education is always focused on providing a platform for lifelong learning and the provision of opportunities that would enable one to proceed to advanced programs. I will be discussed some of the current trends in nursing that are likely to influence curriculum.

Transition to informatics, incorporation of informatics into the healthcare systems has always been a challenge to the older nurses who acquired their certificates a long time ago. This has been the case because during those days informatics was not part of the degree or diploma programs in colleges. With the incorporation of complex devices like telehealth equipment, portable monitors, wearable devices, new apps, new robotic equipment etc. creates a need for one to have a proper understanding of their functionality. Also, as a future nurse educator it is our duty to teach new technology to ours students and also incorporate simulation lab for practice so that are future nurses have the necessary knowledge and skills to competently practice nursing in our evolving healthcare system.

Similarly, digital medical records have been incorporated to streamline the access and storage of data in healthcare facilities. It is important to acknowledge that not every nurse has computer literacy skills which are essential in proper utilization of such informatics. It is therefore important for schools to incorporate the desired changes to enhance knowledge in nursing students (Peltonen et al., 2016).

The increased number of an aging population: a good number of populations in the United States comprises of “baby boomers”. As time goes, there is an increase in the number of the aging population. This translates to an increased number of aged patients. Aged people have always been associated with complex health issues. Nurses should be trained to competently deal with these patients. They should be provided with platforms that enable them to be adept at providing care for the aged population. This will curb the current problem most of the facilities are facing with a day-to-day increased number of patients with different health problems (Roux and Gayle 2017).


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Popular Questions About Nursing

Why is nursing considered a profession?
The nursing profession is a career in which one has the opportunity to give care to others in need, share health information with others to help them live better lives, and grow professionally in almost any way one can dream possible. Whether one is interested in research, bedside nursing, or advanced practice,
What does it take to become a nurse?
To become a registered nurse (RN), you’ll need a minimum of an associate degree, which typically takes two years to complete, followed by passing the NCLEX. Others chose to earn a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) to become an RN.
How long does it take to become a nurse?
Below is a breakdown of how long nursing school takes, on average, for each career path: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): About 1.5 years in practical nursing school. Registered Nurse (RN): About 2 years in nursing school. Registered Nurse with a BSN Degree: About 4 years in nursing school. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN): About 6-8 years in nursing school.
What colleges offer nursing programs?
Here are the best colleges with a Nursing MajorAbilene Christian University. Abilene Christian University is a Texas institution affiliated with the Churches of Christ. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Adelphi University. Alaska Pacific University. Albany State University. Alcorn State University. Alderson Broaddus University. Allen College. Alma College. Alvernia University.
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