The Understanding Of Stewardship Theology Religion Essay Example
The Understanding Of Stewardship Theology Religion Essay Example

The Understanding Of Stewardship Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 26, 2017
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From a Christian point of view the word, Stewardship, merely means to pull off person elses belongings or properties. Psalm 24:1 `` The Earth is the LORDS, and the fulness thereof ; the universe, and they that dwell in this '' intending that everything belongs to God. Stewards are directors of belongings that belongs to God. Since everything belongs to God, people need to hold the attitude and position that whatever they have is God 's. This includes all the material things that they possess are God 's, including their organic structures and religious gifts, belongs to Him. In other words all that they have, they lease from God, their belongings, money, relationships, endowments, clip, and even their lives is on rental from God. That means all that they have and become is no


n theirs, it belong to God. The responsibility and duty of a Christian is to larn how to go responsible stewards of all the Lord 's resources that are entrusted into his attention. The Christian life as a steward is modeled after the life of Jesus. It is a challenge and in many respects hard, to those who take the hazard to populate as Christian stewards, intense joy and peace ever follows their actions, which is a great wages.

It is a life style, a life of entire answerability and duty. It is the acknowledging of God as the Creator and Owner of all. Christian Stewards see themselves as the caretakers of all Gods ' gifts. Gratitude for these many gifts is expressed in supplication, worship, offering and action. Stewardship is a manner of life. It is a manner of thanking God fo

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all our approvals by returning to God a part of the many gifts ( everything we have, for case, our clip, endowment and hoarded wealth ) that we have been given. It involves the knowing, planned and proportionate giving of all we have. Finally, stewardship encourages everyone to take part in the undertaking of constructing the Kingdom of God. When we explain that God has given each of us certain things, that these gifts are our duty to care for, and that we are accountable for what we do with these gifts, so there is no uncertainty that everyone should be involved. Stewardship rejects the impression that we must `` hold it all '' and alternatively, demonstrates the value of giving in love, in service and in justness. Stewardship is based on the religious rules of the Old Testament and the instructions of Jesus Christ.

`` Stewardship is a contemplation of our religious status! We should ne'er divide money and fundss from our religious life. The differentiation that the material universe is non for the Christian is an old unorthodoxy called Gnosticism. The material universe is God 's excessively, and we are the stewards, the caretakers, of itaˆ¦ . All the countries in our life of work, larning, relationships, religious gifts, and resources will come through our obeisance or our laziness-to God 's glorification or to waste. ''

Think about this, does God necessitate anyone to be stewards? Does God necessitate person to manage the things of the universe, is n't He more than capable of making that Himself? If it was of import to God to take attention of concern and acquiring things done, certainly He

would make better occupation of it Himself, alternatively of swearing iniquitous, fallen, foolish human existences who has failed Him before.

If God chooses to utilize people, so it must delight Him for them to be involved in His program and aim which reveals His glorification. Working alongside of Him must convey a greater glorification to God, than if He did everything without the aid of adult male. So how does stewardship convey God glorification? When they realize their dependance on God, the undertaking that matters to God now matters to them. As they wrestle with the issues that deal with stewardship, they grow more like Christ. `` The Bible refers to stewards as retainers and, in some interlingual renditions, slaves. But make no error being a steward was a place of prestigiousness. Stewards were respected and trusted by their Masterss. They were given great authorization and power. Think of the first stewards: Adam and Eve. In Genesis 1:28, God gives them rule over the Earth and everything on it. ''

When God evaluates their stewardship, He does it on the rudimentss of how good of a occupation they are making pull offing a few things with God 's end in head instead than their ain. Based on God 's rating, He decides to spread out their duty in pull offing His personal businesss or diminish them and give those personal businesss to person else to pull off for Him. When God sees person pull offing with their ain docket in head, God could take to keep back any farther duty from them. This could intend that God will prorogue any hereafter approval that He has for them

or keep back them for good.

When one looks at God, they should look at Him as the ultimate individual parent. Here 's why. Most parents are good parents that love their kids with all their bosom. When a kid is obedient to the parent, the parent will travel above and beyond in supplying non merely the kid 's demand, besides some of the kid desires every bit good. This is what God does every bit good for those that obey Him. When they are obedient to God, He will continuously bless them beyond their basic demands. Parents love seeing their kid do good in all the things they do, and when they do good the kid is praised for a occupation good done, either by words or gifts. Peoples love hearing person stating them they done a good occupation and praise them for the work they 've done.

Jesus explains the fable of the endowments and compares it to heaven, when explicating it excessively his adherents in Matthew 25, `` For the land of Eden is like a adult male going to a far state, who called his ain retainers and delivered his goods to them '' ( Mt 25:14 ) . Here the maestro picks out three of his retainers and gives them endowments to put while he gone. The figure of endowment that the maestro gives each of them depends on their ability. This is determined by the maestro because he has watched them and they have proved to him how faithful they are with the things that they are already in charge of. From there he give one five endowments, another two endowments

and the last retainer merely one endowment. The maestro so leaves on his journey. After a long journey, the maestro returns and calls the retainers to him to give an history of how they handled what he had left them. Two of the retainers did good with what their maestro had given them ; Matt 25:21 `` His Godhead said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful retainer: 1000 hast been faithful over a few things, I will do thee swayer over many things: enter 1000 into the joy of thy Godhead. '' But the history of the 1 that received the one endowment was, he went and dug a hole and conceal the money in the land and told the maestro, `` Lord, I knew thee that thou art an difficult adult male, harvesting where 1000 hast non sown, and garnering where 1000 hast non strawed: And I was afraid, and went and conceal thy endowment in the Earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine '' ( Mt 25:24-25 ) .

This adult male 's actions angered his maestro so much that he called him wicked and lazy ; `` The maestro answered, You are a wicked and lazy retainer! You say you knew that I harvest things I did non works and that I gather harvests where I did non seed any seed. So you should hold put my gold in the bank. Then, when I came place, I would hold received my gold back with involvement '' ( Mt 25:26-27 ) . Why was the maestro so hard on this servant naming him wicked and lazy? He gave them all an

addition above what they already had ; two of the retainers brought something to their maestro in return of what he placed them over. While one did nil with what he was given and had nil to give to his maestro. Jesus besides explains the consequence of disobedient to one that does non manage decently what God has given him ; the wicked retainer was casted into outer darkness for non being a good steward over what his maestro had given him. Here is the point of the parable ; there is an ultimate answerability unto God as to how the usage of their stewardship is exercise. They are non free to pass, put or stash God 's money as they please. As a steward everything must be done to laud God and holding the world of cognizing that one twenty-four hours they will give an history of their stewardship at the judgment place of Christ.

The Lord uses another parable in Luke 16:10, 11 which provinces, `` He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful besides in much: and he that is unfair in the least is unfair besides in much. If hence ye have non been faithful in the unrighteous mammon who will perpetrate to your trust the true wealths? '' Many people ask for an addition in their fundss, but how can God swear them with something of a greater value when they ca n't be trusted with that of a lesser value. The Lord asked this inquiry in Luke 16:12 `` And if you can non be trusted with things that belong to person else, who will give you

things of your ain? '' Merely like the three retainers who received the endowments, they were each given no more than they could manage, two of them used it sagely and one foolishly.

To be a good steward, fidelity is required. 1Corinthians 4:2 `` Furthermore it is required in stewards, that a adult male be found faithful. '' How will you handle what God has placed you over, merely you and God knows. The true trial of their religion is how good they attend to the personal businesss that God has given them. So, if they 're looking to gull God and others in to believing that they 're go toing to the personal businesss that God given them with the highest degree of trust and they 're truly non. Then they are merely gulling themselves, because God knows their every move before they take it. They are held really accountable to God, `` So so every one of us shall give history of himself to God '' ( Romans 14:12 ) . They are told that Jesus wants them that are given assets to utilize them sagely.

Faithfulness was required of Abraham when God told him to take his lone boy, the 1 that he loves the most and offer him up as a forfeit unto God. Abraham 's religion as a steward was in God. Abraham realized that Isaac was his boy, yet he belonged to God. As Abraham headed toward the mountain to give his boy unto God, he knew that God would supply another forfeit alternatively of his boy Isaac. When Isaac pointed out that they had wood and the fire but no

lamb, Abraham replied, `` God will supply. '' Abraham was prepared to travel all the manner and give his boy to God. Because of Abraham fidelity, God provided a random-access memory that was caught in a shrub for a forfeit alternatively of Isaac. Faithfulness was required and fidelity is what Abraham showed to God. As stewards, all must retrieve the promises that they have made to the Lord and they must maintain those promises no affair how hard they are to maintain.

Stewardship is non garnering as many material things that they can, merely to state expression at what they have. Jesus spoke of a rich adult male in Luke 12:17-21 about how the land brought Forth bountifully and he had to calculate out what to make with his abundant of harvests. The rich adult male began to chew over within himself, where will he maintain all of his goods? After make up one's minding to rupture down his old barns and construct greater 1s that will be able to keep all his goods, he felt that he could loosen up, eat and drink, and have a good clip. ( Luke 12:20, 21 ) `` But God said unto him, Thou sap, this dark thy psyche shall be required of thee: so whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided? So is he that layeth up hoarded wealth for himself, and is non rich toward God. ''

In order for them to a faithful steward to God, they must follow rules that help them to make things that are delighting to God. There are several rules that pertain to Stewardship that can be listed and applied

to their life, but merely a few will be listed or discussed.

Five Biblical Stewardship Principles

God owns everything. When using stewardship rules and to truly honor God, one must understand where everything comes from. When you look at Genesis 1:1, it clearly points to God having everything ; `` In the beginning God created the Eden and the Earth. '' Everything that adult male uses comes from the Earth and his cognition comes from God ; `` And God said, Let us do adult male in our image, after our similitude '' ( Gen. 1:26 ) . Even the cognition and wisdom we have comes from God. Everything belongs to God.

Stewards are to pull off God 's resources. God has provided them with all of the resources that they have ; their clip, wealth, ownerships, and cognition. These resources are God 's gift to them, which has been entrusted to them by God. God has given them their life and life 's resources to be directors or stewards over. All that God has entrusted them with is to be used to honour and laud God. God has gracefully placed within their attention, everything He owns and as God 's stewards ; they are responsible for pull offing what is His, harmonizing to God 's desires and intents. In order to be echt stewards of Christ, ownership of our ownerships must reassign to the Lord. They must allow travel of all claims to ownership of all that they have.

Stewards are to be faithful with what God has given. `` Furthermore it is required in stewards, that a adult male be found faithful '' ( 1 Cor. 4:2

) . `` The duty of the steward is to be faithful to his maestro. A steward may non delight the members of the family ; he may non flush delight some of the other retainers ; but if he pleases his ain maestro, he is a good steward. ''

Our giving belongs to God. How one gives is an look of their thankfulness and love to God as their Godhead, Savior, and faithful Provider. God watches each clip they give and evaluate their giving based on their attitude. `` Every adult male harmonizing as he purposeth in his bosom, so allow him give ; non grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. '' ( 2 Co 9:7 ) . On one juncture Jesus ticker as a widow casted two touchs into the temple exchequer, He so reminded His adherents that their attitude is more of import than the sum that is placed into the hoarded wealth. Jesus looks past the sum that is given and looks at the bosom of the giver.

Stewardship brings about wagess. The steward longs to hear the Lord say, `` Well done, thou good and faithful retainer: 1000 hast been faithful over a few things, I will do thee swayer over many things: enter 1000 into the joy of thy Godhead '' ( Matt.25:21 ) . Everything is of import to God ; `` It is possible that the one-talent adult male thought that his one endowment was non truly really of import. He did non hold five endowments, or even two. Why worry about one? Because he was appointed as a steward by the Lord. Were it

non for the one-talent people in our universe, really small would acquire accomplished. His one endowment could hold increased to two and brought glorification to his maestro. '' When looking at the fable of the endowments, it 's of import non to believe that ; I merely got one endowment, I 'm non of import. What God entrust them with is really of import and it 's of import to Him. As with the widow adult females that cast in the exchequer her two touchs, found her a topographic point in Biblical history because of her obeisance.

God shows Himself to all continuously as Godhead and proprietor of everything. Why do people seek to keep onto everything that is placed in their attention as their ain? They try to keep onto the money that is placed in their attention, clip which is besides placed in their attention, and all the things which they have. What else do adult male necessitate to see, to recognize that nil belong to him, non even his ain life? ( 1Corithians 6:19, 20 ) `` aˆ¦ye are non your ain. For ye are bought with a monetary value: therefore glorify God in your organic structure, and in your spirit, which are God. '' People merely possess what they own merely for a short clip, and so it belongs to person else. One author put it this manner, showing what adult male owned.

`` One of the cardinal rules I want to acquire across to you is the difference in what we have, and what God has. We fundamentally have nil ; we own nil, we earn nil, we gain nil. God is

the true proprietor of all things ; He is the One who owns it all. See this. When you die, will at that place be a dawdler with all of your material following you to the pearly Gatess? The reply is, no! After all, your ageless wages is far, immensely superior to what you have here. ''

Chapter VIII

Duty Of The Steward/Servant

What is a Steward and what is their duty? A steward, sometimes called a retainer or slave is an person who oversees another 's belongings or fiscal activities ; one who administers anything as the agent of another or others, which is non his ain. This means that everyone is a steward to God, because God is leting them to pull off His belongings. Everything belongs to God. Ps 24:1 `` The Earth is the LORD 'S, and the fulness thereof ; the universe, and they that dwell in this. '' God claims ownership over everything and everyone. God entrusts them with everything that can be owned, all belongings or estates, houses, autos, and anything that they can physically set their custodies on, all belongs to God. Even their kids belongs to God, they 're a gift from God to them. Not merely merely the physical things but religious things besides. God has given wisdom to all of them that asks God. Their cognition is from God and has nil to make with their survey wonts or larning ability, it all comes from God. God has given everyone the desire, strength, wisdom, cognition, and sound of head ; they could make nil and would be nil without Him.

The duties of a steward are many. First,

the steward must be accountable for his maestro 's sphere. Second, the steward must be available to their maestro when they 're needed. Third, the steward desires to cognize the will of his maestro and is dying to carry through each and every petition. Four, the steward is wholly committed to his maestro and has no job confirming their committedness to his maestro. Fifth, the steward is in understanding with his maestro 's command in the fulfilment of his maestro 's will. Finally, the steward attributes congratulations to his maestro in all histories with illustriousness. A steward volitionally places their will last and topographic points everyone else before his and their wages is when their maestro is pleased, and so they are pleased.

In the Old Testament many illustrations are given to those that were trusted steward. Eliezer was the sure steward of Abraham. Eliezer would hold been Abraham 's inheritor in the topographic point of a boy. ( Gen15:2 ) Eliezer most probably represented Abraham in all the traffics of Abraham. In Gen. 24 ; depict how Abraham trusts Eliezer with the undertaking of happening a married woman for his boy Isaac. One can see that Eliezer is 'accountable ' in verse 2 `` And Abraham said unto his eldest retainer of his house, that ruled over all that he had. '' Eliezer shows how he is 'available ' to his maestro when he needs him, verse 4 `` travel unto my state, and to my kindred, and take a married woman unto my boy Isaac. '' Eliezer was 'anxious ' to cognize the will of his maestro and if there were any farther instructions

for him to follow, as stated in poetries 5-8.

Verse 9 shows his 'commitment ' to Abraham as he takes an curse to this affair. Eliezer is in 'agreement ' to the will of his maestro and in poetries 12-14 he prays to God for grace and counsel for carry throughing his maestro 's will. And eventually he 'attributes congratulations ' to his maestro, Abraham in poetry 35 after God answers his supplication. The servant knew how to swear in the leading of the Lord. Once Eliezer knew what God 's will was, he did non waste clip, but hastened to execute the undertaking that he was given. The cordial reception of Abraham kindred was delicious and much appreciated, but he had to carry through the undertaking for his maestro and everything else could wait. After Eliezer returned place and the undertaking was complete, he reported to his maestro allowing him cognize what he was commissioned to make, was now complete.

Jacob was another steward that is talked about in the Old Testament. Jacob managed his Uncle Laban 's flocks and herds for twenty-one old ages. In malice of being cheated by his uncle he remained faithful to him until it was clip for him to return place. Joseph was another steward who besides took charge of his maestro 's sphere. Joseph was sold into bondage by his brothers and one would believe that this would hold made Joseph acrimonious toward his brothers and people in general, but it did n't. Joseph continued to function to Lord, and for his fidelity God blessed him. Genesis 39: 4-6 Tells us that Joseph was made superintendent over the house

of Potiphar and so over all of Egypt.

And Joseph found grace in his sight, and he served him: and he made him overseer over his house, and all that he had he put into his manus. And it came to go through from the clip that he had made him overseer in his house, and over all that he had, that the LORD blessed the Egyptian 's house for Joseph 's interest ; and the approval of the LORD was upon all that he had in the house, and in the field. And he left all that he had in Joseph 's manus ; and he knew non ought he had, salvage the staff of life which he did eat. And Joseph was a goodish individual, and good favoured.

A steward knows precisely what he is placed over, and he that is true to his maestro and will non touch what is non his. `` And it came to go through after these things, that his maestro 's married woman cast her eyes upon Joseph ; and she said, Lie with me. '' Joseph could hold gotten away with kiping with his maestro 's married woman. The effects for a few minutes of pleasance would stalk Joseph for the remainder of his life. Joseph would hold defiled himself, and possible that God would hold turned from Joseph for such a great wickedness. `` But he refused, and said unto his maestro 's married woman, Behold, my maestro wotteth non what is with me in the house, and he hath committed all that he hath to my manus ; There is none greater in this house than

I ; neither hath he kept back anything from me but thee, because thou art his married woman: how so can I make this great evil, and wickedness against God? '' ( Genesis 39:7-9 ) . Joseph recognized the control that his maestro had given him, and he aimed to delight his maestro by making his will and non his ain.

How does the duty of a steward of Old Testament clip relate with one of today times as a Christian steward? Well, for starting motors, they have n't changed. Why, because God is still God and the proprietor of everything. See these poetries ;

Leviticus 25:23: `` The Land is Mine. ''

Psalm 24:1: `` The Earth is the Lord 's. ''

Psalm 50:10: `` For every animal of the wood is Mine. ''

Haggai 18:4: `` The Ag is Mine, and the gold is Mine. ''

Ezekiel 18:4: `` All psyches are Mine. ''

1Corinthians 6:19-20: `` Ye are non you ownaˆ¦ ye are bought with a monetary value. '' This poetry here is the lone one used from the New Testament, but it says it all. Everything including mankind belongs to God. And if God owns us, so God 's will must be put foremost and our last.

Jesus used the same construct of stewardship in His fables. In the fable of the labourers recorded in Matthew 20, the proprietor of the vinery puts his steward in charge of the labourers, stating him to pay the workers whatever they have earned. The steward manages the labourers on behalf of his maestro. Jesus used the same construct when He assigned duties to His adherents, in Luke 12:42 `` And the Lord

said, Who so is that faithful and wise steward, whom his Godhead shall do swayer over his family, to give them their part of meat in due season? ''

God has placed adult male over His resources and given him the undertaking as superintendents. Merely as the maestro of the retainers in Matthew 25:24, who called them together to give an history of what they had done with what he had given them. Everyone will hold to give an history of what God has placed in their custodies. Romans 14:12 `` So so every one of us shall give history of himself to God. '' When the clip comes to stand before God, to give an history of our workss, He will non be looking to hear alibis. The wicked retainer tried to give his maestro an alibi ; `` Then he which had received the one endowment came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an difficult adult male, harvesting where 1000 hast non sown, and garnering where 1000 hast non strawed: And I was afraid, and went and conceal thy endowment in the Earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine. ''

If he knew him, so he knew how he would respond when he had done nil with the endowment he was given. If one knows God, so he knows how God will respond if he does n't manage what He has given him decently. If God has n't changed His function as God, so adult male 's function as stewards has n't changed either. You as trusters are different from the universe and should non desire what the universe wants. The

universe is seeking money, celebrity and rubrics before and after their names. For person to be a good steward he must alter his whole manner of thought. `` Let this head be in you, which was besides in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the signifier of God, thought it non robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no repute, and took upon him the signifier of a retainer, and was made in the similitude of work forces '' ( Phil. 2:5-7 ) . The name Steward, Slave and Servant all have the same significance. Strive to obtain the greatest rubric in the Kingdom of God, be called a Servant of God.

In the United States of America the highest rubric one can keep is President of the United States. In concern President or CEO, in instruction PhD are titles that people strive to accomplish. A title Lashkar-e-Taiba people know who they are or the place they hold. In the eyes of the universe, for one to be called a retainer or steward is placed at the bottom ranks of place. He 's non even worthy of a conversation, because they is a retainer. For some the idea of functioning person, is an act that is considered to be beneath them. This should non be the attitude of Christians.

As a Christian their attitude should be, how can I better service you? Yes, without Christ, it is difficult to be low, it 's difficult to love those who hate you, and without Christ, there is no joy, remainder or peace. Without Christ, a servant attitude will non and can non be seen. Christians accept the

rubric of being called a sheep, because sheep are mild and low. Those are the good things people like about sheep. Sheep are besides a dense animate being, they 're awful and smelly non to advert lazy. But they do non desire to be called a retainer or a ointment, that 's unusual, because retainer is used in the Bible more frequently to mention to God 's people than sheep. Possibly people do n't wish being called a retainer because is a rubric that refers to action. If they 're non functioning God, so they can non name themselves a retainer of God.

Paul says `` allow this head be in you, which was besides in Christ Jesus. '' The head of Christ was a head of love and family of the Spirit, a head of clemency, a head of joy, a head of humbleness, non making anything to raise himself up but puting others before Him. In the church most people think that the curate is the 1 that should be the lone Servant to God, and think that he is to transport the whole burden by himself. Paul is stating the church, it non the duty for merely one person, it 's of import for the church to hold a submissive head to God. Jesus head was ever on delighting the Father, His will was the will of the Father. When one submit to the will of the Father, he so bear the resemblance of Christ 's life, as a retainer.

The key to altering their mentality and manner of thought is given by Jesus when he spoke to his adherents ; `` Then said

Jesus unto his adherents, If any adult male will come after me, allow him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will salvage his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my interest shall happen it '' ( Mt.16:24, 25 ) .

To keep the rubric of Servant 1 must deny himself daily. Think about the public assistance of others foremost. This is what Christ done for everyone. Jesus did non believe of Himself, He thought of others. His mentality ( or attitude ) was that of unselfish concern for others. This is `` the head of Christ, '' an attitude that says, `` I can non maintain my privileges for myself, I must utilize them for others ; and to make this, I will lief put them aside and pay whatever monetary value is necessary. ''

Listen to the head of Satan in the manner that he thinks, compared to the manner Jesus thinks. Many believe that the autumn of Lucifer is a description of the autumn of Satan. `` He one time was the highest of the beatific existences, near to the throne of God '' ( Ezek. 28:11-19 ) , but he had a desire to be sitting on the throne of God. Lucifer said, `` I will! '' but Jesus said, `` Thy will. '' Lucifer was non satisfied with being a animal made by the Creator ; he wanted to be the Creator! Jesus was the Creator, yet He volitionally became adult male. Christ 's humbleness is a reproof to Satan 's pride. When adult male places his will over the will of

God, There 's a opportunity he is puting himself up to fall. Man must humble his head. Let God 's will be done. Jesus came to be a servant to demo them how of import servitude is, `` But made himself of no repute, and took upon him the signifier of a retainer, and was made in the similitude of work forces '' ( Phil2:7 ) . Christ head was ever on others and non on Himself. He stepped down from His thrown in Eden as God and took on the signifier of adult male. Not as a adult male of royalty but, as a retainer. He was in the signifier of a retainer every bit shortly as He was made adult male. He was `` in the signifier of God '' before He was `` in the signifier of a retainer. ''

Jesus idea of others and became a retainer! He knew the result long before coming down from heaven. Because of the love of the Father and His love for us, Jesus took on the signifier of adult male in the similitude of work forces. Throughout the Gospels Jesus tells His adherents that the greatest among them is the 1 that is a retainer to the others. As trusters we should larn to function with gladfulness, because there is no greater rubric that one can of all time accomplish in the land of God, than Servant. Serve God, with your whole bosom.

What helps a individual to alter their mentality is holding low spirit. Being low is the key to holding a retainer 's bosom. A low spirit gives him the right attitude to admit

that he belongs to God and he needs the aid of Jesus. Jesus remains them that they must stay in Him. `` I am the vine, ye are the subdivisions: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth away much fruit: for without me ye can make nil '' ( John 15:5 ) . If one is non careful he can acquire caught up in the things of the universe and bury that he is non his ain and what he has does n't belong to him. Humility is sometimes taken as failing and if one is non careful he will traverse over the line and allow the flesh return over. `` In this twenty-four hours and age of philistinism and fight, we frequently let society order that humbleness is non ever a good trait. Humbleness frequently gets confused with non standing up for yourself or your state of affairs, which is an wrong reading of its significance. Humbleness is being unpretentious and non haughty in words and actions. '' In 1s ' daily low walk of life, stewardship offers many occasions in which one can turn in humbleness. Knowing that they 're here to assistance and do a difference with those around them, but the centre of attending does n't ever hold to belong to them.

Staying prayed up is one of the most obvious tools of stewardship. Prayer is passing clip speaking with God. Without supplication in their life they 're merely traveling through the gestures with a clean topographic point in their psyches and that hole must be filled. Some yearss are difficult to acquire through, but after they

have that talk with Jesus they can acquire back on path and congratulations Him for who He is. Stewardship requires much supplication to assist maintain them low before the Lord. Prayer is merely speak to God as one would speak to a friend.

`` Like human relationships, our relationship with God grows stronger the more clip we spend with him. Christian stewards desire to give back to God the clip, endowment and hoarded wealth he has so liberally given us. Giving back clip to the Lord begins by passing clip with him, puting times aside for household supplication, reading Bible and go toing mass. We will ne'er be good stewards if we do n't pass clip acquiring to cognize him on a day-to-day footing. ''

Prayer helps the steward to larn the Master voice and helps him to swear God more and more each twenty-four hours as he makes himself available to God. Prayer keeps him in touch with the Master so that he can cognize God 's will for him each twenty-four hours ; when he does n't pray, he does n't cognize the Lord 's will or his mission that God has assigned for him. A good steward studies to his maestro several times a twenty-four hours to do certain that the maestro 's demands are meet, he reports to his maestro after each undertaking is complete. It may seems that it 's a batch of work but Galatians 6:9 remains us `` And allow us non be weary in good making: for in due season we shall harvest, if we faint non. '' Working for the Lord has great benefits and outputs high dividends

on your investings to the Lord.

Chapter IX

The God We Serve

Are people expected to give their clip, endowment and hoarded wealths to a God that they do n't cognize anything about? Not cognizing God will do it difficult to allow travel something that he believe belongs to him. In order to to the full function God, they need to cognize who God is. It 's of import to indicate out that it is really difficult to depict what God is like, since He is the 1 that created adult male. God has many features that describe Him. God is non a God made with the custodies of adult male. He 's non made of wood, metal or rock. He is a God that can non see or touch, but He is all around us. God is a Religious Being, without any physical belongingss and because He is religious, He 's unseeable to human existences. `` No adult male has seen God at any clip '' ( John 1: 18 ) .

This is what most people have a job with. They feel since they ca n't see Him, He must non be. But, God is alive and personal in the lives of all creative activity. Peoples are wholly dependent upon on Him, but He is utterly independent of all creative activity. `` The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the terminals of the Earth. He will non turn tired or weary... He gives strength to the weary, and increases the power of the weak ( Is. 40:28-29 ) . He is the Giver, and all his animals are receiving systems. ''

As animals created by God,

there are bounds in the cognition, infinite, and power that is given to them, but God has no bounds. God boundaries are limitless because there are no boundaries, and every component of His nature is infinite. His clip is called infinity, God is everyplace ; He 's ubiquity, God is all knowing ; He 's omniscience, and God has all power ; He 's omnipotence. God is ageless, all-present, all knowing and almighty. Some other features of God are ; God is a loving God, `` for God so loved the universe '' ( John 3:16 ) , God is a lovingness God, His is a merely and righteous God, God is forgiving, gracious, merciful, longsuffering and forbearance, unchanging, Holy of sanctums, and He 's besides a covetous God.

So much more can be said about God ; who He is and how they know Him as Father. How does one happen out God 's will for them and how to understand His many names? God is the lone True and Living God. He is the ground that everything exist as the universe know it ; the Earth and all that dwell at that place in. Believers believe in this because God has let Himself be known unto adult male by talking to him. He spoke to Adam, Eve and the Serpent in the garden. He spoke to Abraham ; He spoke to Moses and the Children of Israel, He spoke to the Prophetss of the Old Testament.

When God spoke to Moses for the first clip, God gave Moses a occupation to make and Moses wanted to be able to state the people His name. Moses

wanted know name of the God he was speaking to. `` And Moses said unto God, Behold, when I come unto the kids of Israel, and shall state unto them, The God of your male parents hath sent me unto you ; and they shall state to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them? And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt 1000s say unto the kids of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you '' ( Ex 3:13-14 ) . God is known by many names that work forces have given Him, but He says that His name is I AM.

`` The statement `` I am who I am '' can be rendered a figure of different ways in English. This statement fundamentally emphasizes the eternity of God. He is the self-existing One, the Eternal One, and the One without get downing or terminal.

The God of Israel 's ascendants was to be identified by the name Yahweh ( He who is ) throughout the coevalss. ( Exodus 3:13 ) . One of the last histories that God spoke aloud is given when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. `` And lo a voice from Eden, stating, This is my darling Son, in whom I am good pleased '' ( Matthew 3:17 ) , the other is Acts 9:5 ; `` And he said, Who art 1000, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is difficult for thee to kick against the assholes. '' This was when he spoke to Saul on the route to Damascus.

He still

speaks to adult male today, but non in a loud hearable voice as He spoke back so, but with a quiet voice that speaks to the bosom of every adult male. When God speaks to them, He wants them to listen to Him. If one does n't listen to Him when He speaks to him, why should God listen to him when he cries out to God? The book of Jeremiah is full of poetries were God says, `` He will non listen to them when they cry out to Him. '' The pick is given to him to listen or non. God ne'er forces anyone to listen to Him or to make anything ; that pick belongs to the 1 that God is talking excessively.

The God that Christians serve is a Living God and a True God ( 1 Thessalonians 1:9 ) , Acts 14:15 says, `` He is the life God, which made Eden, and Earth, and the sea, and all things that are in this. '' He is the God that adult male has been seeking to discredit from the beginning of clip. Man would instead give recognition to a `` Big Bang '' than give recognition to God. The universe has seen a batch of `` large knocks '' in its clip and nil has been created as the consequence of any knocks, many things have been destroyed but nil created. And God said, `` Let the Earth convey Forth the life animal after his sort, cowss, and crawling thing, and animal of the Earth after his sort '' ( Gen.1:24 ) . Each thing that was created by God can

merely reproduce with its ain sort.

Development is taught in schools that all things evolved from something else including people. The greatest theory of development is that adult male came from apes. If this is true, so why do apes still be? Why had n't any more monkeys or apes evolved into worlds? Why is the familial make-up different between adult male and ape? The simple reply is that adult male did n't germinate from apes. Man was created by God. God said, `` Let us do adult male in our image, after our similitude '' ( Gen.1:26 ) . This is when God and adult male relationship began.

Man had n't ever had a sin nature, because he was n't created that manner. But, because of the wickedness of Adam, adult male 's nature is to transgress and be disobedient to God. Critics frequently dispute that God positioned Adam and Eve up for failure. God has a nature of love and does non put anyone up for failure. Therefore, God had to supply Adam and Eve with the option to take. Without the free will of holding an option to take, Adam and Eve would hold existed as marionettes and God being the puppeteer. True love ever involves a pick. God gave Adam and Eve the option to take to swear and love Him.

God planted in the garden a assortment of different types of trees from which they were able to acquire fruit from. The trial that they were approximately to face was non really disputing. The twosome had a garden counter set before them with a big mixture of fruits and herbs to take to

eat from, and along with doing the determination of what to eat they were besides given the pick to believe God. Their lone bid was non to per-take fruit from one tree, out of 100s of trees to take from, they were told to remain off from merely one tree. So, how could they neglect? It 's merely one tree to remain off from.

Self-desire was adult male down autumn back so and it adult male 's down autumn even today. Man 's desire is to delight oneself foremost above all others. But a retainer 's attitude is to delight the maestro above all others. Jesus ' will was to delight the Father. Jesus was in the same state of affairs as Adam in the Garden of Eden, when Jesus entered the garden of Gethsemane ; He had to do a pick. He did n't set His desire before the will God. Luke 22:42 let us cognize that it is possible to put your will down and take God 's will ; `` Stating, Father, if thou be willing, take this cup from me: however non my will, but thine, be done. '' The pick that must be made today is, either believe the prevarications of Satan or believe the truth of God and trust in Him. Trusting God is like holding a best friend. A friend will make anything that he can for his friend in order to assist him, because there is trust in their relationship. The same should be with God ; God will make anything for His friend every bit long as he trusts God.

Once one realizes that God loves him and

God 's desire is to hold a relationship with him, this is the first measure in cognizing who God is and swearing God is the first measure to going a steward to God. So what does one demand to cognize about God in order to believe who He is? What is His name, His character, and is at that place existent grounds that He is existent? If I give up everything for Him, will He truly supply for me, like He says He will? Stewardship is a large trade with God and if He 's inquiring them to swear in Him and that He will supply all that they need, so they can swear Him. Number 23:19 Tells us that `` God is non a adult male, that he should lie. ''

God is accessible: He has no judicial admission or demands, other than being born once more, and following the illustrations of Jesus. Church is non a demand, `` Not abandoning the collection of ourselves together, as the mode of some '' ( Hebrews 10:25 ) . But this is another topographic point where they can near God and larn more about Him. They can come to God merely as they is, they do n't hold to worry about the things they done incorrect, God will present them from the things that displease Him. He can near God without cognizing anything about His word ; God will assist him to understand through the counsel of His Spirit. `` Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall non have the land of God as a small kid, he shall non come in therein '' ( Mark 10:15

) . God desires for them to near Him as a small kid, because a kid trusts the 1 that is caring for him.

God is forgiving: Sin is something everyone battle with. God know everyone good plenty to cognize what their battles are and what their enticements and failings are. Just like Adam and Eve had to do a pick when they were tempted, everyone is given that same right to take. But because He loves you ; He has made this promise to you in 1Corinthians 10:13, `` There hath no enticement taken you but such as is common to adult male: but God is faithful, who will non endure you to be tempted above that ye are able ; but will with the enticement besides make a manner to get away, that ye may be able to bear it. '' God wants them to cognize that there is no enticement that they will confront that is non common to adult male, in other words, Satan has no new fast ones.

The 2nd thing God wants them to cognize that He knows merely how much they can bear before they give in or give up, He will non over load them. And last, God wants them to cognize that with each enticement they face He will supply a manner for flight. Meaning that them do n't hold to give into wickedness, they have the option to state no or walk off from it. But that non all that God promised, it gets better. God knows that they will steal and fall victim to transgress and He has given them another promise that allows them come

before Him and confess that they have sinned and they will be back in right standings with God. That promise is given to them in 1John 1:9, `` If we confess our wickednesss, he is faithful and merely to forgive us our wickednesss, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. '' Remember this non loophole for them to maintain on sinning, but a manner to stay right with God. God knows their bosom and He besides knows if they 're seeking to outwit Him.

God is wisdom: God is omniscience which is God is all knowing ; that He encompasses all cognition of the universe times-past, times-present and times-future at the same clip. God is the beginning of everything, creative activity, the universe and those things in it ; including cognition.

God knows everything. Theologians use the term `` omniscient '' when speech production of God 's infinite cognition. God knows everything about everything. He knows what work forces are believing ( see Ezekiel 11:5 ; Luke 5:21-22 ) . He knows everything that is traveling to go on. He even knows everything that could go on, under any set of fortunes ( see, for illustration, 1 Samuel 23:10-12 ; 2 Kings 8:10 ) . God can non invent a bad program or neglect to convey His intents and promises to their decision because He knows everything. His omniscience undergirds His wisdom.

God is Omnipotence, frequently known as holding all power. This refers to God being capable of making perfectly anything He chooses. This property is typically implied that God is absolute Godhead over all creative activity. God is Omnipresence, which means that God is present everyplace at

the same clip. There is nowhere that one can travel without God being at that place. `` Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in snake pit, behold, thou art there '' ( Ps 139:7-8 ) .

God is love: God took on the image of adult male in the flesh in order to demo his love for you. `` For God so loved the universe that he gave his lone begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should non die, but have everlasting life '' ( John3:16 ) . It was n't plenty that God gave His Son, but His boy paid a debt with His life and that debt ; He did n't owe. While on the cross He cried out to the Father and said, `` Father, forgive them ; for they know non what they do '' ( Luke 23:34 ) . He was non merely inquiring the Father to forgive those that crucified Him, but for all world even yet the unborn. That is why the promise was given in 1John1:9. Through God love He revealed Himself to us in the individual of His Son Jesus Christ. Christ is the 1 that all are to be stewards or retainers excessively. So, who is this Jesus that 1 must subject to?

The Only True and Living God have revealed Himself to mankind in the individual of His Son, Jesus Christ, who is the lone begotten Son of God. Long before Jesus was given birth, the Bible forecast the coming of an

Anointed One, in whom God would offer as the Messiah to the universe. This Anointed One was to carry through the promise of God unto all work forces, which is found in Genesis 3:15 when God cursed the snake, `` And I will set hostility between thee and the adult female, and between thy seed and her seed ; it shall contuse thy caput, and thou shalt contuse his heel. '' From the clip that God cursed adult male and kicked him out of the garden, God used work forces called Prophetss to be a continual to remind to the people that God would carry through His promise and direct an Anointed One as their Jesus. These Prophetss of God that existed before Jesus predicted many facts about the coming Messiah. These facts would assist others acknowledge him when he comes.

The prophesier Micah prophesied that the Anointed One would be born in Bethlehem. God gave an extended elaborate description of what the Messiah would see and the function He would play. Upon fulfilment of prognostications the 1s that are faithful to Him should clearly place him as the Messiah sent by God. There were many marks that were foretold by the Prophetss that would assist those faithful followings identify Him as the Messiah. On two occasions John the Baptist clearly tells his adherents ( followings of John the Baptist ) that the Messiah has come. Two times John presented Him as the Lamb of God to those that were standing about him.

The one event that gave clear grounds that the Messiah had come was the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. `` And it

came to go through in those yearss that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan. And straightway coming up out of the H2O, he saw the celestial spheres opened, and the Spirit like a dove falling upon him: And there came a voice from Eden, stating, Thou art my darling Son, in whom I am good pleased '' ( Mark 1:9-11 ) . As God promised that marks and inside informations will be given to those to acknowledge the Messiah when He comes was given. Many that witnessed the Baptism of Jesus heard the voice of God saying that `` This is His Son, in whom I am good pleased. '' There were besides many that were there that did n't believe what they heard and even denied that they heard anything.

Jesus was that long appointed Messiah, who hails from Eden and came to earth to carry through the mission bestowed to Him by His Father. Jesus came as Savior and Jesus, to bridge the spread between God and adult male by taken on the weight of wickedness. Jesus was wholly human, in every facet of the word. He had an existent organic structure, psyche, and spirit. His construct and birth was extraordinary, because He did non hold a human male parent. He was conceived miraculously by a virgin named Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit. His life was beyond alone, although He was tempted and tried ; under no fortunes did He transgress. Jesus set the best illustration of trusty entry to God. He remained faithful to His heavenly Father under all manners of fortunes and

in malice of all types of struggle and hurt. Jesus steadfastly and efficaciously resisted Satan 's Acts of the Apostless of enticements.

He submitted to God commandments and kept God 's will absolutely. Jesus was the lone perfect and without mistake, adult male to of all time populate. His life was an illustration of perfect love. The being of Jesus earthly ministry was filled with healings of amazements, aid, and even Resurrection. Jesus displayed deep feelings and a stamp bosom of heat toward others ; as a consequence many found him to be sort and accessible at all times. Jesus loved small kids and allowed them to come and be around Him. Jesus unimportance is genuinely echt. He displays how low He is by executing the undertaking of the lowest racked retainer of the house ; He wraps a towel around His waist and begins to rinse the pess of His adherents. Jesus went from maestro unto retainer when He displayed humbleness to His adherents, this act showed the importance of being a retainer among others. This was done during the Last Supper that Jesus would hold with His Disciples.

The clip came to do ready for the Last Supper repast, Jesus directed some of his followings to happen a certain adult male transporting a container of H2O and allow him cognize that Jesus needed usage of his meeting room. The adult male made available to them an upper room ( Mark 14:12-16 ) . Midway through the repast, Jesus stated that one of his adherents betray him. They were greatly troubled, and each admirations whether he was the 1. One by one they asked Jesus was

it I. Judas, asked besides and said, `` Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, Master, is it I? He said unto him, Thou hast said '' ( Matthew 26:25 ) . The Gospel of John 13:27 adds that Jesus responded besides to Judas stating ; `` Then said Jesus unto him, That 1000 doest, do rapidly. '' After Judas left, Jesus proceeded in functioning His last supper repast to His adherents as stated in Matthew 26: 26-28 ; `` And as they were eating, Jesus took staff of life, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the adherents, and said, Take, eat ; this is my organic structure. And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, stating, Drink ye all of it ; For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remittal of wickednesss. '' This is an regulation that Jesus left for the church to follow and make it every bit frequently as they like in recollection of Him. Afterwards they sang a vocal and left the meeting room.

Peter gives us this confession, which should be the confession of all Christians: `` You are the Christ, the Son of the life God '' ( Matthew 16:16 ) . John records, `` And we believe and are certain that thou art that Christ, the Son of the life God '' ( John 6:69 ) . Through Jesus, both Jews and Gentiles can go boies of the life God, `` Even us, whom he hath called, non of the Jews merely, but besides of the Gentiles? As he

saith besides in Osee, I will name them my people, which were non my people ; and her dear, which was non beloved. And it shall come to go through, that in the topographic point where it was said unto them, Ye are non my people ; there shall they be called the kids of the life God. '' ( Romans 9:24-26 )

The decease of Christ had been prophesied over a thousand old ages earlier. The prophesier Isaiah wrote about the Messiah decease and the cause for Him death ; `` But he was wounded for our evildoings, he was bruised for our wickednesss: the castigation of our peace was upon him ; and with his chevrons we are healed '' ( Isaiah 53:5 ) . Christ would pay the penalty and cost for wickednesss so that all could be pardoned of those wickednesss, this was a debt that adult male was n't able to pay ; His actions gave all the chance to hold ageless life in Eden. As it had been projected, Jesus would be given a decease sentence for non stating that He was non the Son of God which was the most barbarous sentencing of that clip. The Book of Isaiah once more foretells of Jesus silence during His test and while on the cross. `` He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened non his oral cavity: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her Shearers is dense, so he openeth non his oral cavity. '' ( Isaiah 53:7 ) .

Jesus was whipped and crushing all the manner to Calvary, ``

And he bearing his cross went away into a topographic point called the topographic point of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha: Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the thick '' ( John 19:17-18 ) . He was placed on an old rugged cross ; they nailed His custodies and spiked His pess to that cross. There He was lifted up on that cross so that all could see Him hanging at that place. Jesus said, `` If I be lifted up I 'll pull all work forces unto me. '' He did precisely that on that twenty-four hours and He 's still pulling work forces unto Him each and every twenty-four hours.

While He hung on a wooden cross with nails through His custodies and a spike through pess, He prayed, `` Father, forgive them, for they know non what they do. '' Jesus had authorization over the cross and could hold come down from it at any clip, but He elected to pay the ransom His with life, for the interest of others. Jesus hung bled and died on that cross. He was taken down from that cross and was placed in a barrowed grave, where he laid for three yearss, but on that 3rd twenty-four hours, He got up from the grave with all power in his custodies. He 's non hanging on a cross, so you do n't hold represent Him that manner by have oning a concatenation around your cervix with Him on the cross and He non in a grave but, He has risen, risen in title.

He now sits beside the Father in Eden.

The greatest adult male in history had no retainers, yet they called Him Master. He had no grade yet they called Him Teacher. Had no medical specialties yet they called Him Healer. Had no ground forces yet swayers feared Him. Won no military conflicts yet He conquered the universe. He committed no offense, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tombaˆ¦ Yet He still lives today! His name is Jesus and He loves you unconditionally. All He wants from you is to love Him back with all of your limited abilities.

By those larning about the God they serve, they 've learned that He loves them really much ; even to decease in their topographic point. All trusters owe Him a batch and everyone can literally state that they owe Him their lives. How thankful is he for God directing a Jesus to take his topographic point on the cross? How thankful is he that He bored his wickednesss? Roman 3:23 says, `` For all have sinned, and come short of the glorification of God. '' When one wickedness, it comes with a cost. Romans 6:23 `` For the rewards of wickedness is decease ; but the gift of God is ageless life through Jesus Christ our Lord. '' Jesus saved all lives and kept them from decease.

Why would n't they want to demo God that their grateful for all He done for them, by first stating, Yes Lord. I will swear you, I will follow you and I will obey you. To accomplish this 1 has to alter. Phil. 2:5 `` Let this head be in

you, which was besides in Christ Jesus. '' To be like Christ, one must believe like Christ. Christ first duty was to delight the Father at all times, He accomplished this by puting His will aside and puting God 's will foremost. Once He understood that it was n't about Him, and it was all about the Father ; He practiced good stewardship over what the Father gave Him. `` While I was with them in the universe, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost '' ( John 17:12 ) . Last, Jesus was a good retainer, and He served merely the Father.

So, here 's what one must make to demo God that their grateful for all He 's done for them, retrieve that they owes Him their life. They must swear God, follow Him and obey Him. They must larn that their will is non above God 's ; God 's will hold precedence over his. Next, they must retrieve that God has entrusted them with things that belongs to Him, their stewardship is really of import to God. Those things that God has given to them, they must give a good study on them merely like Jesus did. Matthew 6:24 is a good poetry to use toward both their stewardship and their duty to function.

No adult male can function two Masterss: for either he will detest the one, and love the other ; or else he will keep to the 1, and contemn the other. Ye can non function God and mammon. ( Mt 6:24 ) . Last be a

good retainer to God and those around you. Using these few rules to 1s ' Christian religion, which has been mentioned in this chapter, will assist them understand the importance of their answerability toward their stewardship to God and obeisance to His will.

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