Strengthening the Faith of Our Children

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In this twenty-four hours and age, our Children are confronting new day-to-day challenges, enticements, and jobs. In a manner, they are confronting much more than their older and past coevalss. Because of this is our following coevals, our kids, seem to be go forthing the church and their Christian religion? This dismaying status could hold its roots in uneffective resources available for our young person in our churches and possibly for those parents that disciple their kids at place. This circumstance is supported by the survey done by George Barna, which indicates these tool if available in the most portion are “too generic, excessively stiff excessively additive, and boring” . [ 1 ]

As adherent shapers, parents, and Youth Pastors, we need to supply an effectual environment for our kids or young person to turn to their demands refering their challenges. In this we need to continually measure our ways of instruction and the acquisition ambiance, which must hold a direct consequence and a enduring one on their religion as it was for Mark A. Yarhouse, from Regent University. In his book titledIntegrating Faith and PsychologyMark negotiations about this fact, by stating: “Over the following several old ages, my young person group leader later invested a batch of clip meeting with me, assisting me turn to greater religious adulthood. This discipleship relationship was one of the most defining relationships of my adolescence.” [ 2 ] It is genuinely a critical aim, which we need to pure our Black Marias and heads in to.

A kid that lacks faith demands to be involved in comprehensive Scriptural instructions and in peculiar reliable apologetics, which are principals that through proper application they can beef up the religion of any kid. Despite many premises, the facts and statistics given in this paper will show that these rules combined are the redress for this job.

Strengthening the Faith of Our Children

Statisticss indicate that more of our immature grownups and kids are go forthing the church, hence their faith.According to Eric Reed, in a Journal posted on Christianity Today website, “Six in 10 immature people will go forth the church for good or for an drawn-out period get downing at age 15.” [ 3 ] We can set the incrimination for this issue on figure of things such as imbibing, music, drugs, and sex to call a few. Our enemy Satan has been the same as he has been for coevalss before us. Not in peculiar our immature grownups, but as a whole statistics such as above indicate Christianity is losing land in religion. Empty folds have given manner to empty church edifices that we can see around corners of our streets in our towns. When ma and pas have lost religion, so what can we anticipate from our immature grownup that look up to them.

Today, increasing figure of colleges and universities across the United States and the Western World have a great portion in Christians losing land in religion. They teach that an unproved point, sentiment, or belief by ground must non be believed in.An stripling grows up in a Christian household in his or her church larning about the Christian religion, merely to bury about them a few old ages subsequently when they attend establishments with the above manner of learning. Not many of our immature grownups when they leave place have a full image for their Christian beliefs or a nice reasoning.Later they will be at the clemency of skilled university instructors where their religion at the perfect clip will be openly tested and it will easy rut.

Presents, immature grownups are looking to their equals and are under so much force per unit area to suit in their milieus and the popular civilization. At times they are willing to make anything to avoid the battle of the day-to-day force per unit areas that come with believing in God and Christ Jesus His boy. Charles W. Colson, in his book,Answer to Your Kids’ Questionsgaining controls this belief of our immature 1s, by stating, “Our democratic society can sometimes take kids to believe that truth is the consequence of popular sentiment ; if something is non popular it can’t be true.” [ 4 ]

Every one time in a piece, those that would wish convey Christianity and religion in Jesus under fire can hold a important consequence on our Children’s religion. These can be onslaughts in different signifiers, but most frequently they are the chart-topper books, which will act upon our immature adult’s heads and religion in their schools. Joe Coffey in his book,Smooth Stonesgaining controls this point by stating, “ … every two or three old ages, a new book intended to sabotage Christianity will go a best seller and agitate the religion of many to the core.” [ 5 ]

As we can see there are so many factors that can deracinate our children’s religion. Temptations and wickedness such as greed, power, and lust have hit every coevals, but the lone reply for our young person to be able to stand house in the thick of all these wickednesss is a relationship with Christ. It is our rightful responsibility and a place of authorization that God has entrusted to us as instructor, wise mans and counsellors to guarantee our kids or young person have what is need to maintain their relationship with Christ a strong and an everlasting one. By beef uping our youth’s religion, they will more easy happen God’s charge for their lives and carry through it. This can be done by comprehensive Scriptural instructions.

Comprehensive Scriptural Teachings

As parent, we are the 1s that must seek for the truth and learn it our kids. The Bible is the truth and the lone beginning, which we can swear for this worthy cause. It is indispensable to work hard toward detecting the replies, for our immature work forces and adult females that are in a despairing demand for the truth, among all the instructions of the Scripture to grok to the full the will of God for them. There are so many different methods to analyze the Bible that is advertised out at that place such as articles on cyberspace, books, and so many more, but the most effectual method is reading the Scripture poetry by poetry from one terminal of the Bible to other terminal.

Since clip direction could show itself as an issue for most households, a day-to-day reading of the Scripture poetry by poetry with your immature 1s will turn out to be the best method. Discoursing all versus of a transition from different point of positions and their applications in a devotional clip will supply them with much needed penetration and wisdom. Our kids are being developed without much attentive consideration for their religion by this society. There is deep misconstruing about the nature and character of God the Godhead and Jesus Christ. They besides do non believe or understand the indispensable Christian truth.

The everlasting life that God has promised for us and our kids is what we all hungriness for and peruse. We need to learn your kids to larn by bosom and ponder on Scripture as a portion of their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives. Help your childs memorize poetries that support God’s bids. His Word will transform their beliefs. Young grownups are ne’er excessively old or excessively immature to larn about the unexcelled abundant life that our Lord and Savior want them to hold.

Today’s immature adult’s worldviews are formed by a diverse civilization instead than biblical cognition ; hence their positions differ loosely from biblical values. The consequence comes to teens go forthing the religion that they were raised with, and if they believe and have faith, merely few are populating as brave adherents for Christ. Christian Smith in his book, negotiations about our striplings in such mode, by stating, “Contrary to popular perceptual experiences, the huge bulk of American striplings are non religious searchers or seekers of the type frequently described by journalists and some bookmans, but are alternatively largely oriented toward and engaged in conventional spiritual traditions and communities.” [ 6 ]

We must non let this conventionality to take topographic point in our places and in the Black Marias of our kids, which will shortly, sooner than we can of all time anticipate, they will turn up to face giants in their lives. They will stand in forepart of their Goliaths day-to-day and it is up us to fit them and learn them how to utilize the sling and the blade that is called the Word of God. What our immature kids learn can non be a secret. What they learn can be influenced by where they learn it at. What better topographic point than place and what better clip than youth age, when their personalities are determining.

The topical analyzing method of Scriptural reading can enable our immature grownups to analyze subjects that are of existent involvement to them ; as mentioned earlier, subjects such as pride and lecherousness that give birth to excessively many wickednesss subsequently on in their lives. This analyzing method can be both from Old or New Testament in order to larn what God says about the subject we are learning and sharing with our kids.

What the Bible Teachs or affirms in its entireness is suitably taken and is the arrant truth. If as Christians we believe that Bible is influential and when Bible speaks it is God talking to us, so we must take any comprehensive Scriptural learning serious, particularly when it comes to learning this absolute truth to our immature grownups or kids. This brings us to our following treatment where through God’s spirit we are given a charge to support His truth and our Christian religion, which is called apologetics.

Authentic Apologeticss

As Peter tells us, as Christians we need to ever stand ready to support our religion, “But sanctify the Lord God in your Black Marias, and ever be ready to give a defence to everyone who asks you a ground for the hope that is in you, with submission and fear.” ( 1 Peter 3:15 ) . We stand and defend because non merely God has asked us to make so, but more so because of our religion in its truth. This truth that we as instructor and parent have faith in must be transferred to our immature grownups or kids so that they non merely can acquire rid of their uncertainty but reassign their religion in God’s truth to their kids and loved 1s.

If our immature grownups find themselves in uncertainty, we must guarantee them that they are in good company. However, me must promote them and allow them cognize that though doubting is natural but they must look into the beginning of these inquiries ; in making so they will over clip construct their ain assurance as followings of Jesus. Furthermore, we must pay attending to their inquiries and steer their attending to beginnings that will supply replies in their probes.

On this topic, David M. Csinos in his book,Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus,negotiations about the attack discussed above by stating, “For those involved in the religious formation of kids, it’s of import to see how to manage children’s inquiries about affairs of religion, faith and spirituality.” [ 7 ] Our immature grownups that hold a strong Christian worldview and good versed in apologetics are less likely to lose their religion but moreover they will exert it even more in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives. Training our young person in apologetics can do their religion even stronger. Apologeticss can be a critical constituent for a immature believer’s preparation in the discipleship procedure.

As instructors, parents, and wise mans of our immature adherents we need to guarantee that they know the truth about this eternal Godhead struggle, which is battled in the rule of thoughts.We must non let them to swear in nonpartisanship at all.All that comes their manner is loaded with secular ideas and worldviews. Young grownups can non estrange themselves from the universe because it is unbiblical.As their wise mans we must non merely learn ourselves, but our immature grownups excessively in the right manner of believing when they are faced with diverse messages that they can come across.

A great gift that we can give our immature grownups is to help them in acknowledging the right Christian Worldview. It is indispensable for parents to put their kids in the milieus, which they can be adept, stimulated, and think in a scriptural way.That is to environ them with encouragements that guide their heads and Black Marias to God and Jesus Christ His Son.It is critical for immature grownups to be trained in acknowledging all different sorts of communications all around them that are for God or against Him.

For illustration, there are ever inquiries similar to why does a God usher an person so that at the terminal they will stop up in snake pit. Most immature grownups that care about their spiritualty do grok the cognition of people being disciplined when they end up making the incorrect thing. Furthermore, they can hold the impression that if God chooses non to train person who commits a wickedness, it would be in the incorrect for God to make that. The immature adult’s thought of God being just is an ordinary idea or thought for one. They understand this construct automatically.

Paul Copan states in his book,True for You, But Not for Me,“No count how much supernatural activities people may witness, no affair how much prevenient grace is afforded, some will still decline to subject to God.” [ 8 ] Hence, we must do certain that our kids separate what Bible says about cases like this. Besides, we should show to them what the universe says about these cases. We must steer them bit by bit through the confusion of environing folly, which continuously encompasses iniquitous manner of thought.

As parents when we research the large inquiries our immature grownup have we ourselves will derive assurance to hold duologues with our kids. When we fail to make these researches, we are inclined at times to take down our children’s inquiries and uncertainties that they have. To be a parent that uses his or her strength gathered from wisdom and cognition instead than non cognizing is much more advantages to our kids. This will besides motivate a strong belief of us in our children’s heads.

In his book,Apologeticss for a New Generation,Sean McDowell negotiations to this point by inquiring few inquiries and supplying the replies to them, “Do you want to go through your values on to immature people? Do you desire your kids to come to cognize your Savior? Do you desire the following coevals to hold on and populate scriptural truth? If so scientific research says you must make two things: ( 1 ) Build loving, intimate connexions, relationships with kids, or they will about surely reject the truth you care about, and ( 2 ) theoretical account that really value or truth in the presence of those immature people.” [ 9 ]

This load is non merely for parents to acquire involved with the preparation of their kids in apologetics, but besides the church they attend. To make this we need to inquire ourselves some inquiries of our church leaders. As parents and church leaders must ever stand ready to support the Christian religion and have the ability to give the ground behind our hope in Jesus Christ. God’s truth to be told is non merely for parents but every bit for churches to learn and support.

Steve Urick, the write of the book,Evangelism and Christian Apologeticss,confirms this affair by stating, “It is imperative that all Christian churches get serious about apologetics ( defence of the religion ) preparation, particularly for immature people who are being indoctrinated by secular humanitarianism and development in public schools ; therefore, is doing many of them disbelieving of the Bible.” [ 10 ] The biblical instructions for people and churches to utilize their God given gifts for the net income of the whole fold are cardinal. Church leaders must convey into position the chances for support among trusters. We are non wholly called to be vindicators. Church leaders should open the door to their folds to use their known gifts given from above. Our unequivocal end for the organic structure is merely that.


Our Lord Jesus Christ spoke the ultimate, most pleasing words of all time spoken to a battalion on a hillside overlooking the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee about two millenaries ago. Jesus articulated to them and asked them to mind sagely to His words, comprehend those words inside their heads, so they would cognize the existent life despite the fact that they lived on this Earth. Is that what we need for our adolescents and childs today? Jesus told them if they practiced His instructions, they can inquire God their wants and they could hold it.

Our God’s promises are spot-on for a rich life in Him to those that scratch His instructions upon their heads, Black Marias, and colloidal suspensions. Parents that have faith in His instructions can look up to Him for the redemption of their kids and pray to the full inquire for a strong religion in their immature grownups that face giants in their lives today. A kid that lacks faith demands to be involved in comprehensive Scriptural instructions and in peculiar reliable apologetics, which are principals that through proper application they can beef up the religion of any kid. Despite many premises, it is apparent through the facts and statistics given in this paper that demonstrates these rules combined are the redress for those kids or immature grownups that are deficiency in religion.


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