The Yoido Full Gospel Church Theology Religion
The Yoido Full Gospel Church Theology Religion

The Yoido Full Gospel Church Theology Religion

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  • Published: October 29, 2017
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As the initiation and senior curate of the largest mega-church in the universe so far, Rev. Dr. David Yonggi Cho has clearly been an effectual leader of church growing in Korea and the universe. What were the assorted factors that contributed to such phenomenal growing in Yoido Full Gospel Church ( YFGC ) ? What other factors could hold helped do it more effectual in footings of evangelism and missions? This essay critically evaluates six distinguishable features of Cho ‘s church growing theoretical account: From missiologically ( theological and practical ) positions. My informations are collected from published literature, particularly Cho ‘s, and includes some published study with YFGC leaders as reported in Hong

Word pictures of Cho ‘s Leadership Style

Cho as a Disciple.

As a adherent of Christ and his ministry which show his ministry and his life in the service of others. His quality shows in his ministry represents the life of the Christ in his ministry on this Earth. In his ministry we can see that he is obeisance, entry, love and supplication. He uses the gifts of his fold to construct the God ‘s land and his organic structure. He uses his abilities to be low so that it may non impede his Christian adulthood. His chief focal points are based on obeisance, entry, love and supplication to do his misty known to the heathens. He is ever endeavoring for and doing the ministry successful. In his ministry these rules are functioning as a barometer by which he can mensurate the growing and advancement of those whom he is d



Cho as an Obedience Leader

I believe that this leader unfeignedly desired to obey God and that his feelings led him to believe he was right. But the Christian life is based on obeisance to God ‘s Word, non on following your emotions. Paul said, “ be guiltless as babes when it comes to evil but be mature in understanding affairs of this sort ” . “ Childlike religion ” is non license for ignorance. Paul said repeatedly, “ I would non hold you be nescient. ”

Without an equal cognition of God ‘s Word, a adherent is chancing his hereafter on feelings, hopes and sentiments, alternatively of procuring it in God ‘s will and the facts of his religion. Most Christians want to obey God ‘s Word, but desiring is non plenty. Wanting is frequently a map of your emotions. It fluctuates with your feelings. The adherent wills to obey God ‘s Word.

It seems clear that Cho has used his gifts with a really religious motivation: “ in the Spirit ” for the glorification of God and non “ in the flesh ” for self-glory. He besides exercised his leading in a most religious mode: in servanthood for the good of his co-pastors and church members, and non in domination and development for the good of himself and his household. Though Cho does non straight refer to himself as one possessing “ personal appeal, ” his church members perceive him to be “ religious ” and “ magnetic, ” that he speaks God ‘s words as God ‘s chosen retainer

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In fact, harmonizing to Hong ‘s 1998 study, YFGC members rate Cho as more magnetic than how other Korean church members ( even of other mega-churches ) perceive their senior curates!

Cho as a Submission Leader

Cho besides trains his associates and trainees in “ authorization with love, ” to non “ exert excessively much control over their members. ” The leader ‘s authorization is non based on the power of his/her place or on human maneuvering. In YFGC ‘s instance, they follow Cho, “ because they know he truly love them. If he do a error, he publically squeal it to them and inquire them to pray for him. When a curate can be unfastened to his fold like that, they will esteem him and obey him. In Christianity all authorization must be based on love, merely as God ‘s authorization over us is based on love. ” Hence he besides teaches, “ he ne’er promote our members to go dependent on the cell leaders, because that would be every bit bad as Communism or the Moonies. Anything that destroys personal independency and the person ‘s personality and duty is from the Satan. God ne’er created us to be marionettes. ”

Cho learning ‘s on to Love One Another.

A adherent can non love God or himself, allow alone others, unless he accepts God ‘s complete forgiveness and on that footing forgives himself, forgives others and accepts the forgiveness of others. Since the universe knows we are disciples by our love for one another, we must do certain our individuality is conspicuous. In order to hold a strong, consistent love for other trusters, we must understand and be sing forgiveness and community.

The foundation for religious instruction is a individual ‘s religious subject. It is the outward step of one ‘s finding to hold unity of character and fittingness for the long draw. Like most Korean curates and possibly besides transcending them, Cho has lived a life of rigorous self-denial and difficult work. The most of import grade of religious leaders lies in their great dedication to function people. They work hard to function those whom they lead so that they can develop their endowments ; turn as individuals and work in service themselves. Cho believes that love is the highest motivational force in life, which can liberate people from emphasis and anxiousness, and therefore can maintain them physically good. This he shows in his sermon: the end in his discourses is “ to present Jesus and assist people win in life. ” His purpose is non to be facile, but to turn his dais into a guidance room, to run into the demands of his audience and to elate and promote them.

Cho ‘s Self-Understanding of His Prayer

Leadership requires one to be passionate about what s/he is making. Such leaders speak enthusiastically and excitedly about their dream and mission in life. They breathe it, analyze it, talk about it, and learn it. Cho invested clip in praying and believing about his ends and took confident action to be certain that others will portion his passions besides. Cho believes in the importance of intimate Communion

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