Gods Word Is Source Of Revelation Theology Religion Essay Example
Gods Word Is Source Of Revelation Theology Religion Essay Example

Gods Word Is Source Of Revelation Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: October 11, 2017
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Paul is the writer of the Pastoral Epistles ( 1-2 Timothy and Titus ) . In this assignment I will carry on a devotional survey of the Pastorales and so place five of import rules for curates. I will establish these rules on certain transitions found within these epistles. I will besides look to explicate the application of these rules within my ain context.

The most of import facet of any curate is that he reflects the character of God. This is the foundation for all other rules. We are called to be a holy people reflecting God 's nature. All of these rules must be reflecting God 's character.

He 's lifestyle is righteous

There remain some positions that curates can populate the manner the privation every bit long as they pastor good within the church. To me, it


all comes down to impact. A curate wants to impact his fold and this in many instances besides comes down to lifestyle. Leading by illustration is what every curate is called into. 1 Timothy 3:1-7 reads ; "The expression is trusty: If anyone aspires to the office of superintendent, he desires a baronial undertaking. Therefore an superintendent must be above reproach, the hubby of one married woman, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to learn, non a rummy, non violent but soft, non quarrelsome, non a lover of money. He must pull off his ain family good, with all self-respect maintaining his kids submissive, for if person does non cognize how to pull off his ain family, how will he care for God 's church? He must non be a recent convert, or he may go whiff up wit

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amour propre and autumn into the disapprobation of the Satan. Furthermore, he must be good thought of by foreigners, so that he may non fall into shame, into a trap of the Satan ( ESV ) . ''

The book of Timothy base most of its makings towards leaders as those with good moral character. Paul goes on to compose about this life style when composing to immature Timothy in 1Timothy 4:12 stating him ; " set the trusters an illustration in address, in behavior, in love, in religion, in pureness ( ESV ) . '' In the book of Titus Paul goes on to explicate that in chapter 1 verse 7-8 ; " For an superintendent, as God 's steward, must be above reproach. He must non be chesty or choleric or a rummy or violent or greedy for addition, but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, unsloped, holy, and disciplined ( ESV ) . '' Our lifestyle becomes critical when we want to impact our environing churches.

The biggest thing that curates must recognize is that people look to the curate for aid and counsel. These guidelines are many times found within our actions and the manner we handle ourselves outside the context of the church. Our day-to-day lifestyle become unfastened for people to detect and see what God intends righteousness to be.

God 's Word is his beginning of Revelation and Wisdom

No curate can take a church without any vision. The vision is to be a disclosure signifier God. God uses his word to uncover moral absolutes to His people. Within the context of the church the curate is to be the 1 who knows

the word and brings the word to the fold. The curate must be able to steer those who live in mistake with these revealed absolutes. In Titus 1:9 Paul makes it clear that ; "He must keep house to the trusty word as taught, so that he may be able to give direction in sound philosophy and besides to call on the carpet those who contradict it ( ESV ) . '' Paul adds in Titus 2:1 ; " But as for you, learn what agreements with sound philosophy ( ESV ) . ''

This is to me critical because within our local churches I have found that many draw their stuff from other beginnings that do non include God 's word. God is busy with different motions in different churches and the curate must seek disclosure from God, disclosure from God 's word.

Must be able ( skill ) to learn

When we point towards the Greek word able to learn ( didaktikos ) it is indicated that it was merely used two times in the New Testament. 1 Timothy 3:2 reads ; "Therefore an superintendent must be above reproach, the hubby of one married woman, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to learn ( ESV ) '' 2 Timothy 2:24 reads ; `` And the Lord 's retainer must non be quarrelsome but sort to everyone, able to learn, patiently digesting immorality ( ESV ) '' Paul included making within his demands of moral qualities.

The curate 's making is the one thing puting him apart from his deacons and the remainder of his fold. But, if we look at the character of a instructor it is so

added that he must effectual in learning. Paul continues throughout these books how instruction is to be Timothy 's precedence. 1 Timothy 5:17 reads ; Let the seniors who rule good be considered worthy of dual honor, particularly those who labour in sermon and instruction ( ESV ) . '' 2 Timothy 2:2 & A ; 15 reads ;  and what you have heard from me in the presence of many informants entrust to faithful work forces who will be able to learn others besides. Make your best to show yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no demand to be ashamed, justly managing the word of truth ( ESV ) . ''

He must be a leader at place

The church to me is seen as 1s religious household. Then, if a curate is a leader within his ain household at place he will demo garrison that same leading within his religious household, the church. Paul explains in 1 Timothy 3:4-5 that ; `` He must pull off his ain family good, with all self-respect maintaining his kids submissive, for if person does non cognize how to pull off his ain family, how will he care for God 's church ( ESV ) ? '' A curate must so be reminded that the formation of his possible leading starts from his place base. This will so be brooding when he leads the church. If the curate is a religious leader at place he will be one at church. This is apparent when Paul writes to Timothy.

A curate 's household life portrays his leading in church. In Titus 1:6 Paul writes that ; "if

anyone is above reproach, the hubby of one married woman, and his kids are trusters and non open to the charge of orgy or insubordination. '' The curate must even hold his kids under control and they are to be trusters every bit good. Again this attains to the curate being a religious leader at place. The kids of the curate, non being trusters, can act upon the curates credibleness. The expression goes, "charity starts at place '' . If the curate can make full the religious demands of his household at place he will be able to run into the demands of his religious household within the church.

We have to understand that non merely does the curate form portion of his ain ministry, but his household besides. This is testimony to our church where the curates married woman plays a critical function within the fold, non to supply religious leading, but to confirm the curates religious stance and vision for the fold with him. If the household becomes portion of the curate 's ministry it has a positive contemplation on the curate as the religious leader.

A call to ministry and craft

Bing called into ministry does non connote any easy walk. Leadership is and will be difficult work. Within these pastoral letters Paul makes it clear that this pastoral ministry will affect difficult work. When we read 2 Timothy 2 Paul describes a religious leader utilizing some metaphors ; "agony as a good soldier, an jock, hard-working husbandman ( ESV ) . '' Most of these descriptions involve difficult work, leading and duty. A call to ministry has nil to make with position or any

glamour but is call to function meekly. I read something John Macarthur wrote when he said that, "leading is ministry and non direction. ''

A naming to ministry is one of forfeit, humbleness and most significantly entry. Jesus is the leader of the church and he reveals what is to be done. Psalm 127:1 reads ; "Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labour in vain ( ESV ) . '' A curate is one who submits under God 's authorization and leads with great humbleness in great persecution. The naming is one from God and is therefore one of devotedness. Like I explained earlier, within this naming one must seek wisdom from God.

This is one of import rule when taking a church. I find that many curates seem to believe ministry is about laterality alternatively of entry. They tend to believe being a curate is about honour alternatively of humbleness. God has called these leaders into making his work. I think curates should foremost number the cost before heading into ministry. The forfeit should be explained and the naming should be one that is given by God and non adult male.


If we conclude we can clearly see some pastoral rules that are critical. These all affect the manner the curate will carry on his ministry and how his fold will so portray him. His life style will be on the foreground for people to detect where the curate must endeavor to populate the righteous life style he preaches. This life style of religious leading must besides be seeable within his household. He must seek wisdom and disclosure from God 's word when

taking the church. He must be able for the instruction ministry he has been called into and he must be one who submits and devotes everything to God 's naming. He must humble himself and function.

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