Debbie Green-Vargas Biography

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Debbie grew up In California and at the age of 16 she was named All-American after her team swept SABA Nationals. She was the youngest player ever to be honored this title. In 1992, Green earned a BAA in communications from Long Beach State, where she had been an assistant coach for the women’s volleyball team for 23 years. Green had retired after 2008-09 season. She Is considered the greatest American women’s volleyball deter of all time.

Her Olympic career Includes participation In the 1984 Olympic games In Los Angels, where she helped her USA team earn a silver medal.

At that time team USA had their best finish In the US women’s volleyball history. She was also on the roster for the 1 980 Olympics In Moscow, but the US had boycotted the games. Green represented us in three world championships and two Pan American Games, where she won a silver medal in 1983. As a collegiate player, Debbie led the Trojan of Long Beach State to two AWAY

National Championships. Later she was chosen to the US Volleyball Association Hall of Fame and received the All-Time Great Volleyball Player award. Out of all volleyball players for the 1 984 Olympics, she was the only woman to get this award.

She had also played for the Los Angels Starless of Major League Volleyball, when the team captured the two leagues first championships in 1987 and 1988. As a part of Green’s coaching career, she coached six All-American setters.

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