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Badminton Etiquette Essay Example
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The game of Badminton was popular between families that were of high social status. It was also common for private schools that had a good reputation and even catholic schools for girls. Schools of the high society almost always had a badminton team. As you can understand, the game has developed etiquette from early times. […]

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badminton Etiquette
The History of Badminton Essay Example
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Badminton is one of the oldest sports in the world. It has a long history that started from one country and spread to another and then to the whole world. It also has a social history as it was an upper class activity before it became a competitive sport. Battledore and shuttlecock is the first […]

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badminton England History
Faults in Badminton Essay Example
509 words 2 pages

A fault in badminton is an event where a person will be penalized by giving the opponent a point. There are a number of faults that can be used in the game of badminton. It helps to know these so that it will be easier for a player to know what to do and what […]

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badminton Recreation
Technique of Badminton Shots Essay Example
500 words 2 pages

The technique of Badminton shots is very important for the player as the main way to win the game comes through shots. Shots will help you score and advance the quality of the game. The shots in the game are many and they can all be played as forehand or backhand. The only exception is […]

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badminton Recreation
Legendary Badminton Players Essay Example
442 words 2 pages

Badminton has a rich history and it has consistently been a fan favorite. Despite changes in players, teams, and rules, the game has always provided unforgettable moments. Fans should be aware of several legendary players who made history through their memorable performances. Among the most renowned American players is David G. Freeman, a native of […]

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Saina Nehwal Essay Example
993 words 4 pages

Saina Nehwal (born March 17, 1990) is an Indian Khel Ratna winning badminton player currently ranked number 2 in the world by Badminton World Federation,. [4] Saina is the first Indian woman to reach the singles quarterfinals at the Olympics and the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships. Saina Nehwal made history […]

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APA badminton Olympic Games Research
Multi-Feed Shuttle Badminton Drill Essay Example
566 words 3 pages

Doing some simple Badminton Drills will have a great bearing in you becoming a better player. Just by playing games alone will not be enough. Spend some time and effort In your Badminton Training. You’ll become a better Badminton Player. A feeder drill Is when someone feeds you shuttles to Improve your skills and speed. […]

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History of Badminton Essay Example
688 words 3 pages

Badminton was invented a long time ago; the game was played in ancient Greece and Egypt. Badminton came from a child’s game called battledore and shuttlecock. This game was played with two players hitting a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets. The game was called ‘Poona’ in India during the 18th Century. Badminton […]

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badminton History Tennis
My Memories Great and Bad Essay Example
302 words 2 pages

Reflecting on my high school years brings a flood of memories. In high school, I encountered a combination of positive and negative experiences that seemed to fly by. This period served as a valuable teacher in life lessons and the creation of lasting friendships. My peers showed me the significance of diligence, dedication, and identifying […]

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badminton Childhood Memories Childhood Memory Memories

Popular Questions About badminton

What are the ten rules of badminton?
10 Rules of Badminton. At no time during the game should the player touch the net, with his racquet or his body. 3. The shuttlecock should not be carried on or come to rest on the racquet. 4. A player should not reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock. 5. A serve must carry cross court (diagonally) to be valid.
Is badminton a good sport?
Since it is more written about and definitely more popular but badminton is a great racquet sport as well as it offers a huge number of benefits for participants. If you play singles or doubles, badminton is a fun sport to play which will give you physical, mental and social benefits.
What is badminton and its history?
What is badminton and its history? The origins of the game of badminton date back at least 2,000 years to the game of battledore and shuttlecock played in ancient Greece, China, and India. Badminton took its name from Badminton House in Gloucestershire, the ancestral home of the Duke of Beaufort, where the sport was played in the last century.
What are the rules for playing badminton?
Rules of Badminton A game can take place with either two (singles) or four (doubles) players. An official match has to be played indoors on the proper court dimensions. To score a point the shuttlecock must hit within the parameters of the opponents court. If the shuttlecock hits the net or lands out then a point is awarded to your opponent.
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