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A brand is a concept that uniquely identifies a company’s good or service. People often mistake this term for a mere catchphrase, logo, slogan, or mark. Without a trademark, your business cannot survive in this technological age. In a particular statistical survey, more than 80% of consumers agreed that a trademark is important for online and landbased companies. If you need concrete marketing ideas for your startup or existing business, one way to gain inspiration is to read brand names essay examples.

A trademark tends to enhance the net value and competitive advantage of a business or company. The idea of branding goes back thousands of years ago. Traders in the marketplaces used this tool to differentiate their goods from that of other people. If you are studying a finance-related course or subject, our brand essay example varieties will be of big help to you.

If you want a concrete example of how marketing works, think about Coca-Cola. That soda drink is now a symbol of the actual company’s reputation. A brand essay will expose you to more examples of companies and their marks of identity.

Taco Bell Misleading Beef Law Suit Case Study
900 words 2 pages

In our litigious community, it is inevitable that a business organization, especially one having a consumer brand, will be possible to be hit with a junk lawsuit. Recently, Taco Bell, was caught with a class action lawsuit by the California woman, and will give us a good case study to any PR person who is […]

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Brand Hamburger Reputation
The On Exchange Relationship
280 words 1 page

Exchange relationship means benefits are given with the expectation of receiving a comparable benefit in the near future or in return for a benefit already received. There are two types of exchange relationship that is communal and exchange relationship, the difference between the two is the rules that govern giving and receiving of benefits, in […]

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Brand Communication Equal pay Marketing Mass Media
Great Historical Inventions of Tesla
2216 words 5 pages

Nikola Tesla was an American inventor born in Smiljan, Croatia on 10th of July 1856. His father was a priest from a Christian Orthodox while his mother was who had not attended any formal education, was intelligent. As a student in Australian Graz Polytechnic and later the University of Prague, Tesla wanted to major in […]

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Discover Electrical engineer engineering
Taking A Brand Global Ten Steps To Success
8353 words 17 pages

‘Taking A Brand Global: Ten Steps To Success’; Introduction: The Importance of Being Global A strong global brand is a powerful weapon. These days, however, it may also be an indispensable one, even as the economy challenges our faith in brands to deliver a profit. According to Interbrand’s ‘World’s Most Valuable Brands 2000’; study, for […]

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Brand Microsoft Sony Student
Marketing Analysis of Oakley I
2177 words 5 pages

Introduction For my strategic sports marketing project, I decided to report on the sports marketing activities of a particular corporation. I specifically wanted to report on the marketing operations of a rather diverse company; one that offers more than one product line for more than one sport. Oakley, Inc. is a company that offers several […]

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Brand Marketing
Consumer Behaviour Analysis Narrative
3007 words 6 pages

  In this competitive market, high quality of products may not be sufficient for companies to gain competitive edges in market (Palmer, 2004). In addition, according to Mouthing et al (1996), it seems that the nature of marketing is to satisfy the needs and requirements of consumers rather than product oriented. Thus, consumers play a […]

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Behavior Brand Consumer behaviour
Haighs Chocolates Marketing Plan Brief Essay Example
671 words 2 pages

Marketing Plan High’s Chocolate is a family owned Australia chocolate based in Adelaide AS. They specialize in handmade and single origin chocolates from Australia and around the world. The business is the oldest family owned chocolate maker in Australia and looking to increase awareness interstate and also around the world. Therefore, you are being called […]

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Brand Chocolate Marketing Plan Theory
Analyse Consumer Behaviour For Specific Markets: The Virgin Hotels
343 words 1 page

Virgin website, under the section Margin Hotels sums up the company’s vision saying that Virgin Hotels will be a place where guests feel ownership, where they can be themselves (with a few delights and surprises sprinkled in! ) and where they can’t wait to come back. ” Especially business travelers are supposedly returning customers, not […]

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Brand Consumer behaviour Marketing Marketing Strategy
Analysing an Advertisement- Maybelline Colorama
1340 words 3 pages

In this assignment I am analysing the “Maybelline Colorama” advertisement for nail varnishes. I have decided to analyse this product as it interests me personally. The advertisement shows two women wearing the nail varnish advertised. The women are both models; Quiana Grant and Adriana Lima. The models are most likely aged between 19- 22 representing […]

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Advertisement Advertising Brand Clothing
Marketed in the last thirty years Essay Example
912 words 2 pages

With reference to the adverts you have studied, investigate the ways in which ‘Lucozade’ has been marketed in the last thirty years. The most far-reaching mainstream source of product advertising over the last thirty years has undoubtedly been on television, where product advertisements are now such an everyday part of our lives that we almost take […]

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Advertising Advertising campaign Brand Database
Analyse and compare two magazine
1117 words 3 pages

Analyse and compare two magazine advertisements, paying particular attention to audience and stylistic features. The two adverts that I have recently studied are both promoting ordinary, everyday household products. These are, Persil washing-up liquid and Hovis bread. Both adverts have a specific audience in mind, as they are aimed at young women. The adverts were found […]

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Advertising Brand Camera Magazine
The product is positioned Essay Example
1668 words 4 pages

Advertisers need to persuade people to part with their money and to buy their product. They use techniques to promote a dream or an idea and then try to sell this to their specific target market. I have chosen to look at two magazine adverts; one for the Subaru Impreza, the other for the Honda […]

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Advertising Brand Cars Honda Product
Boots works Essay Example
1043 words 3 pages

So as written above, it is noted down that Boots has many aims and objectives and as you continue to read thoroughly through, the information presented, it will become much clearer as to how Boots works to meet its aims and objectives. Boots consists of smart objectives. These objectives are more than just general achievements […]

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Brand Business Business Operations Business Process Management Money
Poore brothers Essay Example
1413 words 3 pages

Poore Brothers Brothers Don and Jay Poore had worked on potato chip packaging equipment and thought they would strike out on their own. While servicing packaging machines in Pennsylvania, Don and Jay had met a gentleman who knew a lot about making potato chips in small kettles “One Batch at a Time” and he helped […]

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Brand Cooking Food snack foods
Operational Planning Essay Example
1221 words 3 pages

There are four different types of planning within and organization, strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency. Each will have an impact on each other and how they are carried out. Disney’s operational planning consists of how things are run on a day-to-day basis within a year helping to reach the company’s strategic planning goals. “Operational planning […]

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Brand Labour Economics Marketing Planning
Marketing & Sales Persuasive
1055 words 3 pages

Marketing is an essential function in any business and is largely focused upon within ELLE. The Group’s principal strategy is to develop the ELLE brand both in the wholesale and retail sectors, and to acquire clothing rights for other brands. A marketing strategy that was incorporated from the beginning relates to the company name: ELLE. […]

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Brand Marketing
The objectives of Cadbury Trebor Bassett Essay Example
468 words 1 page

Businesses set themselves objectives; they are used as a starting point for decision-making. They also affect the ways that the business operates, they state in general terms what the company wants to be able to achieve in the long-term. The reasons why business have objectives is because,Growth earnings per share by 10% each year” – […]

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Brand Marketing Object Pepsico
Product cheaply
625 words 2 pages

The marketing department at Avon has recently started a new advertising campaign, in which actress Salma Hayek is included. Ms. Hayek will appear to advertise the new colour and fragrance launches. She will begin appearing in print and television advertisements for the products later in the year. She will also feature in the company’s brochures, […]

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Advertising campaign Brand Business Marketing Sales
Monkey Snacks final report
1798 words 4 pages

This final report compiles every aspect of the report to give Monkey Snacks an overview of the different chapters and segments and come to a final decision. This is vital as Monkey Snacks has many decisions whish must be made and therefore all the information in this report allows them to do so. This final […]

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Brand Business Process Microeconomics Monkey
Chosen organisation
1333 words 3 pages

Branding: Tesco involves in creating a unique name and image for a product it is linked with logos, strap lines, brand promise, colours and associated benefits. The benefits of a having a strong brand image is that it creates an image of an established business that has been around for long enough to become well […]

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Brand Iphone Tesco The Chosen
Target Audience Essay Example
1618 words 4 pages

By designing my billboard and magazine adverts I am aiming to sell the fragrance by advertisement and I am hoping that my billboard design will be seen all over the world and that my magazine adverts will appear in a lot of woman’s magazines of which my target audience read. To make my billboard and […]

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Advertising Audience Brand Perfume
Customers of Marks & Spencer’s
5374 words 11 pages

External customers are M ; S’s biggest maker of profit, as they are the biggest buyer of their products. M ; S offer more than just a regular store in order to be successful. These are things such as special occasion’s products; they offer foreign currency and a credit card. They categorise their external customers […]

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Brand Customer Marketing Shopping

Popular Questions About Brand

What are generic brands?
A generic brand is a type of consumer product that lacks a widely recognized name or logo because it typically isn't advertised. Generic brands are usually less expensive than brand-name products due to their lack of promotion, which can inflate the cost of a good or service.
What is one brand marketing?
One Brand Marketing is a technology-first organization that provides printing, direct mail, digital advertising and related business services through best-in-class software solutions.
What brand is Barbie?
Barbie is the figurehead of a brand of Mattel dolls and accessories, including other family members and collectible dolls. Barbie has been an important part of the toy fashion doll market for over fifty years, and has been the subject of numerous controversies and lawsuits, often involving parodies of the doll and her lifestyle.