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For our project work we chose the international company Hugo Boss. To give advice to the board of management we analysed the company with the help of the 5 forces of Porter, the Balances Score Card and the SWOT-analysis. Our objective is to find a suitable export country and to write a exportplan for this country.

Hugo Boss AG is a german clothing producer Metzingen-based. Hugo Boss is famous for its various brands, as Hugo, Boss, BOSS Black, BOSS Selection, BOSS Orange and BOSS Green. Hugo Boss is not only producing clothes but as well accessoires and parfume.With the help of the 5 forces of Porter we analysed the rivalry among existing firms, the threat of subsitute products of service, the threat of new entrants, the bargaining power of suppliers and the barganing power of buyers. Hugo Boss? s main concurrent is Armani.

But Zenga, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are concurrents, too. We compared Hugo Boss? s turnover with Armani? s turnover and we found out that Hugo Boss is more successful than Armani. The suppliers of Hugo Boss have to meet a lot of demands, as the protection of the enviroment and an excellent quality of the fabrics.As well they have to ensure that the fabrics are not made by child labour. Considering their customers Hugo Boss is always up to date to the newest trends and wishes of the customers, so that they ensure to come up to the expectations of the customers.

With the help of the Balances Score Card we analysed four perspectives, the business process perspective, the financial perspective, the learning and growth perspective and the customer perspective. Hugo Boss is a successful company and the market leader in the clothing segment. We calculated the index and it proved that Hugo Boss shows a huge profit and capital.As well we found out that Hugo Boss is a brand which stands for quality and modernity. The results of our survey show that Hugo Boss was a good reputation and that the customers are satisfied with the clothing made by Hugo Boss.

This also proves that Hugo Boss is always up to date and innovative, to retain their position as market leader and to fulfil the customers expectations. Moreover we made a plan of export and chose China as a possible country to export. That plan included also the SWOT-analysis to find out the strenghts, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.It resulted that Hugo Boss has a well-known en established brand name. Hugo Boss is a multinational concern and is already known with export activities. Although there is a risk for international companies to operate at the Chinese market and the vogue is constantly changing, the Chinese market is a big opportunity for Hugo Boss.

Western designs are in great demand such as luxury brands. Based on these analysis we chose China as a potential export country for Hugo Boss. Although Hugo Boss has already stores in China, an increasing profit is expected for the Asian regions in the next years.

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