Leadership is a skill that can be developed and honed over time. For the past three years, I have had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills in various roles. Through this experience, I have come to understand the qualities of an effective leader and how to use them to bring out the best from others. In my first year as a leader, I was elected captain of my school’s basketball team. As captain, it was my responsibility to ensure that everyone on the team worked together towards our common goal of winning games. To do this, I had to set clear expectations for each player and provide guidance throughout practices and games. Furthermore, I also had to be available outside of practice times if any players needed help or advice with their game-play or academics. Being able to relate well with all members of the team allowed me to foster a positive environment enabling us all work together effectively towards success on court. The following year saw me take on an even greater role as president of both student government bodies at school and college level respectively. As president it became essential for me to build relationships with faculty members as well as students across both campuses in order for student initiatives and activities planned by these bodies run smoothly without any hitches. My ability to engage students through interactive dialogues during meetings enabled us collaborate more efficiently when planning events as well having better utilization resources made available by faculty members ultimately led us achieving most goals we set out accomplish that academic year . Most recently, I played a major leadership role within our campus ministry organization where facilitated weekly bible studies among fellow peers while providing spiritual guidance whenever needed This proved challenging at times due different wants needs among members but being able listen each person allow them express themselves freely collectively reach compromises enabled grow spiritually closer one another . Ultimately fostered atmosphere where we could share experiences openly discuss life issues honestly without fear judgement which has been rewarding experience beyond measure . These experiences have taught me much about what makes an effective leader; namely vision , listening empathy communication collaboration compromise patience understanding humility respect compassion trustworthiness accountability integrity determination passion enthusiasm innovation creativity adaptability positivity All these important qualities are key aspects need successful leaders possess order become successful ourselves inspire same those around .

Lack of Effective Leadership in Early Childhood Essay Example
4668 words 17 pages

Introduction The concept of effective leadership in early childhood is fundamental that it contributes to the shaping of the young children in their future as teenagers as they develop into adulthood. Effective and quality early childhood education and the leadership of the instructors and tutors who are tasked with teaching the children directly influence the […]

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Effective Leadership Leadership Experience
Organizational Leadership & Interprofesional Team Development Essay Example
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Introduction As far as the business setting are concerned, the healthcare system has so many numerous differences with the normal business. The whole healthcare is closely monitored because of its delicate nature. This has given rise to the healthcare management scope in the modern industry, to be precise this is the field that offers profession […]

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Leadership Experience Leadership Qualities Plastic Surgery
Personal Leadership Experience as a Manager of Multinational Organization Essay Example
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Introduction Leading a multinational organization is challenging. To be to rule effectively, leaders; Are supposed to formulate corporate and vision. Work with national and local leaders. Understanding the cross cultures. Leading a multinational organization is characterized by a number challenges owing to the diversities that exist within territorial boundaries and cultural differences. As a leader […]

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Leadership Experience Personal Experience
Lack of Effective Leadership in Early Childhood Education Essay Example
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  The imperative requirement for outstanding leadership in early childhood education and care settings is always a priority because of the link between high caliber leadership as well as better outcomes for young children. It is acknowledged that effective leadership is essential to the success of education and care settings (Rodd, 2013). A lack of […]

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Effective Leadership Leadership Experience
Business Leadership Essay
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Joe was to provide the focus for the company. It was his responsibility to offer guidance to the company due to the long illness that his father was suffering. That will ensure that the company remains in a better position even after his father has left. To that, he had to inspire Jacob to look […]

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Leadership Experience
A Leader in Magazine Publishing Essay Example
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Josiana Publishers a leading magazine publisher in Asia invited me to head in changing their company magazine’s appearance so as to attract a broader Asia audience. Delivering a heavy experience in my previous published works, I got interested in the offer and I was appointed the manager to lead the publishing team. As a production […]

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Leadership Experience Magazine
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