A Leader in Magazine Publishing Essay Example
A Leader in Magazine Publishing Essay Example

A Leader in Magazine Publishing Essay Example

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  • Published: January 27, 2022
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Josiana Publishers, a leading magazine publisher in Asia, invited me to head the transformation of their company magazine's appearance in order to attract a wider Asian audience. Given my extensive experience in publishing, I became interested in the opportunity and was appointed the manager of the publishing team. In my role as production manager, I led and supervised a team of 40 individuals to fulfill the company's mission. This team consisted of photographers, designers, marketers, and production staff. I organized a team meeting where I presented our strategy for changing the magazine's appearance, along with a projected budget and any potential complications. We reached an agreement on specific design elements and target audience based on our vision.

The nex


t day, we began an intensive brainstorming session that lasted for three weeks. Eventually, we created a stunning design for the magazine. Although my team was initially thrilled to complete the task within the given timeframe, they did an outstanding job. We successfully rebranded the magazine's layout. Despite facing financial difficulties during this period, our CEO, who always aimed for the best, supported us in overcoming this challenge. Following the publication of the magazine, the company's gross revenue significantly rose.

After leading this squad, I realized that effective leadership, a diverse team with different skills and opinions, can collaborate closely to achieve outstanding results. The magazine rebranding project was initiated by me, resulting in

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