Business Leadership Essay
Business Leadership Essay

Business Leadership Essay

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  • Published: January 27, 2022
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Joe was to provide the focus for the company. It was his responsibility to offer guidance to the company due to the long illness that his father was suffering. That will ensure that the company remains in a better position even after his father has left. To that, he had to inspire Jacob to look into the possibility of restoring the ground of the company. That would ensure that the ultimate goals of the enterprise’s existence will be achieved.

The revision of the business’s vision is the first interest. That is because the aim of this I to provide a route for growth and achievement of the set goals. That would ensure that the timely achievement of results ensures that the company remains on track in the achievement of its target. That will inspire that the purpose for the existence of the company (Burns, 1978). That wil


l relook at the possibility of reorganizing the initial plans.

The achievement of these goals requires leadership that is spurred by growth. Reasons that will help establish a sustainable environment for a sustainable society. Redefining the boundaries is important in developing the requisite accounts for the achievement of the dreams of the organization (Post, 1986). Coupling that with the established organizational structure will be instrumental in the creation of a necessary environment for the decision-making process. That will ensure that the company remains relevant in the market. A goal to expand is inevitable. It is the best bet that if can be achieved it can enable the market dominance of this organization. The leadership of such an organization is paramount to the achievement of the goals. That is the reason that

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makes the leader an instrumental part in the meeting of the needs of this given organization.

Market leadership is an important aspect of a business. It ensures that organizations can maximize on the available market. A definition of the environment that the organization covers is an important aspect of the growth of that. Jordan Shoe Company has achieved tremendous growth in the recent years. The market segment that it focuses on ensures that there is always a better way of improving the sales (Chen&Meindl, 1998). The growth in the recent years can be attributed to a lot of factors. That ensures that the given targets are met.
The tremendous growth that has been observed in Jordan Shoe Company can be attributed to several factors. First is the establishment of an organizational structure that is responsive to the needs of the company. The structure should consist of individuals who have the zeal to meet targets and achieve goals. That ensures that the workforce is streamlined with the needs of the company. It is due to this factor that the shoe company has gained that market share in Colorado.

After the acquisition of the important territorial dominance, the next step is to ensure expansion. That can be focused on the product development or rather the territorial expansion. That ensures that he company’s presence is felt on a larger geographical scale. That guarantees the expansion of the market that translates to more returns in the case of production (Hofstede, 1980). Product development will ensure that the company achieves more not only on the tennis shoes but also other types of products. The diversification of this product will go a long way

to ensuring that the company meets many customer needs and in return vitalize their confidence.


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