Diversity Inc. Magazine Essay Example
Diversity Inc. Magazine Essay Example

Diversity Inc. Magazine Essay Example

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  • Published: April 25, 2022
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In the article details diversity recruiting by outlining on-boarding tips from BASF, KPMG and TD Bank. According to the article, the first 90 days of an employee will determine their stay and success at the company. As such, onboarding is very crucial as it makes employees comfortable and familiarize with the company’s corporate culture. Based on the selected companies, the article details how to factor in diversity and inclusion towards on-boarding, how to use employee resource groups as aids for on-boarding and success assessment criteria.

The information outlined within this article effectively relates to diversity in the workplace. For instance, all the three companies emphasize on the need for all-inclusive on-boarding criteria for every individual hired. For the case of BASF company, they employ use of resource groups headed by the Talent Acquisition and Diversity leader who conducts sessions to express


the importance of diversity and inclusion.TD Bank provides training to her new hires on traditions that work to express the company’s corporate culture to employees diversity and inclusion strategy included. KPMG on the other hand utilizes the capabilities of employee resource groups emphasize the importance of inclusion during the on-boarding sessions.

The information based in this article is beneficial in that the diversity and inclusion are important aspects that need factored in the corporate culture right from the start of the company’s hiring process. By explaining the importance of employee resource groups, the information is very crucial in providing means through which companies can promote diversity. The assessment criterion is paramount in evaluating whether the company fares on the right track in diversifying its culture. The article gives engagement and retention as the underlying barometers t

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measure success. The information in the first chapter relates well with diversity as it explains on the importance of diversity and inclusion during onboarding.



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