Analyse and compare two magazine Essay Example
Analyse and compare two magazine Essay Example

Analyse and compare two magazine Essay Example

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  • Published: December 14, 2018
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When analysing and comparing two magazine advertisements, it is important to consider the audience and stylistic features. Two advertisements promoting everyday household items, Persil washing-up liquid and Hovis bread, were recently studied. These ads are specifically aimed at young women and were found in the magazines 'Closer' and 'Marie Claire'.

It is crucial to note that both advertisements employ imaginative techniques to attract their primary audience, primarily women. However, the Persil advertisement may also appeal to men as it features a renowned supermodel and uses sex appeal to promote the product. On the other hand, the Hovis advertisement showcases a builder bent over with a revealing pink thong on display prominently positioned to the right of the frame to focus attention. Additionally, the blurred background accentuates the builder's image, making it a focal point of the a



In the Persil advertisement, a famous supermodel is featured posing in the foreground in a central view with a plain white background that creates a dramatic contrast with her dark skin, making her appear superimposed. By positioning her arms against her body, the designer gloves become prominent and draw the attention of viewers to the item of clothing. If the model's arms were by her side, the gloves would blend into the white background and the advertisement would be less effective. In contrast, the Hovis advertisement features a builder who appears unaware of the camera, creating a more casual feel compared to the set-up shoot of the supermodel in the Persil advertisement. The main difference between these two advertisements is their subjects' positioning.

Although both commercials feature a piece of clothing, they are used in contrasting manners. The individual in the

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Persil advertisement sports high-end silver gloves for washing dishes, indicating that "Persil" is a more sophisticated dishwashing liquid than typical brands. The designer gloves hint at the notion that cleaning utensils can be transformed into an enjoyable activity rather than a tedious task.

The Hovis advertisement featuring a male builder's thong could be of interest to women who manage households. The ad is a parody of the "builder's bum," wherein the contrasting bright pink thong is revealing even though the male protagonist is wearing masculine work gear. This underclothing is directly related to the caption, where the man appears to have made a bet on the taste of Hovis bread and is now paying for it as a forfeit.

In my opinion, this advertisement is clever and memorable. Unlike the Persil advertisement which alters women's attitudes towards washing-up, Hovis uses humor to engage the audience. However, both advertisements use sex appeal as a marketing tactic. The supermodel's beauty tempts women to purchase the product and designer gloves with hopes of feeling more luxurious.

The notion of a man donning feminine pink underwear may seem out of place, but it could be alluring to females. I believe that the headline of Persil's advertisement carries a sexual intonation. The presence of a famous supermodel in the image will further attract women to the promoted product. Beneath the headline, a brief caption elaborates on what is being advertised, using simple and straightforward language that directly conveys the ad's message to engage readers. A factual paragraph follows this caption, providing specifics about the product.

The Hovis advert employs a first person narrative to directly engage the reader.

In contrast to the Persil advert, it uses fewer words and focuses on the builder's caption. Both adverts maintain a direct connection with their audience through first person narrative.

The use of ellipses in the caption allows for a natural pause while reading, which draws attention to the main subject. The Persil advertisement features text alongside the supermodel image in a single band. Black font was chosen for maximum visibility against the white background, with the largest text being the main heading that immediately caught the eye.

The layout of the Hovis advert is skillfully designed, with the text size decreasing in the caption and the bottom paragraph being very small to convey factual information, albeit uninteresting to the reader. The small white text contrasts effectively with the drab building site colors, while the pink thong is positioned attractively between the two sections of text.

It is significant that the first sentence of the text ends with ellipses, as this directs the viewer's attention to the image of the builder. The final phrase of the text is positioned just beneath the image. In a similar way, the Persil advertisement also features a small-scale product image in the bottom right corner, as both brands are already recognized and only need a subtle reminder of what is being sold. In the Hovis advert, there is a product image accompanied by a brief slogan emphasizing the improved recipe's health benefits, with the text reading, "25% less carbs, but you'll never guess".

The campaign for bread as a healthy option is promoted with the suggestion that it tastes the same. With people being more selective about

their nutritional intake, this slogan will appeal to a large audience. Between the two ads, I find the Hovis ad to be more effective due to its clever and humorous approach. Including humor in ads enhances their readability.

The aim of this advertisement is to inform the audience that their updated bread is now healthier while retaining its taste. This is demonstrated through a humorous scenario featuring a builder wearing a thong. In comparison, I found the Persil advertisement less engaging due to its limited use of color and slow delivery of essential information.

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