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Western Blots Essay Example
2312 words 9 pages

Protein isolation for a western blot uses detergents and mechanical force to separate seeded cells from their container. Eukaryotic cells are attached to the surface of a flask by Catherine. In the past, we’ve separated the cells from the flask by breaking these bonds with a protease, but In order to keep the proteins Intact, […]

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Chemistry Detergent Disease Molecular Biology Protein
What affects membrane permeability Essay Example
1754 words 7 pages

Cell membrane permeability practical investigation This experiment investigates the effect of changes in pH, alcohol, and different concentrations of detergents on beetroot membranes. If the extreme levels of pH would degrade the beetroot cell membrane, the experiment would prove that different solutions react differently. Introduction Cell membranes are the entry points for liquid solutions. They […]

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Cell Membrane Chemistry Cholesterol Cytology Detergent
Intro to Boron Essay Example
549 words 2 pages

Have you ever done the laundry and wondered what was in the detergent you use? Or if you watched a rocket launch into space have you wondered how it can even make it past earth? The answer to those questions is boron (B). Boron is a metalloid element with an atomic number of 5 and […]

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Atom Atomic Physics Chemical Compound Chemical Element Detergent Organic Chemistry Oxygen
Isolation and Purification of Proteins Essay Example
2058 words 8 pages

This study focused on exploring and analyzing different methods of protein solubilization and assaying, with bovine liver protein serving as the test sample. The effects of several solvents including ethanol, water, PBS, PBS+1% Triton x-100, and PBS+2% SDS on protein solubilization were thoroughly investigated. Protein quantities dissolved in these solvents were measured using Bradford and […]

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APA Cholesterol Detergent Molecular Biology Protein
Vizag Case Solution Essay Example
473 words 2 pages

Ariel detergent powder launch by P&G in the test market of Vizag triggered intense marketing war in detergent market of India. At this point of time, major players in detergent market Hindustan Lever (HLL) and Nirma had market share of 40% and 30% respectively, with a market size well over us $ 1,000,000,000. In response […]

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Competitor Analysis Detergent Management Microeconomics Unilever

Popular Questions About Detergent

What is the best brand of detergent?
Based on The Statistical Portal’s report on sales of the leading liquid laundry detergent products, the top detergent brand names in the U.S. are Tide, Gain, All, Arm & Hammer, Purex and Xtra.
What does the name detergent mean?
A cleansing agent that differs from soap but can also emulsify oils and hold dirt in suspensionA surface-active chemical widely used in industry and launderingHaving cleansing power Synonyms: detersive
What is the most popular detergent?
Henko is amongst the top manufacturers of detergent in the country. This company is extremely popular and it is owned by the Jyothi Laboratories. This detergent brand is very famous. Henko manufactures detergents that are of low cost that can be used in buckets as well as washing machines.
What is the function of detergent?
The main function of a detergent is to break down the surface tension that exists between grease and water. They are referred to as "surface active agents" or "surfactants". Another function is to remove the dirt (or SOIL) in question.
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