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7 P’s of Banking Sector Essay Example
6333 words 24 pages

Executive Summary Nowadays, the service industry, especially banks, faces increasing competition. In such environment, differentiation is necessary. The general purpose of this thesis is to understand how a bank can achieve differentiation based on a marketing approach. Two research questions will respectively examine the three additional P’s of the marketing mix (People, Presentation or Physical […]

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Banking Customer Relationship Management Product Differentiation
Cvs Marketing Development Essay Example
1496 words 6 pages

Porter’s Five Forces ForcesGradeNote Segment Rivalry Strong The current market is divided between a few powerful competitors that can relatively easily attract customers from one another as the switching costs are low and practical absence of product differentiation contributes to the easy loss of market share. Threat of Mobility Weak While the new entrants only […]

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Development Pharmacy Product Differentiation
Duckback Marketing Plan Essay Example
3040 words 12 pages

Established in 1920, Bengal Waterproof Ltd (BWL) holds the title of being India’s pioneer waterproof products company. Known for its popular “Duckback” brand, BWL is a dominant player in the local market for rubberised consumer goods and protective wear. The company caters to a wide customer base, ranging from households to government institutions and defence […]

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Brand Marketing Plan Product Differentiation
Porter’s Five Forces Essay Example
1064 words 4 pages

According to Porter, a competitive strategy must align with the opportunities and threats found in the external environment. This strategy should be built upon knowledge of industry and economic changes. Porter identifies five forces that impact all industries, dictating the level and pathway of competition, and ultimately influencing industry profitability. The objective of strategic planning […]

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Business Operations Business Process Product Differentiation Strategic Management supply chain management
Value Chain Analysis Analysis Essay Example
3329 words 13 pages

The article focuses on the main aspects of Value chain analysis. The activities entailed in the framework are discussed in detail, with respect to competitive strategies and value to the customer. The article includes tips for students and analysts on how to write a good Value chain analysis for a firm. Moreover, sources of findings […]

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Product Differentiation Strategic Management Value Chain Values
. Soft Drink Industry Five Forces Analysis: Essay Example
1671 words 7 pages

. Soft Drink Industry Five Forces Analysis: Soft drink industry is very profitable, more so for the concentrate producers than the bottler’s. This is surprising considering the fact that product sold is a commodity which can even be produced easily. There are several reasons for this, using the five forces analysis we can clearly demonstrate […]

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Coca-Cola Drink Industry Pepsi Product Differentiation
Le Petit Chef Essay Example
822 words 3 pages

Elevator pitch Le Petit Chef faces a usual challenge: how to keep on growing on a mature market when differentiation though innovation is more and more expensive and profit tends to drop because of increased competition. Microwave oven has been a disruptive technology. For a mature technology, it is more a matter of optimizing the […]

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Business Process Innovation Product Differentiation
Porters Five Force Essay Example
720 words 3 pages

The original model by Porter identified five forces that would affect an organization’s behavior in a competitive market. These forces include the rivalry among existing sellers, the power of customers, the influence of suppliers, the potential threat of new sellers, and the chance of substitute products emerging. In order for organizations to formulate successful strategies […]

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Business Process Force Microeconomics Product Differentiation
Jetblue Airways: Can It Survive in a Turbulent Industry Essay Example
1075 words 4 pages

1. JetBlue’s Mission David Neeleman found JetBlue in 1999 with the mission “to bring humanity back to air travel”. This goal is achieved by creating a company that offers comfortable, friendly travel at low fares and by this to differentiate themselves from the mass. JetBlue has always identified itself as a customer service company first, […]

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Competition Industry Product Differentiation Swot Analysis
Differentiation and integration are quite important for an organization Essay Example
578 words 3 pages

Understanding the concepts of differentiation and integration are quite important for an organization and both of them are widely used when the environments are uncertain. The differentiation is basically the difference in the products and services of an organization and the core objective of differentiation is to develop a unique attribute in the products and […]

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Behavior Product Differentiation
Market saturation Essay Example
584 words 3 pages

However, Wendy’s also face threats in achieving its goals. One is the enforcement of stricter regulation in advertising and food standards of fast food because of the burgeoning issue of obesity. Although Wendy’s distinguishes itself as a healthy fast food, the bad publicity received by fast food companies could negatively affect Wendy’s performance, especially if […]

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Competition Fast Food Product Differentiation
Week 4 Marketing Plan: Phase III Essay Example
823 words 3 pages

Attributes refer to the characteristics or properties of a particular product, brand, service, advertisement or any object of interest in a market research context. Market and brand research often focus on identifying the most impactful features of a service, such as the cooking classes offered at Macy’s. These classes possess several attributes, such as exceptional […]

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Brand Marketing Plan Product Differentiation Target Market
Wachovia Company Essay Example
833 words 4 pages

Porter (1986), known as the Father of Competitive strategies, identified five driving forces of competition in an industry. He provided a list of these forces and explained their application within the industry. These strategies include: The threat of new competitors entering the industry, which poses a major competition challenge. When a new competitor enters, there […]

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Company Customer Price Product Differentiation
Strategic Management Asos Essay Example
2221 words 9 pages

Introduction ASOS is an international fashion retailer, which offers an extensive line of products, varying from high street to luxury items. Success and rapid growth of the company was achieved trough a well- planned orporate strategy, using their resources and capabilities in a way that would profit the company. “Strategic planning is the process by […]

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Brand Management Product Differentiation Strategic Management
Porter Generic Strategies and Samsung Essay Example
1265 words 5 pages

This case study deals with Samsung Electronics and its evolvements thorough the years of activity. The semi-conductor industry in which Samsung participate is highly competitive and very dynamic. Thus, in order to analyze the case properly, we must know first the ropes of the industry, and afterwards dig in the company itself. Porter’s 5 forces […]

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Product Differentiation Samsung Strategic Management
Singapore Airline Essay Example
1679 words 7 pages

Air flight is becoming closer and closer to our lives. A biggest advantage of air flight is speed, for example, in order to travel from Saigon to Hanoi, it takes at least 36 hours by bus, 24 hours by train but only 2 hours by flight. Completion in airline industry is increasingly intense when many […]

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Innovation Marketing Strategy Product Differentiation Singapore
Panera Bread Company Case Study Essay Example
997 words 4 pages

1. Panera Bread’s strategy is to make great bread broadly available to consumers across the US. The vision was to provide consumers with a high quality, authentic, fresh-dough artisan bakery and upscale quick-service dining experience. The following key elements comprise the Panera Bread strategy: a. Capitalize on market potential by opening both company-owned and franchised […]

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Brand Bread Company Product Differentiation Restaurant Study
Kellogg’s Marketing Essay Example
1299 words 5 pages

Thousands of companies, including those in the breakfast cereal industry, commonly engage in creating value for customers and building strong customer relationships to receive value in return. The Kellogg’s Company is the chosen manufacturer of a lightly toasted breakfast cereal for this assignment. The United States was introduced to the cereal in 1956, which was […]

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Advertising Kellogg Product Differentiation Target Market
Jamba Juice Case Study Essay Example
1847 words 7 pages

Jamba Juice and its immediate competitors operate under the industry entitled “snack and nonalcoholic beverage bars” [ (U. S. Census Bureau) ]. According to the U. S. Census Bureau the official description of the snack and nonalcoholic beverage bars is as follows: “This U. S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) preparing and/or serving […]

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Drink Franchising MBA Product Differentiation Study
The Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage Essay Example
311 words 2 pages

The building blocks of competitive advantage are efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer responsiveness. These building blocks are generic in that they provide four basic ways to lower cost and achieve differentiation. Any firm can adopt these no matter what industry it is in or what product or service it provides. Efficiency is based on the […]

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Building Economics Innovation Product Differentiation
Porters Five Forces Analysis Broadway Cafe Essay Example
936 words 4 pages

In 1952, The Broadway Cafe opened its doors for business. Located in downtown Saratoga Springs, the cafe specializes in a wide variety of coffees, teas, homemade sandwiches and soups and also offers a full service bakery. For quite some time the Cafe was the local hotspot. However for the last five years business has been […]

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Coffee Product Differentiation
Starbucks Analysis Essay Example
1473 words 6 pages

Industry Rivalry : The industry rivalry within the specialty coffee industry has changed dramatically since 1987. Unlike the early days of the specialty coffee industry when Starbucks competed primarily against other small-scale specialty coffee retailers they now compete against companies of varying sizes and different exposures to specialty coffee. Starbucks competes with a variety of […]

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Coffee Product Differentiation Starbucks

Popular Questions About Product Differentiation

What is product differentiation and why is it important?
Product differentiation is essential in today's financial climate. It allows the seller to contrast its own product with competing products in the market and emphasize the unique aspects that make its product superior.
What are the types of product differentiation?
Three types of product differentiation are horizontal, vertical and simple. Horizontal product differentiation distinguishes a product based on one characteristic of the product; however, consumers are not able to distinguish which product has a higher quality.
What is a product differentiation strategy?
Product differentiation is a marketing strategy that businesses use to distinguish a product from similar offerings on the market. For small businesses, a product differentiation strategy may provide a competitive advantage in a market dominated by larger companies.
What are some of the product differentiation characteristics?
Attributes that can Differentiate the ProductsProduct Features: A product's physical characteristics and capabilities may be an important form of differentiation. After-sales service: Convenience and quality of service may be critical factors in deciding among alternative products. Desirable image: This is the obvious basis of virtually all fashion products, ranging from clothing (e.g.
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