Advertisement Analysis – Dior Addict Lipstick Essay Example
Advertisement Analysis – Dior Addict Lipstick Essay Example

Advertisement Analysis – Dior Addict Lipstick Essay Example

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  • Published: May 10, 2018
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Women use make-up all of the time, they use it to look good and to look professional which gives them more confidence. Lipstick is one of the most used products of a woman. As said in research, 81% of women in the US use lipstick in a daily basis. Nowadays, there is a large competition in the market of makeup and lipsticks. Dior Addict lipstick is targeted at women between 18-30 years old who follows fashion movements like women in business settings and aspiring models. Basically, Dior Addict lipstick is targeted to them because women at their age want to have their own style, their own identity and their own statement.

A lot of brands implement different messages and benefits about their products through their print ads. The print ad of Dior Addict Lipstick carries out a message of confidence, po


ise, and distinctiveness to the users of the lipstick. As said in its tagline, "be iconic!" This implements uniqueness to whoever will use the lipstick. Dior Addict lipstick's concept is all about being iconic, meaning to represent oneself in a unique manner that will give a high impact to others.

This message was executed in the print advertisement of Dior lipstick using a classical style of art that depicts the lipstick's concept using one message, one image, and one style. Dior Addict Lipstick is a simple lipstick that is easy to use and gives a high fashion look to women, using classical style of advertisement is really complementary to these features and the nature of the lipstick. The advertisement of Dior addict lipstick is easy to understand but at the same time it is highly motivating and

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persuading.The concept of the print advertisement of Dior addict lipstick is consistent with the brand name because the brand Dior is about being high fashioned and classy while the Dior addict lipstick gives a high fashion look to women.

Endorsement advertising execution style was used in the advertisement promotional mix element. The print advertisement itself looked high fashion for they used Kate Moss who is known for being a high fashion model. She's the muse of Dior addict lipstick because she is the source of inspiration for the brand and because of her rock-chic elegance and the modernity of her look. And also, she is befitting to the brand of Dior. The text of the advertisement is "Dior Addict Lipstick" and "be iconic".

The Word Addict is used to illustrate the dependence to a drug, the image or pleasure, attractive and original. The text of the Advertisement concentrated to the target market because the phrase "be iconic" is a direct message to the target market. It is also used to motivate and to persuade the target market to buy the lipstick for the ad depicts that if a person buys the lipstick then she can be iconic and be high-fashion as what the ad is illustrating. The photography symbolizes the model as an enthusiast or addict to the lipstick.

The model shows the addicting sensation of the lipstick towards her and makes her look like she desire for more. Thus making a statement and making her high fashioned. Looking at the facial expression of the model, Kate Moss, we can see the relation of it to the product name, Dior Addict. The facial expression of the model implements

desire for the product and pleasure of using the product.

It encourages viewers of the product to be drawn into it and be motivated to buy it. It convinces consumers to be mesmerized by the look of the product and the benefits it gives them.Focusing on the makeup of their muse Kate Moss, we sense a message of strength and power with the use of the lipstick. Along with this is mysteriousness. This implies strength and standing out when using lipstick.

People are attracted to people who look good. So when using the lipstick, executing a mysterious, powerful look which is iconic, people will give you the impression that you belong to a certain social class or status.Considering the price, one of the basis of it through the print ad itself would be the brand and the personality linked to it. The price would basically be for middle-class to first class people.

The objectives of advertisements in the growth stage are to inform, to convince, to persuade, and to brand. All of these objectives are presumably met in the Print Advertisement of Dior Addict Lipstick. The Print advertisement branded or identified the lipstick as High Fashion because of the word Dior on it, It automatically made the Ad high fashion. Also, a high fashion model is an endorser, Kate Moss. The Advertisement was not that informative because it only has a few words on it but the photography and the text makes it very persuasive and convincing to the target market because the advertisement conforms with the product's main concept which are originality, attractiveness, and having a unique identity.

With Dior Addict Lipstick at the Growth Stage, they continue

to show excellence and numerous benefits through the print advertisements, which make them better than other brands. Based on the message of their print advertisement, their product is something that a woman would desire to use more often to feel the pleasure it brings them.PLACEDior Addict Lipstick is a globally marketed product. The target market is geographically disepersed thus making it hard to advertise.

Dior Addict Lipstick has a website that advertises the lipstick and defines its features or the lipstick, through a website it would be easier and cheaper to advertise the product but it is not necessarily limited to advertising online. Putting Advertisements online is accessible to anyone in the world who has access to the internet. Dior Addict has only one website and one ad, so this means that their website and their advertisements can be applied to anyone in the world who follows fashion. Dior Addict Lipstick has only one advocacy which is being iconic, every woman in the world can be iconic, even in other cultures. Because 81% of the women in the world use make-up, and 81% is composed of different women from different cultures. It may be differentiated by different cultures but the concept of Dior addict will remain.

The Advertisement is very simple to understand because of its minimal composition of it, that's why this print advertisement may be accessible to any people in the world. The photography itself will show the meaning of being iconic and there's no need for words to explain that. The concept of dior addict lipstick is very simple, it's just to be iconic. Therefore the target market around the world could relate through

the image itself, even if they don't understand the language.

Also, Kate Moss is famous high fashion model known worldwide and she is known for having her own style and being an icon to different women in the world. But of course, the words are essential to the print advertisement and the phrases and words used are very simple and very easy to understand. The word Dior is known worldwide and is a famous high fashion brand so putting this on the ad will help indicate the product as a tool for women to be high fashioned and therefore making a statement.PRICEAlthough the price is not stated in the add,but from it we can assume that the price of the Dior Addict lipstick is on the expensive side but not necessarily unaffordable.

The endorser, Kate Moss, is cosidered to be not of the regular type of beauty that frequents advertisements of convenience or shopping goods. Her beauty is associated with high fashion, and brands or products who are marketed this way are those of luxury goods. By having kate moss as the model we can assume the product would be priced as such. But with the tagline "Be Iconic" it invites people to purchase the lipstick and to stand out and find an identity. But at the same time it says not everyone will buy it, it may mean that not just any one would buy it, or not just anyone can afford it.The lipsticks in the line are not unaffordable but have an above-average cost.

The pricing strategy Dior uses is the product line pricing because Dior has different lines of cosmetics and different lines of lipsticks,

and Dior addict is one of it.The different lines of lipstick cost differently from each other because they differ in packaging and ingredients. The print advertisement features the whole image of the Dior Addict Lipstick, and another image that features the lipstick being used by a high fashion model, therefore making the product look luxurious. The Price of the Lipstick can be calculated through looking at the advertisement itself, because when people look at it and see the lipstick's packaging they can account the Lipstick's price.And also by looking at the endorser, the consumer will recognize Kate moss and if they have knowledge in fashion they would know that Kate Moss is a high fashion model and would generalize high fashion models only use luxurious products and as a result the consumers will apprehend the Lipstick as a luxurious and so, high priced.

Indicating the Brand's name which is an essential part of the ad, which is Dior also makes it look expensive because Dior is high fashion and is a luxurious brand. But making the print ad look more cultivated does not mean that the product is a luxurious product, but rather just implicating the product's concept. The lipstick line's prices range from $28.00 - $35.00.

The price appeals more to those who earn average to high amounts of income. Elements of print advertisement advertising is one of the essential parts of promotion. It is where people get the idea of the product. In the case of the print ad of the Dior Addict lipstick, the print ad was simple and classical yet shows sophistication to the product. The layout used in the print is the L-shaped

layout which is an effective layout, because L-shaped layouts are used to endorse and sustain the product to the consumers.

The ad belongs to the classical genre of art, because the advertisement only has one visual, conveys one message. No graphical embellishment was used in the ad which corresponds to the concept of the lipstick since Dior lipstick is a simple lipstick but gives a huge impact to its users. The main text of the ad is located at the upper part of the print ad, it indicates the product's brand and the product's campaign. Putting the Brand of the product in the advertisement defines the product as a high fashion product because The brand Dior is known worldwide as a High Fashion brand. The lipstick campaign can also be seen in the ad, this is the most crucial part of the ad because this part motivates and persuades the consumers to buy the product. It is the selling message of the ad and the catchphrase to identify the lipstick's image as a tool for beautifying women.

Using an intricate font on the product's campaign and pink color gives the ad a calm and feminine touch which can indicate the target market of the product. While the Font used for the brand's line is simple and only the color black is used, highlights the campaign, giving it more attention to the consumers. It blends well in the advertisement because the image is the attention grabber making the fonts more complicated will just make the ad complicated and therefore difficult to understand and will give the consumers a hard time. Another element in the print advertisement is the

illustration of the endorser and the product itself. The product's image is an important part of the ad because it gives a visual to the buyers. The best attention getter on an ad is the image because the image on the ad gives the product meaning.

Large visuals like the image of the endorser in the print ad is the stopping power on the ad, because people will first notice the endorser first then will find out what the endorser is endorsing or using on the ad.The image used in the print advertisement of dior addict lipstick composes 60-70% of the ad, which gives more attention to the model and the product. The image of course must coincide with the product and the product's campaign. The campaign Dior Addict's Campaign, be iconic, speaks about the lipstick as a tool to being noticeable or an icon.

It talks about being iconic as fashion. It gives the viewers of the advertisement a glimpse of the enthusiasm brought to them by the lipstick.In the ad campaign, Dior carefully chose the personality who will embody the product. Kate Moss is the perfect model to represent the product. For many years, Kate Moss has been John Galliano's muse. She is the source of inspiration for John Galliano and Dior.

The ad campaign of Dior Addict: Be Iconic focuses on Kate Moss's ability to return to the fashion industry even after engaging in issues of drug addiction. In 2005, her drug addiction was exposed in a British newspaper, where she was given the title "Cocaine Kate". This drug addiction resulted into a loss of a number of contracts. She then attended several therapy sessions

to recover. After years of inactivity in the fashion industry, she has made it back on top with this Dior Addict campaign. Kate Moss is definitely portraying a really iconic image considering her rise and fall in the industry.

Being able to come back to the fashion industry, she was able to attain a number of new advertisements and endorsements. Furthermore, she is also given the title, "The London Look," because of her numerous advertisements in London, and in England as a whole.The ad campaign of Dior Addict lipstick includes a short video showing Kate Moss during the Paris Spring Fashion week, applying the product. There is also a video showing scenes from Kate Moss's glamorous life including getting ready in her Parisian apartment, pushing through a paparazzi crowd and applying the Dior Addict Lipstick in the backseat of her car where she says that a girl can't make an entrance without her lipstick. The "Be Iconic" film was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who also made the music video of the song, "Telephone", by Lady Gaga. The main message of the film was to show the viewers that lipstick is not just a want, but also a need.

Lipstick completes the look a woman and it adds self-confidence as it enhances one's look. It is something that a woman uses in her everyday life. It is considered part of her lifestyle.

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