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Design Philosophy – Prada Essay Example
539 words 2 pages

Prada is a name synonymous with quality and sexy fashion couture. With founder Mario Prada, the fashion house first saw its beginning. The founder’s grand-daughter Miuccia has now taken over the fashion house as the designer and owner. With the launch of the classic Prada handbag in 1985, the brand became an overnight success story. […]

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Michael Kors Essay Example
531 words 2 pages

Michael Kors was born on August 9, 1959, and raised on Long Island. He moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, but dropped out after two semesters. Kors launched his women’s collection in 1981 and became a judge on Project Runway in 2004. First Lady Michelle Obama posed in a […]

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History of Drapping Essay Example
521 words 2 pages

Since the very beginning after Paleolithic Period through the ancient world in Mesopotamia when humans began to live together in communities with defined social range organizations, wrapping fabric around the body was consider the most civilized way to dress. During this period, how we see fashion these days was not the way it was for […]

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Coco Chanel Essay Example
1926 words 4 pages

No matter how many talented fashion designers have come and gone, Coco Channel’s name and her fashion kingdom have always been highlighted in the central of the fashion world. Developing her independent ideas and unique style of clothing from a complicated childhood background, Coco Channel has constructed a new world-wide influence to all of the […]

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Fashion Design Essay Example
3041 words 6 pages

Design development is the development of a design from Its concept to the making of the product. Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design Is Influenced by cultural and social latitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work […]

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Motivation Letter: Diploma in Fashion Design Application Essay Example
483 words 1 page

My mother creates clothes models and knits a lot. My sister devises fashions jewelry: brooches, earrings, rings, pins from polymer clay and plastic. We have a small family business in the fashion industry. In the future, we plan to develop a family business to the enterprise level. This is very beneficial, because in Ukraine fashion […]

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Fashion and Technology Essay Example
5160 words 10 pages

Conclusion b. Recommendations 8. References Chapter 1: Introduction The purpose of this Focus Area project is to research the fashion industry and learn during the present. The subsequent chapters in this report are divided into different sectors of the fashion industry in a categorical manner. The initial chapter is focused on design; this is because […]

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Popular Questions About Fashion design

What are the qualities of a fashion designer?
Qualities of Successful Fashion Designer Understand Fashion Trends. Trends in fashion always changing which is part of our lifestyle. Good Communication Skills. Ability to Critically Think. Ability to Visualize. Proper Fabric Knowledge. Good Sense of Color. Expert of Drawing. Efficient Operator of Computer. Creative Mind. Knowledge of Sourcing of Materials.
What is the purpose of a fashion designer?
A fashion designer is involved in the creation of new styles from concept to completion. Many fashion designers use a sewing dummy like this one when creating designs. Fashion designers create new clothing and styles. Fashion designers often sketch out an idea before creating it.
How to become a fashion designer?
If you want to become a fashion designer, you will have to choose between attending an art and design school or a traditional liberal arts college, and earning a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree or a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree. Art and design schools always offer BFAs and some also have BA programs.
What is the job outlook for a fashion designer?
Textile designers create original designs that are used in the production of cloth and fabric goods, such as furniture, linens and even airplane and car seats. The job outlook for fashion designers overall is precarious, with fierce job competition and an expected decline in employment over the next several years.