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Justification Report Sample Essay Example
404 words 2 pages

I’m working on finalizing the arrangements for the opening and closing sessions For the opening session, I have a date I’m targeting but I haven’t been able to actually set it yet. I’m just making sure Lamar will have his schedule open for the date before I go ahead and set it. I’ve spoken to […]

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Evaluate coherence theory of justification Essay Example
428 words 2 pages

Coherentism proposes an alternative approach to foundationalism. It suggests that if new information is consistent with our existing knowledge, it can be accepted as knowledge in a mutually supportive network. This perspective addresses some of the challenges associated with foundationalism, providing an additional means of justifying our belief systems. Within our belief systems, we maintain […]

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Epistemology Justification Metaphysics Theory
The Foundation Of Justification Theology Religion Essay Example
2242 words 9 pages

Forgiveness can neither comes into consequence nor righteousness be declared merely, until guilt is established. It is of import to specify the word Justification. Grudem defines this word as “ an instantaneous legal act of God in which He ( God ) thinks of our wickednesss as forgiven and Christ ‘s righteousness as belonging to […]

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Christianity Justification Theology
Owning a Chain of Child Development Centers
1005 words 4 pages

My dream has always been to own a chain of Child Development Centers. I have always believed that if a child gets a early start at a proper education than they might have a better chance at coping in today’s society. I have made this a part of my dream job, because I feel that […]

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Employment Justification Performance Appraisal Work
Justification of War Essay Example
998 words 4 pages

War is one of the most terrible things the human race has invented. It sends more people to their death than anything else we force upon ourselves. Voltaire once said, “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished, unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” This portrays the […]

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Ethics Justification Terrorism War
Justification for an Internal Control System Essay Example
368 words 2 pages

Many organizations utilize either the insurance or portfolio approach to risk management in their business activities. However, some organizations recognize the advantages of implementing an internal control system, which is crucial for effective risk management procedures. The upcoming paragraphs will outline the insurance and portfolio approaches and underscore the benefits of adopting an internal control […]

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Insurance Justification Risk Risk Management
Justification of My Cultural Orientation Essay Example
621 words 3 pages

I have realized that my cultural orientation falls into the ‘acceptance’ point on the continuum. This is because I am always eager to learn and appreciate the attributes of other cultures and find ways of how I can utilize any strength that I witness to empower and embolden the weak areas in my culture. There […]

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Cross-Cultural Communication Justification Knowledge Prejudice
Market Failure Justification Government Intervention In Sme Sector Economics Essay Example
3203 words 12 pages

Regardless of their definition, Small and Medium sized endeavors account for a big per centum of concerns worldwide, and are cardinal subscribers to a state ‘s economic system. SMEs are the engine in the economic system – the drive force behind occupation creative activity – and are characterised by invention, rapid enlargement, and adaptability ( […]

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Economic System Employment Government Justification

Popular Questions About Justification

What does justification mean?
Justification is the declaring of a person to be just or righteous. It is a legal term signifying acquittal, a fact that makes it unpalatable to many in our day. We tend to distrust legalism and thus we dismiss anything that savors of a legalistic approach. We should be clear that our hesitation was not shared by the biblical writers.
What is the definition of justify?
English Language Learners Definition of justify. : to provide or be a good reason for (something) : to prove or show (something) to be just, right, or reasonable. : to provide a good reason for the actions of (someone) : to position (text) so that the edges form a straight line.
What is the adjective for justification?
72 Adjective Synonyms for Justification. justified. justifiable. warranted. right. n. # statement. appropriate. groundless.
What is the Christian definition of justification?
In Christian theology, justification is God's act making a sinner righteous before Him by His grace, received through the faith given to the person by God, for Christ's sake, because of his life, death, and resurrection.
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