Justification of My Cultural Orientation

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I have realized that my cultural orientation falls into the ‘acceptance’ point on the continuum. This is because I am always eager to learn and appreciate the attributes of other cultures and find ways of how I can utilize any strength that I witness to empower and embolden the weak areas in my culture. There are considerable variances between my cultures and that of others and my exposure to them accords me a learning experience (Paige, Jacobs-Cassuto, Yershova, and DeJaeghere 2003). This experience enhances my understanding of appreciating the fact that any differences that exist between cultures must be seen within the confines of each cultural context.

Then, as suggested in Steps 3 and 4, engage in the intercultural journey considering the approaches suggested.

My knowledge of the point, I stand along the cultural continuum is of immense benefit since I will be able to indulge with other cultures and appreciate their strengths and limitations. I will have the ability to learn about the main contents about another culture so that there are no misunderstandings and misconceptions. Learning about the content enhances one’s ability of appreciating diversity, especially when dealing with multiculture-oriented groups and teams. One is able to gain various insights and experiences into other people’s way of life. uch knowledge becomes crucial, since it guides the quality of decisions and contributions that one makes, when the person is working with people from various cultural backgrounds. The diversity that one witnesses is used as a means of learning how to acquire adaptive change characteristics to be accommodative and sensitive to different cultural orientations (Ely and Thomas 2001). It enhances the development and utilization of affective characteristics in guiding interactions with other people. One is able to demonstrate sensitivity to other cultures in order to foster better relationships and team work.

The knowledge of the various cultural attributes necessitates one to acquire various behavioral characteristics for managing the various intercultural dimensions. They enable to familiarize himself with skills, knowledge and expertise for the efficient control and management of people from various intercultural origins. This is due to the wide range of cultural interactions that take place in the daily performance of tasks. An individual must ensure that he acquires that capacity to match the diversity so that any predetermined goals and objectives can be achieved optimally. It reduces chances of occurrence of conflicts and disagreements between an individual and his contemporaries. It also accords one a moral perspective of addressing this cultural diversity. One ensures that there is justice and fairness (Deardorff 2011). Professionnal ethics become a key ingredient for the performance of duties by ensuring equal chances and opportunity to everyone. Enforcement of such qualities erases any prejudices that may have been existence in one’s society and culture. One is able to acquire and utilize critical thinking skills (Dass and Parker 1999) in order to develop self-inquiry attributes when evaluating other cultures.

How can taking a deeper look at the influences diversity can bring reshape your viewpoint in your work-based issue?

Lack of delegation at the workplace can be detrimental to an organization since it limits the utilization of various competencies that the employees possess. This is because the employees come from different ethnic, gender, racial, educational and technological backgrounds. Their insights and beliefs into appropriate approaches to workplace issues are diverse and can help enrich the workplace environment through shaping of values and attitudes that enhance performance and effective delivery of results.

Through consideration of the influences of diversity, managers must adopt policies that promote understanding and promotion of cultural diversity in various spheres. This can be done through taking advantage of cultural diversity in employees when allocating duties. However, this can only be possible if delegation is adopted in the workplace.

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