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Prada is a name synonymous with quality and sexy fashion couture. With founder Mario Prada, the fashion house first saw its beginning. The founder’s grand-daughter Miuccia has now taken over the fashion house as the designer and owner. With the launch of the classic Prada handbag in 1985, the brand became an overnight success story.

By the 1990s, Prada was a leading name in fashion industry. The garments and accessories were known for their smart, sophisticated, and extremely high quality trademark.Luxurious fabrics and simple styles, mostly in the shades and hues of blacks, browns, grays, greens, and creams, became the signature Prada look- a look which is still considered vital today. The apparel was sexy and it bubbled with confidence without revealing too much skin. The fashion house was not restricted to just attires; infact accessories got a great deal of importance. Accessories included leather belts, elegant stilettos, and of course, the classic handbag-Prada’s trademark.

The Present The present scenario however, has not changed much. Prada still continues to rule the fashion parade.Only Miuccia Prada, in her signature collections, offers the concrete evidence that fashion can still be inspiring, and that it does not necessarily be minimalist. Prada’s core area of specialization still remains handbags, for they are the trademark of the brand. However the apparel also gets much required attention from the designer. One thing, which makes the brand different from others, is that, the clothing is not prettied up with a lot of flourishes, ruffles, beads, sequins, glaring colors and the like.

Instead, the approach is classic, sophisticated and chic.It reminds one inevitably of the fact that one can remain sexy without showing much skin. Are You Fashionable Enough for Prada? If you’re a woman who wants nothing but the best, then Prada is for you. This is particularly true if you are a fashionable diva – someone who prides herself on always being in sync with fashion and style; someone who loves all designer stuffs and someone who is always keen to find a good amalgamation of style and quality in everything she buys. Sufficient to say, there has never been any person, woman or man for that matter, who has purchased a Prada product and is unsatisfied with it.Owning a Prada purse or anything else Prada undoubtedly gives a woman a different kind of feeling.

More than just being fashionable, Prada exclusives give their owners and wearers a sense of belonging to the group of Prada clientele. The Themes Prada’s design theme follows both the extraordinary vision of the early twentieth-century Futurists , with a prized agility, and the innovative spiritedness of mid-century American artists like Claire McCardell , who by virtue of her insistence on fashionable comfort created simply shaped frocks with intricate and ingenious constructive twists.Like her contemporaries in Milan and other parts of the world, Prada uses only the most luxurious and cutting-edge fabric machinations. The Inspiration “Anything that makes women strong and powerful,” is what Prada cites as her inspiration.

She draws her inspiration from a woman of substance, a woman of caliber, a woman just like her, who has fought all criticisms and has brought fame and success to her grandfather’s fashion house.

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