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: A. Introduction / History of problem
3726 words 8 pages

espAny act is conditional on underlying processes. Visual identification of an object requires both the use of the eyes and that light is reflected from the object. Parapsychologists claim that some people have the ability to perform such acts as identifying objects when the conditions normally assumed to be necessary for their execution are absent. […]

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Epistemology History Observation Problems Science
Knowledge Is Power Argumentative Essay Example
1177 words 3 pages

Knowledge can be defined as the fact or state of knowing. There are many different aspects of knowledge. Knowledge comes from many different places. There are great numbers of philosophers who have tried to describe where knowledge comes from. Also knowledge can be divided into different parts according to the way we receive knowledge. There […]

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Epistemology Knowledge Metaphysics Power
Gender Inequities Essay Example
4632 words 9 pages

The quest for certainty has gotten epistemology into a lot of hot water, and I propose we give it up as a mistake. We should freely admit we cant be certain of anything, and move on. It is, of course, a reasonable question whether we can consistently get along without certainty, and even if it […]

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Epistemology Gender Knowledge Truth
The Telepathy Lab
704 words 2 pages

Abstract The problem or the mission in this lab is to find out if humans really possess an extrasensory perception, or in other words, telepathy. The hypothesis in the beginning of the lab is that, humans are incapable of possessing this sixth sense. In the lab, a group of high school students whose ages were […]

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Education Epistemology Observation Science
587 words 2 pages

Objectivity has always been a core philosophical concept. It has various definitions depending on the source. A proposition is definitely regarded as objectively true whenever its truth conditions in all aspects are met by use of independent minds. This means people exist freely or in other words independently from the many thoughts of a given […]

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Epistemology Experience Reality Truth
Book Review On: Thanks for the Memories! Loftus Essay Example
623 words 2 pages

Elizabeth Loftus provides an in-depth and informative look at the memory of a human being. The book is written for people who want to increase their memory as well as getting informed about the memory make up of the human being’s brain. Based on the current research in the related science fields, the article is […]

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Book Review Epistemology Memories Witness
Hume and locke’s skeptical empiricism Essay Example
661 words 2 pages

Empiricism is the assumption that knowledge can only be derived from experience. It tries to oppose the early notions on knowledge that is founded on rationalism – the belief that knowledge can be achieved even by reason alone. In this principle, skepticism greatly helps the supporters of empiricism by complementing its basic premise that experience […]

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Empiricism Epistemology
Pragmatism Is the Philosophy of Practicality Essay Example
700 words 2 pages

Introduction Philosophy is a hypothetical interpretation of the unknown. It is a point of view that provides a logical, rational, and valid basis for educational effort and criteria for the selection of a sound educational practice. Philosophy of Education Educating children profoundly affects their lives and influences the life of anyone who comes into contact […]

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Education Epistemology Pragmatism
Critical Thinking and Dictionary Defines Credibility
367 words 1 page

The edia uses different forms which might be written , oral , visual or even audio . The written forms include the newspaper and magazines . The audio visual systems incorporate Internet and Television . There are several merits and demerits that each of these mentioned communication forms have over each other . The information […]

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Critical Thinking Epistemology Evidence Philosophy
A Psychological Review of “50 First Dates” Essay Sample
942 words 2 pages

The 2004 romantic comedy “50 First Dates” was a spin on the “Groundhog Day” impression of a twenty-four hours that keeps reiterating itself. However. in this film. the recycling takes topographic point wholly inside the head of Lucy Whitmore played by Drew Barrymore. Barrymore plays a immature adult female who was in an accident that […]

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Epistemology Information Memories Psychology
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave Argumentative Essay Example
820 words 2 pages

Introduction The Allegory of the cave is a symbolic story by Plato about prisoners in a cave who have been chained in a cave since their infancy; they have been chained to the floor with by their heads such that there is nothing they can see apart from the front wall of the cave. Behind […]

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Allegory Allegory of the Cave Epistemology Metaphysics Philosophy
Memory Recall and Recognition for a Common Object Essay Sample
1525 words 3 pages

The purpose of this of this survey was to look into the truth of long term memory for a common object and more exactly to analyze the differences between memory acknowledgment and callback. Six participants took portion in the experiment. three were assigned to the acknowledgment undertaking and three to the callback. The acknowledgment group […]

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Epistemology Experiment Memories Object
Beauty by Susan Sontag Essay Example
373 words 1 page

“The privileges of beauty are immense” said Cocteau. To be sure, beauty is a form of power. And deservedly so. What is Lamentable is that it is the only form of power that most women are encouraged to seek. This power is always conceived in relation to men; is not the power to do but […]

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Computer Software Database Epistemology Ethics Fashion Philosophy Relation Technology
Summary of Chapter One of the Book ”Theory of Knowledge” by Noah Lemos
284 words 1 page

TITLE:FIVE POINTS SUMMARY OF THE ARTICLE; “AN INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE” BY NOAH LEMOS. The writer basically introduced the traditional account of knowledge which states that knowledge is Justified True Belief (J T B). Thus he emphasized that there are three senses of the word “knows”(that is Knowledge), they are; First, Propositional knowledge […]

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Books Epistemology Knowledge Theory Truth
Fallacies of Weak Induction Essay Example
403 words 1 page

The fallacy occurs since the appeal is made to someone who is unqualified to give support. Example:Theistic physicist: Albert Einstein believed in the existence of God. Given Einstein’s incomparable intellectual stature in the scientific community, I must conclude that God actually does exist. And unless you, in your delusions of brilliance, think you’re smarter than […]

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Argument Business Energy Epistemology Food Logic Premise
Did My Car Join Al Qaeda Essay Example
292 words 1 page

After reading the essay by Woody Hochswender, “Did My Car Join Al Qaeda,” I found that it was very persuasive because he had convincing support for his point of view. Being a SUV using a lot of gas doesn’t make him a bad person or responsible for what’s going on in Al Qaeda no more […]

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Al-Qaeda Cars Epistemology Ethics Philosophy
Expository Paragraph: Definition, How to Write and Tips Essay Example
1002 words 2 pages

Quite frequently, when reading the chapter in a textbook or an article in a magazine, one can find an explanatory note. Usually, it provides definitions of an unknown term or additional data on a particular issue. In such a way its author shows a relevance of the topic. An ability to correctly explain is required […]

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Definition Epistemology Philosophy Science
All Quiet on the Western Front: Literary
292 words 1 page

Arthur Tsao 25 January 2011 Ritchie 1 All Quiet on the Western Front: Literary Log #1 “We learned that a bright button is weightier than four volumes of Schopenhaur. At first astonished, then embittered, and finally indifferent, we recognized that what matters is not the mind but the boot brush, not intelligence but the system, […]

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All Quiet on The Western Front Epistemology Metaphysics Philosophy
Paradigm Shift Anthropology
1465 words 3 pages

Marshall Sahlins’ has a quote that we stand on the shoulders of giants to shit on their heads reflects the idea of paradigm shift. The shoulders personify the collective knowledge of those researchers before us, as students it is where we gain our information. It is not through our own work that we initially study […]

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Anthropology Epistemology Philosophy Science
Penalty of Death
741 words 2 pages

The Penalty of Death The death penalty is very much one of society’s necessary evils, one that can never be clear cut or completely supported. Since the beginning of time, the words “an eye for an eye” have been taught to us, most of us since childhood. One has to think, if that philosophy was […]

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Death Epistemology Ethos Philosophy
Assaignment Analysis
562 words 2 pages

What is critical thinking and how is it applied to ethical issues involving cyber technology? Critical thinking in our book is described as a variety of deliberative processes that assist us in evaluating arguments and analyzing claims. 2. What is a logical argument and how is it different from a claim or a statement? Logical […]

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Argument Epistemology Law Reasoning
The Art of Persuation
1082 words 3 pages

The Art of Persuasion By definition, persuasion is the process in which you convince a reader or listener to think or act in a certain way, through the use of appeals to reasons, values, beliefs, and emotions. someone to believe what you say is no more than simply convincing this someone to either accept a […]

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Art Epistemology Philosophy Social Psychology

Popular Questions About Epistemology

What are some questions in epistemology?
Some questions frequently discussed by epistemologists include: What can we know? How can we know it? Why do we know some things, but not others? How do we acquire knowledge? Is knowledge possible? Can knowledge be certain? Why do we believe certain claims and not others?
Why do we need epistemology to understand knowledge?
Why Epistemology Is Important. The study of epistemology is fundamental to understanding how and why we think , in other words, how we acquire knowledge, how we rely upon our senses, and how we develop concepts in our minds. A sound epistemology is necessary for the development of sound thinking and reasoning, which is why so much philosophical literature can involve seemingly arcane discussions about the nature of knowledge.
Why do we study epistemology?
The study of epistemology is fundamental to understanding how and why we think , in other words, how we acquire knowledge, how we rely upon our senses, and how we develop concepts in our minds.
What is the meaning of epistemology?
Epistemology (/ɪˌpɪstɪˈmɒlədʒi/ ( listen); from Greek ἐπιστήμη, epistēmē, meaning 'knowledge', and λόγος, logos, meaning 'logical discourse') is the branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of knowledge. Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief.