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Discuss the Reliability of One Cognitive Process Essay Example
1788 words 7 pages

Discuss the Reliability of One Cognitive Process Memory is an example of a cognitive process, in other words it is a process by which knowledge is gained. This essay will attempt to explain the internal processes which are involved in memory and try to determine whether or not our memories as mental process of knowing, […]

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Epistemology Memories Reason
What Your Birthdate Says About You Essay Example
2678 words 10 pages

One important application of research into memory is eyewitness testimony (EWT). EWT is used as evidence in criminal trials in countries all over the world. Juries tend to pay extra attention to eyewitness testimony and generally see it as very trustworthy and convincing. However, a great deal of research in cognitive psychology tells us that, […]

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Computer Components Epistemology Information Memories Science Social Science
An Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Essay Example
5256 words 20 pages

Themes Doubt and Ambiguity One of this story’s difficult aspects is the sense of uncertainty it creates by leaving important facts unresolved and seeming to offer several possible interpretations for its events. The reader is never allowed to doubt that the old man and his strange wings are as “real” as anything else in the […]

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Epistemology Man Narrative
A Brief Account of the Multi-Store Model of Memory and Its Strengths and Weaknesses Essay Example
437 words 2 pages

A Brief Account of the Multi-Store Model of Memory And its Strengths and Weaknesses Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) proposed that the memory system could be explained in terms of 3 specific stores. This was the sensory memory that holds information from our 5 senses for a very short period of time unless given attention, short-term […]

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Biology Epistemology Memories
Reason as a Way of Knowing Essay Example
1384 words 6 pages

Reason is a way of knowing in which we construct meanings together through modifying and improving individual opinions and ideas, in order to reach a plausible or logical conclusion. In other words, reason is the ability to help people decide what is true and what is not. Most of the time, reason is more commonly […]

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Epistemology Knowledge Logic Music Reason Scientific Method Social Science Truth
Edward B Tylor Essay Example
1005 words 4 pages

Edward B. Tylor A discussion of a nineteenth-century theorist in anthropology cannot be conducted without insight into the environment from which he/she came. As in any science, environment and time period is an influential part of any individual’s developing theory. To appreciate the theories of Sir Edward Burnett Tylor (1832-1917), his social influences must also […]

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Animals Anthropology Culture Epistemology Social Science Theory
The Bororo People and Descartes Essay Example
946 words 4 pages

Anthropology attempts to understand the question “what does it mean to be human? ” The Bororo people of South America create meaning for their individuality as humans by associating each clan with a specific totem, one being a red-breasted parrot. A Bororo male’s declaration that “I am a red-breasted parrot” is essentially different than a […]

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Epistemology Mind People Rene Descartes
Fetal Humanity and Brain Function Essay Example
1138 words 5 pages

Baruch Brody begins his argument by making assumptions that a fetus, being a human being must acquire all the essential properties of a human being, such that the loss of any would lead to out of existence or death. Thus, the essential property of a human being is the property whereby the loss would result […]

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Brain Epistemology Property
Socrates Successfully Answered The Objections Of Simmias And Heaven Essay Example
483 words 2 pages

The purpose of this paper is to prove that Socrates is successful in replying to the objections of Simmias and Cebes in Plato’s Phaedo, and in proving the soul to be immortal. Simmias’ objection basically challenges Socrates’ claim that the soul is immortal. Simmias inquires why the soul is not similar to a lyre and […]

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Epistemology Metaphysics Plato Science Social Science Socrates Soul
Being And Time By Martin Heidegger Essay Example
1941 words 8 pages

we find an extensive and serious discussion of a structural account of falling and the phenomena of which it is constituted. Heidegger begins this account with the phenomenon he calls idle talk. Idle talk is characterized as the perversion of the act of disclosing as it is in communication and the subsequent uprooting of Dasein’s […]

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College Epistemology Metaphysics
Critical Listening Essay Example
725 words 3 pages

What is “critical listening? ” Critical listening is a form of listening that if usually not mentioned, since it involves analysis, critical thinking and judgment. Making judgments during listening is often considered as a barrier to understand a person, and there’s a lot of truth in that. However, critical listening occurs when you still want […]

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Argument Epistemology Listening Logic
Love is a Fallacy Analysis Essay Example
1300 words 5 pages

Analysis of Love is a Fallacy by Max Shulman Fallacious Woman: An Analysis of Max Shulman’s Love is a Fallacy Reading is a favorite past time of many people in the world. It has the power to transport the reader to other places and times that he might never be able to see. Reading can […]

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Argument Epistemology Event
The Psychic Medium Essay Example
1448 words 6 pages

The Psychic Medium There are many types of psychic phenomena that exist. In this paper, I will discuss that of the psychic medium. The term psychic medium refers to a person thought to have the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension through extra sensory perception […]

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Database Epistemology Science
Ernest Gellner’s Nationalism Essay Example
708 words 3 pages

Ernest Gellner’s thesis in his book Nations and Nationalism is that economic change requires cultural homogeneity, and that the demand for cultural homogeneity, and the state apparatus to provide it, is what drives nationalism. Ernest Gellner was a philosopher and a social anthropologist. He was once referred to as a “one-man crusade for critical rationalism”. […]

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Epistemology Nationalism
Symbolic Interactionism: Studies of Social Construction Essay Example
4400 words 16 pages

Symbolic Interactionism: Studies of Social Construction Hundreds of years before written word, theories have been made about words, the symbolism behind them, and root meanings assigned by social construction. William Shakespeare can be shown as example of this with posed questions by characters in his writings. In Romeo and Juliet, the character Juliet poses questions […]

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Construction Epistemology Science
Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave Narrative Essay Example
1520 words 6 pages

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave Essay One of Plato’s more famous writings, The Allegory of the Cave, Plato outlines the story of a man who breaks free of his constraints and comes to learn of new ideas and levels of thought that exist outside of the human level of thinking. However, after having learned so […]

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Allegory Allegory of the Cave Epistemology
Aristotle and Piety Essay Example
638 words 3 pages

The Euthyphro is a much studied text of Plato’s, which unfortunately has left many people with some very serious questions. Primarily, why does the Euthyphro end in failure? Socrates was the wisest man alive, and for some reason his quest for understanding falls short. Yet somehow, I doubt that this has anything to do with […]

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Aristotle Epistemology Ethics Metaphysics
Plato’s Gaurdian Class Essay Example
349 words 2 pages

Plato’s Guardian Class Guardians are put into place to defend morality and rule society because they know the truth and posses the knowledge and wisdom of true forms. In order for there to be a just state, there must be a balance between the different types of people, namely; reason dominated, spirit dominated and appetite […]

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Epistemology Ethics Internet Law Logic Orality Plato Politics Reason Social Science Technology Truth
Declarative memory Essay Example
402 words 2 pages

Thinking and feeling apart Joanne doesn’t want to go to school today, she told her mom that she has a headache, but really she doesn’t want to go to school because she didn’t do her homework and was not prepared for the test. Her mom let her stay home, by her mom letting her stay […]

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Epistemology Learning Memories
Effects of Text Emphasis Techniques on Memory Retention Essay Example
1992 words 8 pages

To enhance the amounts of information retrieved, as well as giving focus on important part of notes, students often do highlighting, circling, and underlining. Those three methods are called text-emphasizing. Recent studies have shown that the techniques could help the students to retrieve and store more information compared to students who do not use such […]

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Epistemology Experiment Memories
Intuition is important yet unnecessary in developing modern Essay Example
1197 words 5 pages

Aristotelian, contrary to the modern scientific method, suggested that knowledge acquirement began with repeated sense experience, memory hence intuition (Lindbergh 20). The omission of the “intuition” step and emphasis on observable evidence led to a great leap forward from the medieval to modern science. The following essay will focus on explaining why Intuition Is not […]

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Database Epistemology Science
University assign a student to share a room Essay Example
383 words 2 pages

You have been told that dormitory rooms at your university must be shared by two students. Would you rather have the university assign a student to share a room with you or would you rather choose your own roommate? Use specific reason and details to explain your answer. One of the most important parts of […]

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Epistemology Reason University

Popular Questions About Epistemology

What are some questions in epistemology?
Some questions frequently discussed by epistemologists include: What can we know? How can we know it? Why do we know some things, but not others? How do we acquire knowledge? Is knowledge possible? Can knowledge be certain? Why do we believe certain claims and not others?
Why do we need epistemology to understand knowledge?
Why Epistemology Is Important. The study of epistemology is fundamental to understanding how and why we think , in other words, how we acquire knowledge, how we rely upon our senses, and how we develop concepts in our minds. A sound epistemology is necessary for the development of sound thinking and reasoning, which is why so much philosophical literature can involve seemingly arcane discussions about the nature of knowledge.
Why do we study epistemology?
The study of epistemology is fundamental to understanding how and why we think , in other words, how we acquire knowledge, how we rely upon our senses, and how we develop concepts in our minds.
What is the meaning of epistemology?
Epistemology (/ɪˌpɪstɪˈmɒlədʒi/ ( listen); from Greek ἐπιστήμη, epistēmē, meaning 'knowledge', and λόγος, logos, meaning 'logical discourse') is the branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of knowledge. Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief.
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