Pragmatism, Realism and Idealism
1773 words 4 pages

Idealism Idealism (French “idealisme” from Greek “idea”) is the general designation of philosophical doctrines asserting that the consciousness, thinking, mental and spiritual things are initial, fundamental, and a matter, nature and physical things are secondary, derivative. So, idealism resists to materialism in the decision of the basic question of philosophy – about the relation of […]

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Philosophy Pragmatism Realism Reality
The Constitution as an Artifact
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Abstract This paper is an analysis of the single cultural artifact that best represents the culture in which I live in today. The paper will provide a detailed analysis of the artifact and how it relates to the values and beliefs of the culture. Additionally, it will address the deep cultural roots of the artifact, […]

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Constitution Pragmatism Rights
Pragmatism Is the Philosophy of Practicality
700 words 2 pages

Introduction Philosophy is a hypothetical interpretation of the unknown. It is a point of view that provides a logical, rational, and valid basis for educational effort and criteria for the selection of a sound educational practice. Philosophy of Education Educating children profoundly affects their lives and influences the life of anyone who comes into contact […]

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Education Epistemology Pragmatism
Pragmatism, Analytic Philosophy, and Philosophy of Mind Matrix
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In the matrix below, describe the historical development, key contributors, and principle issues of pragmatism, analytic philosophy, and the Philosophy of Mind. PragmatismAnalytic PhilosophyPhilosophy of Mind Historical DevelopmentBegan with the rejection of the existence of a “fixed, absolute truth”. Then proceeded with the postulate that truth is relative to space and time. 1) Kant’s philosophy […]

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Philosophy Pragmatism Truth
Think about different research paradigms and theme of ontology and epistemology
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Chapter 2: Research Methodology This chapter of our thesis will exemplify the methodological analysis that was undertaken in order to carry on our research. This chapter is farther divided into two subdivisions. In 1st subdivision of the chapter we will discourse theoretical methodological analysis. It includes research doctrine, research attack and research scheme. In 2nd […]

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Epistemology Evaluation Pragmatism Research
Environmental Ethics and the Principles of Pluralism and Environmental Pragmatism
1520 words 3 pages

by Chum Hamilton Environmental Ethics ENV362 Professor Dave Williams August 16, 2008 CONTENTS Pluralism and Environmental Pragmatism3 My Response6 References9 Pluralism and Environmental Pragmatism With the widely differing theoretical environmental ethic philosophical frameworks that are currently espoused, it is clear that a single unified theory has not yet emanated from this discipline. This has frustrated […]

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Environment Ethics Pragmatism Relativism
Factors that determine career choices in turkey
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The paper is a survey of the specific factors within the Turkish civilization which are important plenty to find the calling picks of the topics. The research worker has observed that certain socio-cultural factors in Turkey, such as responsibilities towards the household, societal duties, cultural tabu, force an person to travel into the callings which […]

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Career Choice Pragmatism Qualitative Research Research