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Factors That Determine Career Choices in Turkey
Factors That Determine Career Choices in Turkey

Factors That Determine Career Choices in Turkey

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The paper is a survey of the specific factors within the Turkish civilization which are important plenty to find the calling picks of the topics. The research worker has observed that certain socio-cultural factors in Turkey, such as responsibilities towards the household, societal duties, cultural tabu, force an person to travel into the callings which he would non prefer to follow otherwise. One feels oblige to give up before the societal outlooks.

The research worker has raised a inquiry on the laterality of these cultural facets upon an person 's professional choice and has questioned the function of a calling counselor in this respect. Therefore, this paper aims to happen out the function of cultural tendencies in the calling penchant, clangs between personal picks and societal demands every bit good as standing function of a calling counselor in this full procedure. For the intent, he has limited his research to a little group of university persons who see a calling counselor in Turkey. He believes that this survey can turn out profitable as considers it a practical survey of the important affairs that affect immature persons profoundly. He has thrown some light upon the influences of assorted cultural facets upon one 's personality that lead to typical calling pick. He has besides analysed the outlooks of the society that hinder in the manner of personal pick.

The quandary can merely be solved with a matter-of-fact attack that is the basic paradigm of this research. The research worker has planned to make this survey qualitatively and has selected semi-structured interview as his re


search tool. The collected information is to be analysed in narrative signifier. The paper will consist of four chapters: the first chapter will cover the debut of the subject, its background, the research inquiry, purposes and aims, restriction and the principle of the subject. The 2nd chapter will analyze the old theories and surveies in this respect. In the following chapter, the research worker will explicate the research procedure that he will follow every bit good as the information aggregation and analysis procedures. In the last chapter, he will do a general overview to sum up his findings and conclude the survey with logical statements.


Career guidance is a ambitious field that has to take in position each and every facet that may or may non impact the personal abilities, possible and aptitude of topics ' lives. A Career is a impression that needs much idea and planning before leaping in the sphere as the fiscal and economic wellness every bit good as the physical and mental satisfaction of a individual extremely depends upon it. Therefore, when the high clip comes, and he is referred to a calling counselor, he is really sing his hereafter earnestly. A counselor can supply him with an impartial and nonsubjective position of his ain possibilities every bit good as some certain profitable ways to use them so that he may non immerse into something that he subsequently regrets about.

However, everything is non determined by personal picks and accomplishments. There are other factors, more affectional and powerful, that have to be considered before taking such an o

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import determination of one 's life. A calling counselor has the duty to indicate out these factors to his capable intricately. These factors include the usual concern Fieldss offered in the convenient country, the handiness of the needed instruction and preparation installations, the usual tendencies and the possibility of the handiness of vacant stations in future in that peculiar field, and besides an credence from the society. The research worker thinks that the last factors affect much as it holds the power of cultural norms, traditions and imposts in which the topic has lived his full life, and surely his chosen profession must hold to come in footings with his cultural credence and proposals.


Culture occupies cardinal function in a individual 's life. It affects a adult male externally every bit good every bit internally as he grows life in it. Therefore, when a adult male reaches his prime he is a walking incarnation of his civilization. Therefore the research worker believes that the civilization plays an of import function in every of import determination of his life, including the calling choice.

The research worker has selected to use his belief on Turkish persons. Turkey is a state with extraordinarily rich civilization. Due to its being quickly developing and accordingly continuously altering possibilities, its civilization is accepting new and advanced norms. However, the research worker believes that there are still some factors that do non let the u-turns in the choice of callings. He has noted it peculiarly in the instance of female topics. Bing the symbol of beauty and daintiness, it had ever been a preset impression that they can non take portion in arduous plants. The research worker has besides noted that there are some cultural limitations other than their ain willingness that do non let them to travel for these occupations.

Besides, there are some indicants that male members of the society besides face some social outlooks that bound them to choose from a peculiar set of callings. The research worker aims to look into into this affair more intricately and objectively so that to happen out the cultural grounds for these kind of limited picks.


The research worker will seek to happen out the replies of the undermentioned questions:

  • Is civilization a dominating factor in determining calling picks in a peculiar community?
  • Does the Turkish Culture cast any influential impact upon its peoples while they start make up one's minding which calling to follow for future?
  • Are there some peculiar factors within the Turkish civilization that possess the power to carry calling picks?
  • Can a calling counselor aid such persons out?


The research worker is traveling to analyze his research inquiry maintaining in position the following purposes and aims in his head:

  • To happen out if the civilization affects the income planning of the peoples involved
  • To find the function of cultural influences in finding the general tendencies of calling picks in a peculiar community
  • To see if these factors come in a clang with the personal potency and aptitude of the persons
  • To happen out the peculiar function of a counselor in undertaking such a state of



This survey holds great attractive force for the research worker as he believes that it can foreground certain particular characteristics within the Turkish civilization that are determining the economic designs of the community. He farther deems that one time he is able to turn up these peculiar characteristics in Turkish civilization, his survey can supply the footing for farther luxuriant research in the impacts every bit good as jeopardies of these effectual factors in a general civilization. His survey may open new penetration into the vulnerable side of human mind that is so much affected by life and covering in a peculiar set of traditions and norms for so long that the persons seem it normally impossible to happen and put new tendencies.


Though this survey is of wider facets, the research worker feels that it would be practical to carry on it on a limited set of population. For this intent, he is traveling to choose a peculiar district in Turkey where he will analyze the specific cultural factors every bit good as the general tendencies of the people 's professions.


After presenting the topic, the research inquiries every bit good as his purposes and aims in carry oning this research in this chapter, that is Chapter I, the research worker is traveling to convey into light assorted researches done so far on the topic in Chapter II. He will be analyzing the factors that affect the pick of calling with a particular mention to that of the persons ' cultural influences in this chapter. In Chapter III, the research worker is traveling to be after the methodological analysis that he is traveling to follow for the peculiar survey every bit good as the information aggregation and informations analysis methods and devices so that to find the proficient demands of the survey. Chapter IV will be used to show the information, collected and organized, with the aid of assorted presentation devices. Chapter V will show the decision of the survey with an overview.

To sum up, the research worker is traveling to keep if specific characteristics within Turkish civilization of an single cause him to travel for a peculiar profession or non. He is trusting to happen out the basic and the most powerful influences that make the people set tendencies in the choice of professional callings in an country.


The subject of this research is about the specific facets and characteristics within the Turkish civilization that has likely determined the general tendency of calling choice in Turkey. As the research worker is cognizant of the fact that civilization is non an independent entity, it forms a complicated cyberspace with other facets of society that intermingle to bring forth the current tendencies in any district ( Brown, 2002 ) . He is interested in analyzing these impacting factors and characteristics working with full force in a Turkish society that are giving form to most of the recent choices of callings.

In this chapter, the research worker is traveling to give a elaborate analysis of the cultural and societal facets that are impacting occupation choice throughout the universe. He will associate

the used information to the subject at manus. His focal point will be on the assorted factors that intermingle to organize civilization, every bit good as their combined affects in determining the personalities of the peoples populating in it and the affects sing the choice of peculiar calling.


Career guidance holds a really ambitious function in conformity with the civilization. Harmonizing to National Career Development Association, it is "the procedure of helping persons in the development of a life-career with focal point on the definition of the worker function and how that function interacts with other life functions '' ( 1997, p. 1 ) . Many research workers, such as Ryan ( 1999 ) , Oliver & A ; Spokane ( 1988 ) and Spokane & A ; Oliver ( 1983 ) , claim that it has been found really effectual in functioning clients to go more occupation decided and in doing occupational picks.

There are some other research workers, such as Stead ( 2004 ) and Fouad and Bingham ( 1995 ) , who imply that by infixing civilization in a calling guidance procedure, we merely complicate the procedure. They suggest that "civilization is endemic to the calling guidance procedure itself '' ( McMahon & A ; Patton, 2006: p.49 ) . They stress upon personal aptitude and accomplishments as the major factors that should be considered in reding persons about callings. "Every individual can non be everything '' ( Cheatham, 1990: p. 56 ) and hence, one should handle every individual individual individually and irrespective of other people.

However, the research worker believes that a calling counsellor should be cognizant of the cultural duties and reserves of a peculiar person in order to steer him to the most productive way as civilization lays his roots.


A civilization is a set of wonts and points of positions that directs a adult male 's life. Harmonizing to Hofstede, civilization is `` aˆ¦a corporate scheduling of the human head that distinguishes the members of one human group from those of another '' ( 1980, p. 21 ) . Cultures of the universe differ from one another merely in their contents ; they regulate the lives of their persons in about same manner. Man is non considered isolated from his civilization ; it becomes his acknowledgment because he acquires his societal standing by accepting this peculiar set of regulations.


Work and civilization had ever been interrelated. Man works to organize a civilization that farther directs what he should or should non work. A civilization sets a peculiar set of regulations and imposts that make it obvious to all how they have to act and execute in peculiar state of affairss.

Harmonizing to Cook and Carter, `` aˆ¦from a cultural frame of mention, work is a functional facet of life in that persons contribute their accomplishments and labour to their cultural societies and the care of their households '' ( 1992: p. 199 ) . Therefore, the worth of a work or occupation, its significances every bit good as the social outlooks from a worker reflects the cultural boundaries of the society in which he moves. Different

research workers, such as Cheatham ( 1990 ) and Smith ( 1983 ) have emphasized that the term 'work ' implies different constructs across sets of persons as an business of their socio-cultural individuality.

For illustration, today one can follow the profession of a terpsichorean without any expostulation in most of the Western civilizations, whereas it is still the 'most obnoxious ' business in some of the Eastern states, chiefly the Islamic 1s. Therefore, the civilization directs the individuals populating in a peculiar society top avoid the banned not-accepted callings to avoid societal prohibition.


Convenience is a kind of socio-personal factor that affects the occupation choice a batch. Peoples tend to choose a occupation most convenient to them in many ways. The most impressing component is that of convenience of societal image. For illustration, it is still considered in most portion of the universe that the safest and the most respectable portion for females after family is that of learning. Particularly in the Asian and Eastern states, ladies grow up sing being a instructor or a physician ( Countries and Their Culture, 2005 ) .


Taboos are the things non accepted in a peculiar set of societal traditions. It is something banned and prohibited that earns bad repute merely to the actors. Therefore, the worker can perpetrate a tabu by choosing such a forbidden occupation in many civilizations. For illustration, still there are many parts of the universe where manner industry and electronic media, particularly singing, is non considered as respectable to work in. This is specially the instance in Eastern, chiefly Islamic, states who consider it their abuse if their kids follow singing profession or dance. Similarly, the modeling is a tabu that is 'a mere show of cocottes ' .


Family holds strong connexions in some civilizations, as in Turkey. They provide support and assist whenever one feels lone and devastated. However, the research worker feels that these households can besides do jobs when the issue of calling choice is raised. It is normally in the manner that the parents want their kid to travel into the 'family concerns. If the parents are physicians, their extreme desire every bit good as demand would be that their kids travel into the same concern ( Gainor & A ; Lent, 1998 ) . Similarly a curate would desire his boy to follows at his heels merely. Come parents besides force their kids to carry through their ain unrealized desires sing calling.

Therefore, familial bonds and responsibilities besides cause persons to endorse away their ain personal involvement and travel for the one suggested and requested by their households. However, it has been noted that they can non make justice largely. A feeling of unenthusiastic fatigue is a common complain.


The technological tendency besides inhibits some people to accept and encompass the profession of their pick. For illustration, the engravers are backed off by the modern machines. Furthermore, the society demands that a individual should follow the mainstream and the distracters are non considered good ( Helms, 1999 ) . For illustration, the development in the computational and technology Fieldss has caused a typical lessening

in the Numberss of people who want to travel for Medicine. Thus, a society demands from its persons to accept the new tendencies to prolong their places.


There are many other societal factors that make a individual alteration his personal pick. The handiness of the vacant stations and the chance of good earning are two of import factors that one has to see while doing a calling pick. The duty of a household makes the affair much more of import. Thus, an single feels reluctant to travel into a field of his ain pick unless it promises good income and a respectable place in the society.

The research worker has felt that the civilization of Turkey makes an excess accent on such a affair. The division between Rural and Urban categories ( besides Upper, Middle and Lower ) depends upon the nature and position of the occupations. The lowers categories do the ordinary occupations such as housework, etc. The in-between category spell for the authorities occupations and school instruction. Whereas the upper category spell for the professions of physician, applied scientists, university instruction, etc ( Countries and Their Culture, 2005 ) .

Hence, in this chapter the research worker will analyze the subject in the positions of other research workers and surveies. He will besides do observations of the cultural facets of the Turkish civilization in peculiar carbon monoxide that he may compare the possible effects with the Turkish civilization.


In this chapter, the research worker is traveling to discourse the proficient and practical inside informations of his research. He will explicate the methodological analysis that he is traveling to follow to carry on his survey, maintaining in position his research paradigm every bit good as assorted informations aggregation and presentation methods. He is besides traveling to discourse the ethical issues that he will see while carry oning this research, and will besides examine the cogency and dependability of the research tools that he is traveling to utilize.

Research Doctrine

Research doctrine is the portion of the research planning in which the research worker has to find the order of his research.

The research worker is traveling to follow the inductive attack in his survey. He will analyze the effects of specific facets of Turkish civilization and so will construct a hypothesis on the footing of his observations. He will so attest his hypothesis by roll uping and analyzing informations. This will enable him to set forward a theory for others research workers to measure and corroborate subsequently.

Research Paradigm

Research paradigm is the set of beliefs or a form of idea that the research worker feels willing to follows while carry oning his research. Harmonizing to Guba and Lincoln, " A paradigm may be viewed as a set of basic beliefs aˆ¦ that trades with ultimate or first rules. It represents a worldview that defines for its holder, the nature of the "universe '' , the person 's topographic point in it, and the scope of possible relationships to that universe and its parts '' ( 1994: p. 107-108 ) . They had stated three cardinal inquiries that define a basic research paradigm:

  • The ontological inquiry trades

with the signifier and nature of the facts.

  • The epistemic inquiry trade with the cardinal values about the present information.
  • The methodological inquiry decides the methods that i.e. how can the research worker go about happening out whatever s/he believes can be known.
  • In the position of these three basic inquiries, the research worker has to choose from four basic research paradigms: Realism, Positivism, Constructivism, and Pragmatism. Realism is the paradigm that tends to accept the facts and favors practicality and exact truth. Positivism bases all facts on gained cognition. Constructivism emphasizes self observation and ego experiences as a dependable beginning of information. Pragmatism is the rule that realistic and practical effects are the standard of information, sense and worth. As the research worker is indulging himself into something of practical worth, he will be following the principals of the pragmatism in his research.

    Research Design

    A research design refers to the ways in which `` an enquiry is structured, comparings among the variables are made and hypotheses are tested '' . It moves towards to the enquiry through two ways: qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative design uses such a set of research patterns in which the facts are obtained from a relatively smaller group of respondents and is non examined with arithmetical techniques. It "derives informations from observation, interviews, or verbal interactions and focal points on the significances and readings of the participants. '' ( Holloway and Wheeler, 1995: p. 223-232 ) This requires watchfulness, neutrality and reasonability in the reading of the composed informations in a descriptive signifier.

    On the other manus, a quantitative research uses the mixture and analysis of numerical informations to acknowledge statistical associations of variables in a nonflexible mode. These are the "Scientific probes in which Numberss are used to mensurate variables such as features, constructs, or things. '' ( Glossary )

    As the chief intent of the research worker 's design is to understand personal points of positions by taking interviews and concentrating on the interpretive significances of the persons, he will be utilizing the qualitative design of research. However, in order to do his research more solid, he will besides be doing usage of the statistical and numerical figures obtained from different beginnings.

    Data Collection Methods

    As the research worker is utilizing qualitative design of research, he will be utilizing interviews from different topics among a selected group of persons and will do a note of their responses. This will give him a autonomy to utilize as many inquiries as he wishes harmonizing to a peculiar state of affairs. He will besides be able to cut short his interview when needed. Furthermore, there will besides a autonomy of altering the way of the questions if needed.

    The research worker is be aftering to keep semi structural interviews in which he will put a few basic inquiries and will take the lead from the replies of the topics. In this manner, he will be able to get down and go on his interviews in a pre-determined manner, and at the same clip he will be able to examine the interviewees as needed.

    Sample of Participants / Procedure

    The research worker is be aftering

    to choose at least 30 topics from a group of university pupils who have visited the calling counselor. He will reach them personally, and will inquire for their favor heartily, so that he may be able to accomplish impartial and indifferent information without much hinderance.

    Ethical Considerations

    The research worker believes that as a counselor it is his responsibility to see the ethical issues of privateness and namelessness. The research worker will non uncover the individuality of the interviewees so that they may non experience any kind of censor in explicating their point of positions. The interviews will be video recorded after full consent of the interviewees. The research worker will besides take attention of entering the willing responses of the interviewees into his interviews. In order to do it possible, he will acquire a written book of their interviews checked from them before acquiring it printed.

    Validity and Reliability

    The research worker believes that interviews are dependable beginnings of informations aggregation. As he is meaning to enter the picture of the interviews, he will be able to look into his ain responses once more and once more. He can besides acquire it checked from other co-researchers to do the research more dependable and indifferent. It will besides do the survey more dependable.

    Approach to Analyze the Data one time Collected

    As the interview is a qualitative tool of survey, the research worker will analyze all the responses in narrative from. In this manner, he will be able to cite his interviewees when needed for concreteness and verification. Besides, he will be able to give his ain point of positions objectively.

    In short, the research worker is be aftering to carry on a qualitative research following pragmatism. He is be aftering to garner his informations through interviews and will analyze them through narrative. He is traveling to follows rigorous ethical regulations and will non let sham or censored information in his paper. He finds his research design and research tool valid and dependable as he has taken attention of every homo and cultural facet.


    In this chapter the research worker will non merely give an overview of his survey, he will besides analyze the findings on a general land. He has selected a socio-cultural topic with respect to an economic facet. These two facets of a adult male 's lives are certain to come in contact ever, but the point that the research worker wants to foreground is that there are some cultural and societal factors that do non let a adult male to follow a calling of his pick freely. There are many obstructions and hinderances that he has to confront along with legion societal duties and responsibilities that he has to carry through in order to maintain having societal blessing. Therefore, when an person comes to see a calling counselor, he feels entangled into a cobweb of his ain desires and societal committednesss. Now it is the responsibility of the healer to see all the things attentively and exhaustively so that the individual may non stay mentally disturb and open.