Interview Assignment

Mary Isle is a registered nurse (RN) at XYZ hospital. She works in the cardiac care department at the hospital. The interview was done on phone since the free time schedule could not be perfectly matched between the nurse and the author.

The profession in question was interviewed for the sake of knowledge about the professional work that is done in the field. Specifically this interview was done in order to get a closer look at the profession because the field of work for a nurse is vast and it seems stationary in its evolution.

The questions for the interview included:

  • After all the training as a general registered nurse, was it easy to get into this particular field?
  • Is the process of getting into this field difficult?
  • What is the work done by an average nurse working in the cardiac department on daily basis?
  • What is the function of the cardiac nurse in direct care of the patient?
  • Do nurses get assigned to specific patients?
  • Do the nurses get a say in changing the treatment that was previously advised by the cardiac specialist?
  • Do the nurses transfer easily within the departments?
  • Do the cardiac nurses easily shift from working as a subordinate to an administrator job?
  • Is the cardiac nurse involved in the operation theater or is it something that needs further education?
  • Do the nurses get a choice in the type of field that they want to work or is the duty spread all over the functions that are noted in the cardiac department?
  • – Was there ever a time when they wanted to shift from this field to another? Why?
  • Do the nurses get courses for the progressing trends in the field just like other medical professionals?
  • Are good bedside manners appreciated or do the nurses need to play tough with patients? What is the most common behavior that is helpful with patients?
  • Do the work shifts ever get easy in the sense that one can get favorable shifts?
  • Is the work rewarding?

Summary of the Interview

​The process of getting into the field requires hard work on the nurse’s part as they need to fulfill the requirements for work done in the field before they get included into the cardiac department for good. The nurses have to work in multiple requisite fields on daily basis, there is no singular work rather the cardiac nurse would need to look into the lab works, the patient examination work, the examination of various technology associated patient monitoring, patient and family counseling as well as post hospital care of the patient. The nurses also give instructions on preventive care associated with cardiac diseases. There are diverse cardiac diseases that a nurse looks after. At times it is possible to change minor things in the patient’s treatment when the patient’s health calls for it. The hospital assigns nurses to different task, there is a rotation on different functions. Nurses can choose to limit themselves to clinics or they can work for a hospital. For any specific progression, like working in the operation theater or reaching administrative side of nursing, one would need to get specific training and education and then they can start into that field. The working hours are tough and there is no way around it. The nurse only needs to be assertive and polite. This goes a long way in helping with the patient. Yes, the hard work is worth it especially when one sees their patient walking home.

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