Human Resource Interview: Kaiser-Permanente Essay Example
Human Resource Interview: Kaiser-Permanente Essay Example

Human Resource Interview: Kaiser-Permanente Essay Example

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  • Published: May 10, 2018
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On August 16, 2010, Lavender, the human resource manager at Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Systems, confirmed that she has been with the company for nearly eleven years and is pleased with her current position.

During our conversation, I inquired about the method of job performance evaluation for healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists or nurse practitioners. My companion informed me that their evaluation is carried out by another physician who also fills the role of the physicians manager, along with two administrators. She mentioned that a well-defined evaluation tool based on written performance standards is used for this purpose, which allows for review and feedback. The preferred approach for them is an Open-ended self-evaluation, where they are provided with a yearly list of self-evaluation questions.

In order to gain clarity on the evaluation process, she displayed kindness by sending


me the questions that were utilized in last year's evaluation via email.

Kindly provide a record of any structured workshops or individual study courses you have undertaken. Additionally, have you made any other endeavors to acquire fresh skills or explore novel methodologies in patient care? Were these initiatives taken in order to fulfill a specific need or were they simply of personal interest?

The topic of Colleague Relations is the second item to be discussed.

Kindly furnish precise illustrations of your proficiency in collaborating with the staff in your department. This should include an assessment of whether their expectations of you are rational and if they meet your own expectations.

Could you give concrete examples of your interactions with different departments in our healthcare system, to focus your response? Over the past year, we've worked on resolvin

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several operational and quality problems at this health center. Were you part of this effort? Did you provide input directly or through a representative? Were there any resources or people that you couldn't access but would have been beneficial? Do you believe there were alternative methods for you to get involved in the process?

Do you engage in any professional activities beyond the health center? Have you acquired skills or knowledge from such activities that benefit you in your work here? Furthermore, what about hobbies or professional interests?

Do any aspects of your practice or health system cause difficulties in relation to the aforementioned areas? If these obstacles were eliminated, what steps could you take? Furthermore, what are your objectives and requirements?

b) Consider setting three personal objectives for the upcoming year.

To achieve your objectives, it is advisable to focus on measurable goals that relate to your job advancement or performance, and require a degree of effort or challenge from you.

b) Come up with three relevant and measurable goals for this practice or the health system in the next year. Consider the needs.

In what ways can we help you achieve your goals and enhance your job performance through this practice and healthcare system?

In what ways can I, as your manager, help you efficiently accomplish your tasks and reach the goals you have set?

Additionally, the email stated that evaluations in the form of checklists were given to both physicians and NP teams to fill out about each other.


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