Esthetician Research Essay Example
Esthetician Research Essay Example

Esthetician Research Essay Example

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  • Published: April 9, 2017
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My research essay is based on esthetics and what I have researched about this career in the esthetics industry. The job outlook for estheticians and skin care specialists is very good. The BLS states that job outlook projections through the year 2014 for esthetcians is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations.

There are so many different job opportunities for both veteran and newly licensed estheticians. Salons and spas are a great place to start off as an esthectician.And of course there are also dermatologists' offices and other medical settings in which an esthetician could work. Not to mention, you could go into business for yourself and independently provide esthetics and skin care services to your own client base. Earnings for estheticians vary depending on location, how well-established the esthetic


ian is, and the clientele. Part of their income is based on tips from clients.

Full-time estheticians who are beginning their careers often earn between $18,000 and $25,000 a year, depending on where they work and the number of referrals they receive.Once established, estheticians can earn over $40,000 a year if they have a strong client base and a solid reputation. Estheticians who have their own businesses can earn more than this, but they have to spend a lot of money on start-up costs, including the cost of equipment and skin care products. They must also cover ongoing business expenses, including paying for rent and supplies. The average esthetician, or skin care specialist, earned $24,010 in the year 2004.

An esthectician can start off as a trainee and work their way up to a esthectician who owns their own salon.A trainee

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earns about 25,000 a year. The requirements for a trainee are to complete an esthectician program is to have a warm personality and the ability to make clients feel good and manual dexterity. The responsibilities of trainee are doing manicures, pedicures and Waxing. After starting off as a trainee and getting more education you are now certified as an esthectician.

An esthectician earns 25,000-45,000 a year. An esthectician is required to have a client base in order to have a client base it generally takes up to 3-5 years of marketing and referrals.An esthectician has a lot more responsibilities than a trainee due to an esthectician owning their own salon. Estheticians, or licensed skin care professionals, work with a variety of people to help improve image, self-confidence and overall health. There are several different career paths they can pursue, and each focuses on slightly different areas.

No matter which path is chosen, there are a plethora of opportunities available in the growing demand for estheticians. A majority of those pursuing an esthetician career ultimately choose to work in a spa or salon setting, with some individuals opting to open their own place of business.Estheticians in this setting focus primarily on non-medical skin care, massage and the application and selection of cosmetics for clients. An esthetician working in this field might also choose to take specialized classes or training on sales and product knowledge, as retail makes up a large percentage of most spa or salon incomes. Medical esthetician careers are in ever growing demand.

Medical estheticians may work in a doctor's office, hospital or specialized medical practice, and often require more training than an esthetician

working in a spa.The treatments a medical esthetician might provide are varied, depending upon the location the practitioner is working in. A medical esthetician working in a hospital's burn unit may provide instruction to patients on how to conceal burn scars with cosmetics, while a medical esthetician working in a dermatologist's office may routinely perform treatments to restore patients' skin to its optimal condition. There are still more esthetician careers in the world of make-up artistry.Some estheticians choose to specialize in the application and selection of cosmetic products, which can lead to work in the film and theater industry, or provide freelance work for weddings, photographers and more. The many choices in esthetician careers closely resemble the paths available in cosmetology, and an individual seeking esthetician training should examine both career paths closely to decide which is right for his or her needs.

It is my life-long goal to become an Esthetician. Since very early in my life, I have been attracted to the beauty industry.Becoming someone capable of helping individuals in ways that is not possible with other careers would bring me so much joy and honor. I would love to attain a career that allows me to share and express my passion and artistic abilities with the public. To achieve my goal, I have researched many schools and found that MC College has the programs I am looking for.

By attending, it will allow me to pursue my dream of having the power of being able to transform and improve a person's appearance and self-confidence. With the knowledge I would learn, I would gain a career I would love and enjoy for the

rest of my life.I know that this school will transform me into the successful professional that I know I can be. Using the skills I acquired, I would be eligible to work at any spa or salon I desired. Therefore, I am excitingly willing to participate in the necessary education and training which are needed to complete for my career.

I am very committed to fulfill my dreams and as so, I will push myself in all the ways to succeed and graduate so that I may fulfill my educational and career goals and be a proud part of the beauty industry. I have only spoken to one person who is in the esthetics industry her name is Cheryl.

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