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1.When did McDonalds open its first restaurant in the UK?In the UK McDonald’s opened its first restaurant, in Woolwich, in 1974. Initially all of our restaurants were owned ; managed by the company. However, we started recruiting franchisees in the mid-1980’s and opened our first franchise restaurant in 1986.

Since that time the number of UK franchisees has steadily grown. Today over 37% of our 1,200+ restaurants are operated by franchisees.2.How many customers do McDonalds serve each day on average around the world?McDonald’s restaurants are found in 120 countries and territories around the world and serve nearly 54 million customers each day.3.Give two characteristics that McDonalds look for when deciding whether to give a franchise?In addition to ordinary franchise fees, supplies, and percentage of sales, McDonald’s also collects rent, partially linked to sales.

As a condition of the franchise agreement, the Corporation owns the properties on which most McDonald’s franchises are located.4.What are the three main requirements that you need to have to be a McDonalds franchisee?Franchisees must undertake an extensive training programme of approximately nine months before they are proposed a restaurant franchise. This training is unpaid.

McDonald’s do not charge for the training. The training programme is very much the bedrock approach to franchising and helps ensure the consistency and high standards for which the McDonald’s brand is so well known. The majority of the training takes place in a restaurant within commuting distance of your home address. In addition to restaurant based training there are a number of classroom-based courses to attend.

These are of four to five weeks duration split over the full training period. The training programme broadly divides into three sections.For the first three months you work on the various sections of the restaurant – grill, fries, serving customers, dining and back-up areas. You will learn both the theory and practice of running each part of the restaurant. At the end of this period you will take an examination on McDonald’s operations procedures and practices. If successful, you will then attend a management-training course focussing on people management.

The second part of your training gets you involved in the day-to-day management of the restaurant. Starting from supervising small sections of the restaurant operation, our aim is to build your experience and confidence so that you take on responsibility for the running of the restaurant for certain parts of the day – in effect you will be a shift manager. The final three months of your training introduce you to more business management and administration tasks and procedures whilst maintaining your shift running responsibilities.Ideally you will be trained in at least two different restaurants, to give you experience of differing operating conditions.

During your training you will be supported by a member of our Field Services team. The role of this group is to help franchisees profitably build sales, and enhance McDonald’s brand through top quality operations. Field Services will review your training and decide when you are ready to be proposed a McDonald’s restaurant.Once you have your own restaurant, Field Services will provide whatever support is necessary to help you build the sales and profits of your own restaurant business. This may range from direct ‘hands-on’ support to discussing business and marketing plans.

Field Services provide relevant support and advice, benchmarking, and share best practice with you.5.What is the usual price of a McDonalds franchise?The usual price to start a McDonalds Franchise is a quarter of a million pounds.6. What type of qualifications do you need to have to work at McDonalds.

The company’s recruitment policy, which is based on hiring staff on attitude rather than experience or qualifications, was noted as having been praised by the Work Foundation and Investors in People for creating opportunities for people from marginalized communities. So, too, was the range of other staff benefits on offer, including eight-week paid sabbaticals and discount cards that offer savings on, for example, driving lessons, holidays and computers.In 2005 it became the first large employer to achieve Investor in People Profile status and was recently voted one of the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers for the seventh consecutive year.Other recent initiatives, all led by feedback from employees, have included ensuring all company cars are hybrid environmentally friendly ones. In a similar vein, McDonald’s has launched a Cycle to Work initiative with Universal Bicycles, offering employees bikes at a 60% discount, delivered to their door.

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