Improving Student Performance Depends on the Teacher
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In the field of education there are many challenges that may be faced in the teachers assigning to their areas of teaching. These challenges may be from different areas(Copland, Garton, & Burns, 2014). The teachers are therefore are supposed to be responsible in their area of practice to ensure that the students’ performance is improved. […]

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A Good Teacher Education Teacher Teaching
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Biographical Information William Torrey Harris was born on September 10, 1835, in North Killington. Torrey’s parents were William and Torrey Harris, and he was the first born of the family. William studied several schools and later went to Yale for three years. The gentleman was a theoretician and educator. William Torrey Harris moved to St. […]

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A Good Teacher Education Learning
Comparison Between John Dewey’s and Friedmans on Education System
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In the view of Dewey, Education is considered to be good when it has purpose for the individual student and purpose for the society. According to Dewey both the short-term and long-term educational experience quality matters. It is therefore the responsibility of educators to provide learners with experiences that are immediately of value and which […]

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A Good Teacher Education System Learning Teacher
Teacher Interaction With Students Increases the Level of Understanding
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Every teacher looks to use different approaches to learning to ensure that they can capitalize on a student’s strengths. Since the teacher does not understand all the qualities of their students they have to try different models that are critical in establishing an understanding. The teacher, therefore, needs to engage with the students and augment […]

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A Good Teacher Achieving goals Teacher Teaching