Teacher Interaction With Students Increases the Level of Understanding Essay Example
Teacher Interaction With Students Increases the Level of Understanding Essay Example

Teacher Interaction With Students Increases the Level of Understanding Essay Example

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  • Published: April 24, 2022
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Every teacher looks to use different approaches to learning to ensure that they can capitalize on a student’s strengths. Since the teacher does not understand all the qualities of their students they have to try different models that are critical in establishing an understanding. The teacher, therefore, needs to engage with the students and augment their level of understanding before developing a differentiated model to learning (Schmeck, 2013). There are different approaches that are used that is; illustrations, mnemonic, pictures, graphical designs, presentation and repetition ensure that the students are equipped with the material necessary to understand different concepts (Schmeck, 2013).

As a geography student, I found it challenging to understand the different aspects and changes that the teacher suggested in the atmosphere as well as on the formation of the earth's surface. Although the teacher tried to illustrate the different models that were important in the subject, I always found it challenging to gain an understanding of the concepts. The illustrations in the geography books of already formed, volcanic mountains or the tectonic forces that were integral in their formation were not appealing to me. The teacher tried to give differentiated models and we even created a mnemonic to remember the soils and other features on the earth's surface. When we were studying glaciations it even became more difficult as I did not understand the pictorials and models that were illustrated by the teacher and what was in our books.

However, when the teacher started introducing the graphic designs and the 3


D models of some of these illustrations I found it very easy to understand all the attributes that were illustrated. The teacher modeled these projections through presentations that were used to show the activity that led to the formation of some of these features thereby creating a high level of understanding. As a student, I was moved by how the earth and geographical features were modeled and formed from some of these models were said to have taken million of years to form. The illustrations made it easier to remember the different concepts that the teacher used in class. The teacher also used a detailed model and an example that included using some of the students to represent different features and give an indication of the models that were used in the society. I always wanted to participate since it gave me a deeper understanding of different attributes and aspects that were needed in class.

Apart from presenting the graphical designs the teacher also gave us assignments where we were supposed to create similar models. The teacher ensured that we had all the tools to make our own interpretations of these aspects and how they manifested. The graphical concepts that were developed by different students illuminated the different features and enabled the students to understand better. The time that each of the students had to dedicate to the assignments and the skills gained in the process cannot be overstated since these tools have been helpful to date. The teacher used to ensure that each student gave their own presentation and had their own interpretation that was in most cases different. Corrections

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were made, but the class noticed that there was not only one model that could be used to represent these attributes.

In conclusion, the graphical techniques helped the student since they were more involved and created a specific channel and model that each student was driven by.


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