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Investigation on the labels on bottles Essay Example
728 words 3 pages

Planning: * There are many ways in which to find out what ions are contained in different compounds. When substance is mixed to make solution, precipitation reactions and reactions with gas specifically are very useful to help us out with identifying which ions are contains in the substances. This test is for negative ions. * […]

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Business Chemical Compound Chemical Substance Metals
List of unsolved problems in chemistry Essay Example
685 words 3 pages

Unsolved problems in chemistry tend to be questions of the kind “Can we make X chemical compound? ” , “Can we analyses it? “, “Can we purify it? ” and are commonly solved rather quickly, but may Just as well require considerable efforts to be solved. However, there are also some questions with deeper implications. […]

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Chemical Compound Chemical Reaction Problems Water
What are The Branches of Chemistry Essay Example
1261 words 5 pages

Abstract Chemistry is one of the important sciences in the world because it explains many things in our physical world. It is considered as the center of science because it contains essential information which could be necessary for other people who study other sciences such as physics, biology, ecology and geology. This essay will discuss […]

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Chemical Compound Organic Chemistry
Boiling point is the temperature at which the vapor pressure Essay Example
1069 words 4 pages

The boiling point indicates the temperature at which a liquid transforms into vapor due to equal external and vapor force per unit area, while the melting point signifies the temperature at which a solid changes into a liquid as a result of lattice prostrations. For Period 3 oxides, there is a trend from metallic oxides […]

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Chemical Compound Chlorine Pressure Water
Water Of Hydration Essay Example
1427 words 6 pages

Objective: To determine experimentally the water of hydration for the hydrate Borax. Theory: In this experiment, we examined and found the water of hydration of the hydrate borax. Borax is derived from the element Boron, which is a metalloid chemical element with properties between those of carbon and aluminum(95CI). Boron is relatively rare, constituting only […]

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Atom Atomic Physics Chemical Compound Chemical Element Chemistry Food Water
Research Lab Manganese Experiment Essay Example
1039 words 4 pages

AIMS /OBJECTIVES To understand the reactions of manganese To prepare Mn(acac)3 and calculate percentage yield To calculate the percentage of Mn and acetyl acetone and the empirical formula THEORY Manganese is a first row transition metal that has a tremendous variety of oxidation states that appear in its compounds. The oxidation numbers range from Mn […]

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Chemical Compound Chemical Reaction Experiment
Review Sheet for Ap Chemistry Essay Example
3910 words 15 pages

The answer to the question should be written in the provided space or on a separate sheet of paper, while maintaining the text alignment justification. The distinction between qualitative and quantitative measurements lies in the type of results they provide. Qualitative measurements yield descriptive outcomes, while quantitative measurements yield precise, usually numerical results. For instance, […]

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Chemical Compound Chemistry Temperature
Intro to Boron Essay Example
549 words 2 pages

Have you ever done the laundry and wondered what was in the detergent you use? Or if you watched a rocket launch into space have you wondered how it can even make it past earth? The answer to those questions is boron (B). Boron is a metalloid element with an atomic number of 5 and […]

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Atom Atomic Physics Chemical Compound Chemical Element Detergent Organic Chemistry Oxygen
Electrolytes: Ionic Bond and Sodium Chloride Essay Example
380 words 2 pages

Define the following: electrolyte, nonelectrolyte Electrolyte: A substance that dissolves in water to form solutions that conduct electricity. Nonelectrolyte: A compound that doesn’t dissociate into ions when dissolved in water. Using examples in the last link, draw beakers showing atomic scale representations of aqueous solutions of the following compounds. Classify each as an electrolyte or […]

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Chemical Compound Ion Sodium
Identifying a Constituent of Panacetin Essay Example
1071 words 4 pages

The following experimental method was planned as an extension of the second experiment, concentrating on investigating a slightly altered question. The main aim of this specific experiment was to discover the unknown component of Panacetin, efficiently addressing the second question raised in Experiment 2. The equation representing this reaction is still unaltered from its previous […]

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Chemical Compound Food Water
Cation and Amnion Lab Essay Example
751 words 3 pages

The purpose of this week’s lab is to learn to demonstrate a double-replacement reaction of ionic compounds. To accomplish this, two ionic compounds will be mixed together and the product will precipitate out of solution. In this procedure, the product must be precipitated out of the solution and then weighed. For this lab, lead (II) […]

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Chemical Compound Chemical Reaction Database Ion
The Difference Between a Mixture and a Compound Essay Example
545 words 2 pages

A compound is a chemical substance composed of at least two elements with specific physical and chemical properties. It has a defined structure and cannot be separated by physical methods like boiling, freezing, sieving, or gravity thickening. When elements combine to form a compound, they lose their individual properties. Water (H2O) is an example of […]

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Chemical Compound Chemical Substance Ion
Determination of the Empirical Silver Oxide Formula Essay Example
384 words 2 pages

Lab objective: In this experiment, the percent composition and empirical formula of silver oxide will be determined. Silver oxide will be heated until it decomposes to silver metal and oxygen, and the percent calculation and empirical formula can be calculated based on combining the ratios of silver and oxygen in the reaction. Summary of lab […]

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Chemical Compound Database Mass
Seperating Mixtures Essay Example
513 words 2 pages

Through chemistry, the study of what objects are made out of, we use different methods for finding out things we do not know. Most materials in our world are mixtures. Very few materials are pure substances. The art of separating mixtures is important because it enables us to isolate pure substances. Mixtures are either homogeneous […]

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Chemical Compound Chromatography Mixture Nature
Chili and Kamias Essay Example
597 words 3 pages

Abstract Chili (Capsicum frustrates) is often consumed as a culinary spice due to its fiery and piquant flavor. Subsequently, it was revealed that chili possesses insecticidal qualities that are effective against mosquitoes. Zamias, which is known for its culinary use, also possesses properties such as being astringent, stomach, refrigerant, and antibiotics. Introduction and Background Chili’s […]

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Chemical Compound Chemistry Disease Food

Popular Questions About Chemical Compound

What is this chemical compound?
Chemical compounds are formed when two or more elements bond together. Water is a chemical compound made of hydrogen and oxygen. Sodium chloride — table salt — is a binary compound.
What is an example of compound in chemistry?
Examples of Compounds. Examples of compounds include table salt or sodium chloride (NaCl, an ionic compound), sucrose (a molecule), nitrogen gas (N 2, a covalent molecule), a sample of copper (intermetallic), and water (H 2 O, a covalent molecule). Examples of chemical species not considered compounds include the hydrogen ion H + and...
What are the names of compounds?
Chemical Names for Compounds. Common and descriptive names like salt, cinnabar, laughing gas, and blue vitriol tell us nothing about what is in a compound. Chemical names like sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, mercuric sulfide, nitrous oxide and cupric sulfate do a better job of conveying information about what elements are contained in a compound.
What is a compound in chemistry?
Examples of some commonly used compounds and their molecular formula: Compound Name Compound Formula Alcohol C2H6O Acetic Acid C2H4O2 Sulphuric Acid H2SO4 Ammonia NH3 3 more rows ...
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