Art essays seek to examine, reflect on, and analyze an artwork. These essays tend to be more persuasive than art criticism; the latter, for example, may provide a detailed description of the painting. Philosophy has often been concerned with defining beauty or authenticity in artworks. Today there are many online resources available to learn more about art history and theory. Some websites also offer Art essay examples for free. You can use the samples for inspiration. If you need help with your essays, the sites have professional writers that will help you craft an original essay that will get you the grade you desire.

When writing college essays about art, it is essential to be familiar with the field’s terminology. In addition, it would be better if you had a good understanding of the historical context in which the artwork was created. Finally, one of the most important aspects of writing the essay is to provide a clear and concise description of the artwork. It would help if you began by giving the title of the piece and the artist’s name. Next, describe what you see in the artwork.

Truthness in and of Filipino Independent Films: a Gadamerian Hermeneutical Approach Essay Example
4898 words 18 pages

Rationale of the Study Filipino Cinema has faced another era of its existence. For the past years the clamor for substantive, thought provoking, quality films scoffed against the apparently ubiquitous commercialized, ostensibly reformulated, motion pictures. Thenceforth, the dramatic rise of the Filipino Independent Film Industry has undeniably made significant refurbishment, if not an entire overhaul, […]

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Art Education Truth
Kinetic Art Essay Example
2491 words 10 pages

Kinetic art: the art of motion. Kinetic art contains a/or several moving parts and depends on motion for its effect. The motion of the art work can be provided in virtually any way. It can be powered by natures elements; wind, wave power from water, or heat from a fire; It can also be powered […]

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Art Energy Sculpture
What is an Art? Essay Example
622 words 3 pages

Terry Tempest Williams offers a comprehensive interpretation of the term “art” in her work, “A Shark in the Mind of One Contemplating Wilderness,” which goes beyond the typical definition of a visually appealing item made by human ingenuity that involves choosing and shaping materials.In discussing the state of biodiversity, Williams highlights the ongoing conflict between […]

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Art Education Large Animals Natural Environment School Tradition
Native American Culture: The Story Behind the Dream Catchers Essay Example
1306 words 5 pages

Native American Dream Catchers Trashon Pelton University of Central Oklahoma As a unit in social studies I would investigate the culture of the Native Americans. Native Americans have a wide range of art because of the many tribes that make up the Native American culture. Their art ranges from paintings, jewelry making, sculptures, pottery, masks, […]

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Art Dream Native American Native Americans In The United States
Humour and Satire in Urdu Literature Essay Example
2791 words 11 pages

Humour & Satire are an integral part of all forms of literature; & when the tragic part of a drama/story becomes unbearable, humour/satire provide a much needed diversion & relief. This article examines the effect of humour & satire with reference to some of the leading men of letters of Urdu literature. Keywords: Humour, Satire, […]

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Art Literature Satire
Fallen Angels Analysis Essay Example
614 words 3 pages

If one examines Fallen Angels, one is faced with a choice: either reject The Loss of Innocence or conclude that the task of the reader is deconstruction. , a predominant concept is the distinction between destruction and creation. Monaco uses the term ‘realism’ to denote the genre, and therefore the defining characteristic, of postdialectic class. […]

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Art Database Reality
The Architecture of St Peters Essay Example
2163 words 8 pages

The ruling Papacy in Rome during the 17th century was predominately concerned with spiritual its rule and an assertion of its authority, the approach of which had recently undergone a change in response to Protestantism and the Counter Reformation. The work on art and architecture at St Peters reflected the change in approaches towards religious […]

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Architecture Art Catholic Church Protestantism
Elements Of Art Essay Example
289 words 2 pages

This artwork, Moonrise Hernandez, will be critiqued based on the elements and principles of art to determine its meaning. The author, Ansel Adams, created this piece in 1941 in southern Mexico. Here, Adams used black and white film to make an original gelatin silver 16 by 20 photograph. The artwork consists of a moonlit dark […]

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History of Photography Essay Example
1196 words 5 pages

History of Photography I have heard, more than once, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Although I can’t quote who said it, I could not agree more. A photograph is a very powerful tool, capable of telling a complete story with just one picture; let’s just hope the story is true. If taking […]

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Art Camera History Photography
Nature and Perception of Tattoos Essay Example
1104 words 5 pages

Even though tattooing has a long and diverse history that predates Christianity, it remains a widespread means of self-expression in contemporary times. Nevertheless, despite being well-regarded by many younger people, tattoos are frequently regarded as unprofessional and linked to criminal activity or even seen as demonic. Unfortunately, society still confronts significant challenges regarding biased assessments […]

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Art Perception Tattoo
Analysis of the Coronation of Napoleon Essay Example
868 words 4 pages

The Coronation that Shook the World The Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David is imposing in its dimensions. It stands at twenty feet by thirty feet and is displayed in the main gallery of the Louvre museum in Paris. David began this work of art after being orally commissioned by Napoleon in September of 1804. […]

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Art Emperor Napoleon
The Art of Djing and Transgression to Digital Media Essay Example
2720 words 10 pages

DJing involves presenting a collection of records to entertain the crowd, whether on the radio or in a club setting. Radio DJs often incorporate conversation or humor into their music presentation while club DJs use performance skills to create an artistic blend of records that enhances the musical ambiance. The art of DJing requires great […]

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Art Recording Sound
Surrealism and Andre Breton Essay Example
509 words 2 pages

Both art and literature in Surrealism highlight the significance of imagery that pertains to the subconscious or irrational. Although originally a follower of the Dadaism movement, Andre Breton is believed to have founded the surrealist movement. He felt that Dadaism lacked direction and was considered “anti-art” due to its purposeful irrationality and protest against war, […]

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Art Design Thought
Physical Environment in Counseling and Planning Essay Example
1631 words 6 pages

Physical Environment in Counseling and Planning I have recently read an interesting article about the impact of physical environment on the financial counseling and planning relationship and process. The publication raised my great interest because I have noticed before that our offices have several deficiencies that may have negative effects on the quality of our […]

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Art Counseling Feeling Planning Space Exploration
Courbet’s “the Stone Breakers” Essay Example
944 words 4 pages

Courbet (1819-1877) is a realistic painter, in that a majority of his work is about everyday scenes, often depicting peasants and working people in rural areas. Howerver, Courbet is also an artist who challenged the traditional painting in the middle of the 19th century. Courbet introduced a new kind of realism, which focused on a […]

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Art Dating Painting Sculpture
Origins of Christian Iconography Essay Example
647 words 3 pages

“Origins Of Christian Iconography” While the author mentions continuity and renewal that we see in human society in general, he applies the aspect of changing cycle to the art history. In the article, Christian iconography and its development is discussed in order to understand the contexts and meanings expressed in new Christian art, and the […]

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Art Jesus Christ
Ancient Greek Art and Architecture Essay Example
1178 words 5 pages

The influence of Ancient Greek art on contemporary society is widely acknowledged due to its exceptional craftsmanship and lasting impact across time. The Ancient Greeks were a civilization that valued perfection, excellence, and greatness across various domains such as religion, entertainment, politics, and the economy. The classical era is regarded as a pivotal moment in […]

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Architect Art Greece Greek Mythology
Pictorialism in the Victorian Era; Essay Example
2188 words 8 pages

In addition, I will briefly analyze how female photographers depicted their female subjects. Chapter 1 – PictorialismPictorialism was fashionable between 1885 and 1914 when Modernism started to gain prominence. Pictorialists aimed to create photographs that resembled paintings as closely as possible. Portraits in the 19th Century often connected to biblical, classical, or literary themes. Rather […]

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Art Optics Photography Victorian Era
True Test of Greatness of a Work of Art Is Its Ability to Be Understood by the Masses Essay Example
361 words 2 pages

There is an ongoing controversy suggesting that the true test of greatness of a work of art is its ability to be understood by the masses. Many believe that the true greatness of art is not necessarily understood by the contemporary population, and instead its greatness is later discovered in the future beyond the current […]

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Art Belief Science Work
Concept of Beauty According to the Western Philosophers Essay Example
4658 words 17 pages

Concept of Beauty according to the Western Philosophers “Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” John Keats Beauty is an emotional element, a pleasure of ours, which nevertheless we regard as a quality of thing. The ideas of beauty is found in almost every […]

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Aristotle Art Beauty Plato
PAR Social Justice Essay Example
1886 words 7 pages

These women are clearly embracing each other romantically and their embrace showcases their bodies in such a natural state that would never be shown In mediums such as mainstream magazines. What I mean by this Is their skin Is folded, “fat” Is shown, and they’re not posed for beauty but they’re posed to showcase their […]

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Art Community Justice Prejudice Social Justice
Manifesto about Street Art Essay Example
1180 words 5 pages

Art became an integral and most crucial thing in lives of most people. It helps people to represent their feelings through their art works, whereas other people are using art In order to get profit. People are learning arts in schools and universities and using it in their lives for different proposes. However, art seems […]

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Art Graffiti Painting

Popular Questions About Art

What is your definition of art?
art, also called (to distinguish it from other art forms) visual art, a visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination. The term art encompasses diverse media such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, decorative arts, photography, and installation.
What are the 3 types of art?
There are countless forms of art. When it comes to visual arts, there are generally 3 types: decorative, commercial, and fine art. The broader definition of “the arts” covers everything from painting through theatre, music, architecture, and more.
What are the 5 types of art?
Traditional categories within the arts include literature (including poetry, drama, story, and so on), the visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.), the graphic arts (painting, drawing, design, and other forms expressed on flat surfaces), the plastic arts (sculpture, modeling), the decorative arts (enamelwork, ...
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