Manifesto about Street Art Essay Example
Manifesto about Street Art Essay Example

Manifesto about Street Art Essay Example

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  • Published: January 3, 2018
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Art became an integral and most crucial thing in lives of most people. It helps people to represent their feelings through their art works, whereas other people are using art In order to get profit. People are learning arts in schools and universities and using it in their lives for different proposes. However, art seems to be good for all people, there is only one type of it which is usually not welcomed In countries - Street art'.

According to Johan Slogan, 'Nowadays art' (2010, 13-bib street art known to us as a "graffiti" is a way of representing feelings by people from lower class who were criminate or have their own opinions for situation In the world. Street art has been declared as vandalism prohibited In most developed countries, moreover, the number of such c


riminals are rapidly Increasing each year creating new flows of wall pictures In the biggest cities over the world. The whole our Inner world Is connected with our cities and what Is Inside of It, the connection through eyes, ears, skin...

Everything we have got In the world were made by people's hands, but almost everyone seeing the building will see only the building.

Think deeper and you will legalize that the building was constructed, designed by hands. City is the trace we leave behind us. It is full of memories and ideas. Unfortunately in our lives there are so many rules. Some people never breaks them, but there is a group of people who have got their own rules, people who live without regretting and who are adding something new into our lives, this people will be remembered.


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align="justify">For those people buildings are like human; it is beautiful not only outside, but inside as well. Inner and Outer world is the main key in the street art. By changing usual and simple thing you ill add a new feeling to the city you live in. Street art is made to connect people, to make them talk, discuss. Because of that you will see new artworks on the street, which will make you think about unusual things. Many people think that it is selfish and ugly to draw on the streets, but it is not only a picture on the wall, it is a piece of the person, it is an opinion, sometimes protest.

Artwork, which has got strong meaning, will be on restricted area, area in where there is nothing about culture and art. Detonation will appear and voltage will occur between artist and people. And this s what the street art is about. All ideas, which come out, are about honesty and about our decisions. It is when inner world become outer. Honesty- is the strongest Instrument in the street art.

It is obvious that you might think that "it is hard, I never achieve of what I want, I will do it tomorrow'.

But you should never stop, you should continue even if it is hard, making a mistake doesn't mean you are bad, making a mistake should make you stronger and It learns you. Because next time you will do It better. It Is always like that, Just don't stop.

Humor and provocation- one of the mall mints when you are a street artist and It Is actually a hardest

genre to work with. If you made It right people will discuss not Judge. However, on my point of view there Is nothing bad In graffiti and It helps people to get attention of government for real problems.

Graffiti - a fairly new art direction . During Its existence , It has already managed to evolve Into styles and trends , develop Jargon and, of course , produce masters of this genre Idols all newcomers . If In Europe, graffiti art has won the status of art , the CICS and the former USSR inhabitants refer to it rather negative , seeing as purpose .

Fortunately, such stereotypes recede into the past . And last but not least thanks to the world-renowned graffiti artists , who argue that such figures might be meaning and beauty, and even good.

This manifesto will discuss possible solutions in order to legalize this type of art. Over the past years I can see how everything is changing, except walls covered with neon tags, stencil with social commentary and murals.

Some people think that there is significant difference between street art and graffiti, but for me it is the same thing, a piece of art consist of social, sometimes political commentary located in public place. Passing painted streets I often wonder why most people think that graffiti is vandalism? In my opinion, professionally made graffiti is very beautiful.

Graffiti is very popular throughout the world. If it's done by really talented person , the pattern may become a work of art.

Let's start with the fact that graffiti transforms abandoned buildings , fences , telephone booths . Drawings must be

drawn on an old , dirty and ruined walls. It would be nice if we could have a special place for graffiti. In addition, graffiti artists want to be heard , and they are trying to explain something to people .

Painting a picture , artists express themselves . They want to decorate this gray and boring world .

In addition , there are some famous unusual paintings that are made by the best artists . When people look at these colorful pictures on the buildings , they think of something warm and good. Of course sometimes artists go beyond, but almost every graffiti has a deep meaning, and more often the picture on the wall is the best way to arrange protest. Or do you really think that strike is better than draw on the walls? "Imagine a city where graffiti wasn't illegal, a city where everybody drew whatever they liked.

Where every street was awash with a million colors and little phrases.

Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. A city that felt like a party where everyone was invited, not Just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like that and stop leaning against the wall - it's wet. " - Banks Graffiti uses similar methods as advertisement.

Sometimes it can influence on people more then advertisement, because street art says what society can't say. Unfortunately, it is illegal in most cities to do graffiti. Street art is like a company, both of them need to spread their names or message to the people.

It is impossible to control the culture of graffiti since all of

the tools needed are in the art shops or in the person's home already. In march, 2009, the new decree, signed by the Mayor of ROI De Jeanine, Eduardo Phase fully legalize graffiti on designated decree urban sites, including columns, gray walls and siding, unless they are part of the historical monuments.

I've seen the photos of the streets in ROI De Jeanine, and it is beautiful, so many gorgeous walls. I don't understand why it is normal for large corporations to bombard our visual landscape with their billboards and advertisement, but seeing a gag on the wall is provocative.

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