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The slacker genre and post-modern condition in the films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset Essay Example
1113 words 3 pages

Those movies categorized under the Slacker genre break away from conventional Hollywood style in many respects. The very term ‘Slacker’ is taken after a Richard Linklater movie of the same name released in 1991. Made as an experimental project, the film became a cult classic and impressed the critics as well. It is not often […]

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Film Analysis Genre Postmodernism
Socialist Realism And Neoconstructivist Objectivis
1392 words 3 pages

Socialist realism and the cultural paradigm of expression If one examines the cultural paradigm of expression, one is faced with a choice: either accept predialectic cultural theory or conclude that the goal of the poet is significant form. However, in Clerks, Smith reiterates neoconstructivist objectivism; in Chasing Amy he deconstructs the cultural paradigm of expression. […]

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Object Postmodernism Realism Reality Truth
Postmodernism, Deconstructionism,
5331 words 11 pages

Postmodernism In the late 1960’s the social sciences (mainly anthropology and sociology) entered a crisis period in which traditional ways of conducting the study of the Other were re-examined in the context of their association with dominance-submission hierarchies and the objectification of the subjects of study. There was seen to be an association between Western […]

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Ethnography Postmodernism Science
Modernism and Postmodernism in Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita” Essay Sample
662 words 2 pages

Nabokov tries to explicate his usage of linguistic communication from a modernist attack: linguistic communication is complex. Humbert describes in great item his feelings and ideas. the battle inside him between the “monster” and the “gentleman” .The “nymphet” seen as a modernist characteristic is a signifier of art. every bit good as his love for […]

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Philosophy Postmodernism
Chief Problems in Defining Postmodernism Essay Example
451 words 1 page

As we know the postmodernism is indefinable. However, it can be described as a set of critical, strategic and rhetorical practices using concepts such as difference, repetition, the trace, the simulacrum, and hyper-reality to against other concepts such as presence, identity, historical progress, epistemic certainty, ect. (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Postmodernism pra. ) In the […]

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Modernism Philosophy Postmodernism Problems
The Dilemma of the Postmodern Writer as Seen Essay Example
1395 words 3 pages

The Dilemma of the Postmodern Writer; (In case all assumptions had not been thrown out) The core idea of modern nothingness is best portrayed in Paul Auster’s City of Glass from The New York Trilogy. In the novel, the individual identity withdraws; the protagonist (shall he be called such) Daniel Quinn finds himself challenged by […]

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Fiction Philosophy Postmodernism Writer
Kurt Vonnegut and Postmodern Humor
2978 words 6 pages

John Gardner, for example, attacked existentialism in Greened. Several critics, though, misread the novel and viewed the narrator and the author as having the same worldview. Because he did not establish a moral norm from which to work, he was misunderstood. Opponent, however, did not assume that there is a common set of values held […]

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Humor Kurt Vonnegut Philosophy Postmodernism Satire
Popular Mechanics Electronic Assignment
802 words 2 pages

This story gives readers a glimpse Into the life of a contemporary couple; It Is a that Is once disheartening and, perhaps, disturbingly realistic. “Popular Mechanics” can be read as exhibiting the Post-Modern attribute of hopelessness. Through his revision of myth, specifically through his adaptation of a parable from the Bible, Carver is showing readers […]

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Electronics Love Postmodernism Quotation mark
To For Describing Late Twentieth-century Literature And
2246 words 5 pages

In her article ‘Postmodern Literature does not exist’, Lena Petrovic claims that postmodernism, though a valid term in politics and society, is not the correct term to describe the literary and cultural movement of the late twentieth-century. Postmodernism, in so far as it means an obliteration of this kind of the creative self, its dispersal, […]

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Art Literature Modernism Postmodernism
Understanding Foucault, Baudrillard, and Postmodernity
2238 words 5 pages

The use of money evolved out of deeply rooted customs as is shown through past forms of money, e. g. cattle, shells, animal teeth, weapons, and jewelry. Marx explains commodity as any good or service that is produced by human labor and distributed as a product for general sale (Wallace and Wolf 2006:84). The notion […]

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Knowledge Michel Foucault Postmodernism Reality Understanding
How Did Technology Transform the “Modern” and “Post-Modern” World in the West? Essay Example
565 words 2 pages

I. How did technology transform the “modern” and “post-modern” world in the West? Technology transformed the ‘modern’ and ‘post-modern’ world in the west by causing large, more rapid advancement within society. The modern era was the era of the Renaissance man. The Renaissance man was normally an individual with a great mind and too much […]

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Invention Postmodernism Society Technology
There have been loads of comments on the recent film, Moulin Rouge Essay Example
1372 words 3 pages

Surely we will find laud and criticism. But the question is, at the first glance of the film, how many of the spectators really know the worthy of remark in it? I am sure not a high number. This is because “nobody knows for sure” what the postmodern is or what the elements of a […]

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Consumerism Moulin rouge Postmodernism Society
What Are The Characteristics Of Postmodern Aesthetics Essay Example
2825 words 6 pages

Through an examination of postmodernism theory it can evidently be seen that it is fundamentally an aesthetic that has derived through the cultural movement of modernism. Through the differences between the movements, however, the characteristics of postmodern aesthetics, such as fragmentation of the individual subject, impossibility for originality, pastiche, self reflexivity, appropriation and bricolage, can […]

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Aesthetics Modernism Postmodernism Progress
How The Church Handles Postmodernism Theology Religion Essay Example
5342 words 11 pages

Is it possible that the Gospel ‘s declaration be altered by this recent motion? In what means will this motion can act upon optimistically the on-going Christian being? Is it possible that it could convey a great withdrawn for the Christians? A compendious expression at the most important quality of postmodernism may be utile to […]

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Christianity God Postmodernism Theology Truth
Sociology Essays – Postmodernism Identity Formation
9100 words 18 pages

Postmodernism Identity Formation – Identity Formation in the Postmodern World Abstraction This work shall look at the thought of individuality formation in the station modern universe. First, at definitions of postmodernism and individuality formation, and so traveling on to depict how individualities are formed. To be discussed in peculiar, are Giddens’ sense of the “reflexive […]

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Identity Philosophy Postmodernism Science Sociology
The Postmordern family is diverse, meaning that roles Essay Example
3551 words 7 pages

In this essay I will firstly define what is diversity and I will then look at the Postmodernist’s perspective and what makes them assume that postmodern family is diverse. I will also look at other perspectives some whom are interactionists and some who are functionalists. Some see it from micro level and some see it […]

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Child Family Postmodernism
In the opening section explain why ‘Sexing the Cherry’ may be considered as a post-modern text?
733 words 2 pages

‘Sexing the Cherry’ is considered as a post-modern text because it has been broken away from the Victorian narrative and rational tradition which is usually linear (start, middle and end) while post-modernism is usually mixed up. This is to break away from normal traditional writings and making it more catching for readers. Also, it values […]

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Books British Empire Dramas Gender Health History Human Sexuality Movies Narrative Novel Postmodernism Sex Society Victoria Victorian Era
Post modernism and our contemporary social work understanding
2696 words 6 pages

Pulling on stuff from the faculty, critically discuss the extent to which theories associating to post modernism inform our apprehension of an facet or facets of modern-day societal work. Theories of postmodernism have gathered gait across all facet of societal theory. This is frequently referred to as the postmodern ‘turn ‘ ( Best and Kellner, […]

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Postmodernism Social Work Theory Understanding
Postmodern Concepts’ Influence on Museology Essay Example
918 words 2 pages

Postmodern concepts have influenced curation and exhibitions, under the effect of museum classifications which determine the audiences’ perspectives on exhibitions. Postmodernism is highly influential and appealing because it is avant-garde (challenging past traditions). People appreciate new concepts, especially those that challenge the concept of art. The process of curation not only considers the organisation of […]

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Art Event Exhibition Postmodernism
Cloudstreet Essay Example
901 words 2 pages

Today I will be discussing how the Contemporary Australian novel Cloudstreet, by Tim Winton, is of value and how it is received in different contexts. I will firstly discuss how the novel is of value because of the presence of universal, timeless themes of: the search for a sense belonging and the importance of family. […]

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APA Indigenous Australians Novel Postmodernism
Richard Schechner’s Performance Theory Essay Example
2201 words 5 pages

Discuss ways in which Richard Schechner’s ‘Performance Theory’ may be of use to contemporary practitioners. Illustrate your answer with reference to at least one dance or theatre performance which you have seen ‘live’. The influence of Richard Schechner(b. 1934) on both theatre production and academic theory has been profound and,in some ways, revolutionary. Schechner has […]

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Art Modernism Performance Postmodernism Theory
Miyazaki Environmentalism Essay Example
394 words 1 page

Hayao Miyazaki’s films and Environmentalism Miyazaki’s films have an underlying message of environmental understanding and awareness of spiritual elements that surround us in our world. Using animated films as a medium, he can convey this and society’s problems in an altered reality to which we all can relate. I. Environmental consciousness Environmentalism is an ideology […]

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Environmentalism Human Philosophy Postmodernism

Popular Questions About Postmodernism

What is the truth about postmodernism?
Postmodernism is a philosophy that says absolute truth does not exist. Supporters of postmodernism deny long-held beliefs and conventions and maintain that all viewpoints are equally valid. In today's society, postmodernism has led to relativism, the idea that all truth is relative.
What is the purpose of postmodernism?
Postmodernism. Postmodernism, also spelled post-modernism, in Western philosophy, a late 20th-century movement characterized by broad skepticism, subjectivism, or relativism; a general suspicion of reason; and an acute sensitivity to the role of ideology in asserting and maintaining political and economic power.
What makes postmodernism difficult to define?
Postmodernism is difficult to define, because to define it would violate the postmodernist's premise that no definite terms, boundaries, or absolute truths exist. In this article, the term “postmodernism” will remain vague, since those who claim to be postmodernists have varying beliefs and opinions on issues.
What is the meaning of 'postmodernism'?
Postmodernism is a movement that focuses on the reality of the individual, denies statements that claim to be true for all people and is often expressed in a pared-down style in arts, literature and culture.