How Did Technology Transform the “Modern” and “Post-Modern” World in the West?

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I. How did technology transform the “modern” and “post-modern” world in the West? Technology transformed the ‘modern’ and ‘post-modern’ world in the west by causing large, more rapid advancement within society. The modern era was the era of the Renaissance man. The Renaissance man was normally an individual with a great mind and too much time and money on his hands. These men were the first of their kind; inventing things and thinking ways no other man had thought before.

There were only a few of them at the time but in the post-modern world many more inventors and thinkers beneficial to technology start to emerge. Because of previous inventions, inventors of the post-modern era don’t have to worry about simple necessities such as food and clothing because they are provided much more easily for them. Therefore, many people can work on the technological advancement in society in a more effective way changing the world from an individualistic aspect to a communal one. Modern technology was the first of its time period.

Things that no-one had ever dreamed of had slowly leaked into society and were benefitting even the easiest household chores. With each invention, life became easier, and more attention could be

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focused on another trade or piece of work. This new ease of work enabled less people to do more things enabling the people who were no longer needed to work in a base area such as agriculture to try different jobs, further advancing and expanding society as a whole. Life was more about the individual during the modern period but later branched out to a more societal view in the post-modern era.

Technology was almost always about the individual during the modern era because inventor or scientist was not a vocation at that time so it was not done in groups. Since most of the inventing was being done in the households of the wealthy and by one person, there was no expansion beyond the mind of the man behind the desk. Because of this isolation of inventors, there was a chance that an invention would be used or created recreationally by the individuals. It wasn’t until some of the inventions started to benefit society that it actually benefitted it.

The beneficial side of technology is seen more in the post-modern era through different revolutions such as the scientific and the industrial revolutions. If not for the initial inventions made in the modern era, the post-modern era would not even exist establishing the modern era as more important and the post-modern era the most beneficial. Since there were more people working on different things, the world became a world of service. The farmer serves product to the cook who then cooks it for the tailor who makes the shirt for the back of his neighbor.

Since society evolved into a more unified force, technology did as well becoming more for the people as a whole and the further advancement of society. Technological advancements that were made within these time periods were seen in the evolution of society. That which once started as a bored rich man’s hobby evolved into the main reason for societal advancement. Starting at a more individualistic approach, to eventually branching out to every corner of society, technology changed the way people think and act then and continues to change thoughts and actions to this day.

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