Technology has done many wondrous and phenomenal things for society Essay Example
Technology has done many wondrous and phenomenal things for society Essay Example

Technology has done many wondrous and phenomenal things for society Essay Example

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  • Published: November 27, 2017
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Technology has done many wondrous and phenomenal things for society. One of the positive aspects of technology is that it has brought together and connected people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds through different forms communication. Also, through the variety of media types, we are able to know what is happening around the world and keep up to date with current affairs. These technologies are shaping our lives and constantly changing and growing, and can be a positive way of life if they are not misused.

Communicating directly with another person through great distances was first achieved with the telegram. After the telegram, the next big invention for communicating was created, which was the early telephone. This was a great technological invention that created a new standard of living for human kind. Both the telegram and early telephon


e had very limited distance for communication. Now, looking back at the inferiority of the telegram and early telephone makes us wonder how our ancestors have lived.This is because the lives of the people living in the modern, industrialized countries are heavily influenced by new and up-to-date forms of communication, such as flamboyant cell phones and fast internet connections.

With today's communication and information technologies we are able to do many things that past generations could never dream of. As well, communicating to someone on the phone or internet is an everyday occurrence. Also, in the past you could only listen to someone through the telephone now with modern devices technology has evolved much more advanced ways for people to communicate half-way around the world.The beauty of this technology is that it is constantly evolving and the cost of

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it is dropping, which means that many unfortunate people that have not had the opportunity to discover and communicate with such technology will one day in the near future be exposed to it.

There is also an argument that modern forms of communication cause us to be isolated from each other and the real world. I do not agree with this because of the sheer fact that the best way to keep in touch with family and friends at any distance and at the lowest cost is through the internet.Visual media is another form of technology that has positive aspects on our society. This is because there are alot more alternatives for finding information on any topic. In the past, the choice for information was very limited. There were not as many television channels, not as many magazines or newspapers, and there wasn't any internet.

Now, with more resources, an individual is able to shape their own view on any subject matter, whereas in the past the same individual wouldn't have had the same access to all the information.The media, along with communication technology, has also enabled us to be much more and much faster informed about any current event. Also, with the feeling of closeness because of so much exposure to information through the media at any time, we are constantly concerned with events that happen around the world. The enormous amount of information that we are exposed too has created a global village, where everyone is able to be informed about any event through the media.

Again, this amount of information and technological power scares certain people who either do not understand or do

not want to understand the potential and positive side to it. Being able to find a lot of information through any form of media is empowering but also it is very pro choice. This means, you are able to choose what you want to believe or disbelief. With the progression of communications technology, many positive aspects have arisen for the way we communicate and view the world.

We have the capabilities to communicate with friends and relatives that are any distance apart. It also has brought closeness among peoples of different cultures and backgrounds. The media has played a big role in the way we visualize the world. The information offered through all forms of media has enabled us to be informed of the world and its current events. These technological advancements have created positive attributes and will continue to do so if they are not misused.

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